Kail Lowry dating someone she doesn’t want filmed, confirms Chris Lopez will be on Teen Mom 2?

Kail Lowry says she didn't want MTV to film who she was dating in June and that's why she was left off the June 8 episode

The attorney for Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry filed a 95-page response today in her defamation lawsuit against Briana DeJesus. We did a full recap of the filing, including Kail’s lengthy affidavit and text messages with Chris Lopez and his mother, but there were a couple things in the filing of particular interest to Teen Mom 2 fans that I wanted to highlight in a separate post.

In case you missed it, the lawsuit is in regards to a series of Instagram posts made by Briana after Kail was left out of the June 8, 2021 episode of Teen Mom 2. Briana claimed that Kail was not included because she didn’t want to film her drama with Chris Lopez — including an alleged incident in which Kail hit Chris after breaking into his mother’s house.

However, Kail clarifies in her affidavit that the real reason she was left off the episode was because she didn’t want MTV to film who she was dating at the time! From Kail’s affidavit:

The Real Reason Why I Was Not Included in the Episode

I have been in the public eye since I have been a teenager. I am now nearing 30.
While I have allowed filming in my home for years, I recently requested that the Series not film about someone I have been dating.
It is my understanding that this resulted in me not being included in the June 8, 2021 episode of the Series. It had nothing to do with my arrest that was expunged or the allegations that were made against me that resulted in that arrest.

Kail describing the mystery person as “someone I have been dating” leaves the door wide open to interpretation. She didn’t specifically say that it was someone new, so this could be in reference to Javi. It also doesn’t specifically state that it’s a man either. I’m just saying! You will also notice that Kail refers to the person as someone she has been dating as opposed to someone she was dating.

Even though Kail doesn’t say that the person she was dating was “new,” her attorney does. In a separate part of the filing, Kail’s attorney summarizes Episode Snubgate this way:

The fact is the Post is untrue. Lowry did not break into or enter into the home of her son’s grandmother. She did not put her hands on Chris. And indeed, the reason she was not included in the episode was not because she was refusing to film about the arrest or ‘breaking and entering’ or ‘hitting Chris’ but instead because she was dating someone new.

Let’s just hope that Kail’s mystery boo doesn’t have anything to do with another MTV dating show. 😉

Chris Lopez now filming for Teen Mom 2

In addition to spilling the beans about her dating life back in June, Kail also seems to confirm recent reports that Chris Lopez has finally agreed to film for Teen Mom 2. Check out this excerpt of Kail’s affidavit in which she was pointing out the discrepancy between Briana initially saying that it was a member of production who told her about Kail allegedly breaking in and hitting him before later saying it was Chris:

Despite Ms. Soto [Briana] initially crediting her source as “production,” meaning the producers and crew that film and edit the Series, she now claims that Christopher Lopez (“Chris”), my former romantic partner, is the source of her information.

Chris has never been involved in production of the Series.

It is my understanding that Chris has recently joined the cast of the Series.

However, he was not a cast member at the time Ms. Soto’s statements were made.

If this case continues to drag on, which Kail’s recent filing seems to indicate that it will, then I think Teen Mom 2 fans can expect all sorts of information to be leaked over the coming months!

Given only the arguments so far, I can easily see depositions involving Kail, Briana, friends, family, and members of production with all sorts of questions about who Kail was dating, her past issues with Chris, Kail’s past incidents of abuse (like hitting Javi on camera), and who knows what else!

We will certainly keeps our eyes peeled and will update with any further developments in the case.

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