The Duggars are headed to Australia to speak at IBLP Family Conference

Duggars Australia

Can you say “Fundies Down Undies?” Wait, that didn’t come out right… Perhaps I should eschew the catchy slogan and just announce: The Duggars are headed to Australia! Like, A LOT of them!

Michelle Duggar, Jim Bob Duggar, and 14 of their children will be flying to Victoria, Australia where they will be featured speakers at Kilsyth South Baptist Church before kicking off the 2018 IBLP Australia Annual Family Conference with another speaking engagement. It is not clear exactly which 14 children will be in attendance — or, more importantly, which five children will not be in attendance. (Although it would be easy to start the latter list.)

In case you didn’t know, The IBLP is The Institute in Basic Life Principles (formerly IBYC, or The Institute in Basic Youth Conflicts), a non-denominational church established by Bill Gothard.

Here are the deets on the Duggar clan’s first appearance on January 13th:

Come and meet some of the Duggar Family (16 of them) as they join us Down Under. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, along with 14 of their children, will be sharing some of their insights into family life and homeschooling. The time of sharing will be followed by an afternoon tea for all to enjoy, while spending time fellowshipping with the Duggars and other families.

Meet the Duggars in Australia January 2018

You can click here for contact information. (I didn’t want to include it in this post in case they begin to get inundated and decide to remove the email address and phone number.)

And here are the details on the Duggars’ conference appearance, including some pricing for those of you interested in attending:

Duggar_Family Australia appearance at 2018 IBLP Family Conference

The Duggar Family will be taking their trip to Australia a little more than a year after Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo ventured Down Under for their honeymoon in November of 2016. In addition, fellow reality stars (and IBLP / Gothard followers) Gil and Kelly Bates (plus daughter Carlin) from Growing Up Bates visited Australia for the 2017 conference in January of this year.

It’s unclear at this time if TLC cameras will be accompanying the Duggar family to Australia; I imagine that will depend on whether or not the Counting On daughters will be there — which I think is unlikely. (I can imagine Jessa attending, but Jinger was just there. And Jill seems tied to her husband Derick’s ministry residency.)

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  • melinehclassy

    Can’t wait to buy a ticket!! – said nobody ever.

    • nssherlock

      Most of the cult families couldn’t afford to go, they are dirt poor usually, exception being the Duggars and Bates who have a t.v. show pimping themselves out as good Christians.

      Gil Bates may have his tickets paid because he is on the Board of Gothard’s IBLP cult organization.

      Guess Derick and Jill haven’t grifted enough money from their gofundme latest scheme.

  • PerfectingPaula

    Did anybody else notice the typo in Registration and cost, things to note?
    All registration due by December 1st, 2016. Darn it, and I was planning to go! 😁😁😁

  • Alisson Leech

    They finally associate with the group huh. I guess the Duggars say they have nothing else left to lose. Lol.

  • Trash 4 cash

    Great, give them all a free holiday to reward this great example family.
    Not going: Josh, Anna, Derrick, Jill and a Duggar that has to work?

    • nssherlock

      Not one of the multitude of Duggars and Duggarlings has an actual job.
      The women are not allowed to work outside the home and the men can only be ministers or have some fake “home business”. That is Bill Gothard’s rule – and the Duggars have always been a Gothard Quiver cult family.

    • Regina

      I assume Jana has to stay home to take care of the little ones. Unless all the little ones are going then she’s definitely heading out with them to take care of them on the trip 🙁

  • nssherlock

    IBLP is Bill Gothard’s Quiver (the second time, first time both he and his brother had to quit office ) because more than 2 dozen girls have come forward saying he molested them.

    The Duggars are, and have been for many years, followers of Gothard and his fundamentalist, patriarchal, demented CULT.

  • Aussie cathie

    Lucky they’re not coming to Sydney!! I would personally make it my mission to be there and go Mick Cocadile Dundee nuts on their Arses !!

  • Che

    Once they live america dont let them back in

  • Kimberly Smith

    Yes the Duggar’s are part of Gothard’s sick cult no one in their right mind would put up this cult the way woman are treated is not right and the kids complete brainwashed these people need help. because they are following a man and not God they think if your not their little click your not worth knowing new’s flash Duggar family your little cult of Quiverful and Homeschooling is sick. And Bill Gothard is the cause