More Jenelle Evans arrest information released by police

December 2013 Jenelle Evans mug shot

As we reported last night, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans was arrested Saturday and booked for breach of peace after an alleged altercation with her boyfriend, and father of her unborn child, Nathan Griffith outside of their North Myrtle Beach home. Jenelle took to Twitter to say that the whole thing was a big misunderstanding and that Nathan was just talking on the phone. But, earlier today, North Myrtle Beach Police spokesperson Patrick Dowling revealed more information about the arrest from the police report which seems to indicate that Jenelle and Nathan were indeed involved in an argument.

According to Dowling, police were dispatched to Jenelle and Nathan’s residence at approximately 4PM on Saturday because a man and woman were reportedly yelling profanity outside the home.

Officers spoke with Nathan who informed them Jenelle had locked him out of the house after a verbal altercation.

While Nathan was talking to the officers, Jenelle reportedly sent Nathan text messages upset at him for calling the police. She also let their dog (it is unclear which one) out of the house. Nathan caught the dog and informed officers he was going to take it for a walk and “let things cool off.” The officers left the scene.

Officers were again dispatched to Jenelle and Nathan’s house after reports of more yelling. They discovered that Nathan had managed to gain access to the residence through an unlocked window. Nathan allowed officers to come into the home, but Jenelle locked herself in the bathroom and refused to cooperate.

According to the report, Jenelle later exited the home and was “yelling profanity in a high-pitched voice” as she walked to and from her car. An officer advised her to stop yelling profanities outside, but she continued. At this point Jenelle was placed under arrest for breach of peace. According to the report, Jenelle told the arresting officers to “go ahead and arrest” her, and that she would “just get right back out of jail.”

Jenelle did “get right back out of jail” shortly after being booked. After offering her explanation of what happened on Twitter last night, she has apparently stepped away from social media.

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