90 DAY FIANCE Did David start courting Evelyn when she was 15?

90 Day Fiance Evelyn and David Instagram comments

18-year-old 90 Day Fiance star Evelyn Cormier and her 27-year-old Spaniard fiance David Vazquez met via her Instagram page, as both have talked about may times. But what viewers may not know is that David was commenting on her page more than three years ago — when she would have been 15 or 16 and he would have been 24!

The timeline came to light on reddit where the “evuhdens” was first posted by a user in the 90 Day Fiance subreddit. That evidence is pretty indisputable as it shows David’s account interacting with Evelyn’s 161 weeks ago in the comments section of one of her modeling photos:

Evelyn Cormier David Vazquez first Instagram comment interaction
NOTE: I took the screen cap above just hours ago.

Clearly, commenting on Instagram is not sinful — and there is certainly nothing inappropriate in their brief interaction. But, a 24-year-old man commenting on a 15-year-old’s modeling photo might merit the raising of an eyebrow for some. (Actually, I was unable to verify Evelyn’s birthday so it is possible she was 16. She states in her TLC casting video that she is 18, and that was earlier this year, so she could have turned 19 since then. David states in the casting video that he is about to turn 27 in a couple weeks, so I do feel confident that he was 24 years old 161 weeks ago.)

David explained how he and Evelyn met in their TLC casting video: “I came across a video of her singing, and she was actually singing a worship song — a Christian song. So, as a Christian myself, that made it really interesting for me: a beautiful girl, that she is, with a beautiful voice and sharing my faith.”

David later sent a photo of himself and revealed to Evelyn that they had a mutual friend — someone that Evelyn worked with at a Christian camp in France. “I wouldn’t have been so comfortable talking to him if he hadn’t have been a Christian like me,” Evelyn told NewHampshire.com. “And because I had a friend that knew him and his family really well.”

In David’s defense, it appears that approaching beautiful teen musicians on Instagram can be a successful formula for happiness because he and Evelyn have ***SPOILER ALERT*** since gotten married, and they are all but guaranteed at least one more season of reality show stardom — if they are willing. (It has not been a great experience for Evelyn, who has emerged as this season’s most ire-inspiring cast member among fan groups and forums.)

You can continue to follow Evelyn and David’s road to the altar with new episodes of 90 Day Fiance airing Sunday nights at 8/7c on TLC.

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  • smithy jones

    No worries. Dating underage girls is the new black. You can even prey on underage girls at the mall & then become a senator!

    • Robin Carney

      Or an actor, or a Hollywood producer, or a priest, or a …..

      • kate

        president of the united states

        • ToriMae

          Or a candidate for president. Anyone for pizza?

          • Minivan_mama77

            Oh sweetie. Pizzagate has be repeatedly debunked. Please locate your brain and use it.

            • Caty P. :)

              Don’t forget the people who also believe that there’s a child slave colony on Mars. OMFG. They are out there! :/

              • ToriMae

                so I guess pedophila is just some conspiracy?

                • Caty P. :)

                  Of course pedophilia is real, as is human trafficking, and both are beyond evil. But if you’re one of the nutsos I specifically called out — who believe it’s happening on Mars, and yes, unfathomably, there are people who believe that — then you have a lot to prove.

            • ToriMae

              The pizza place the guy went to had nothing to do with it. But Hillary and other politicians being involved in pedophila and human trafficking hasn’t been debunked. Let me guess, you think the election was hacked by Russia don’t you?

          • kate

            I hope you’re either a troll or a child. If you’re an adult who thinks pizzagate is real, you need to educate yourself asap. you are why this country has suddenly gone to sh-t.

            • ToriMae

              The pizza place had nothing to do with it, yes. However politicians being associated with pedophila and human trafficking is very real. People like you who pretend pedophila isn’t an issue are the real problem. Hell you probably believe in the whole Trumo/Russia connection

  • KokoBanned

    We all know this already about David. Under the guise of religion to groom an underage virgin. What a joke!

    • Maryslittlelamb

      Don’t worry, married or not, we’ll probably be seeing him arrested for being a pedo in the future. Pedos don’t stop preying just because they are married. Evelyn best watch her man. She won’t stay young forever and may be a little too old for David’s taste.

      And TLC: Yall nasty people. Josh Duggar, Toby Willis, now David? Sick channel. Trying to turn pedos into the next “in” thing?

      • ToriMae

        LGBT groups are already trying to normalize it. Look at that girl Kirylam or whatever. She’s 23 and her husband said they met 10 years ago.

  • thrill cosby

    yall wasted no time stealing this from reddit.

  • thrill cosby

    and also if it’s just christian messages why are they scrubbing the comments? they aren’t on the original posts anymore

  • KokoBanned

    So you steal this from Reddit and pretend it’s original? Not cool Starcasm.

  • He’s in for a life of misery. She comes across as shellfish, controlling, c~nty bitch. Not a great combo for a life partner.

    • KokoBanned

      c~nty LOL it’s the little sister of the c~nt.

  • Hellbent

    Evelyn was born on Dec 15 1998. So she was 2 months shy of 16.

  • melinehclassy

    Bad idea David. Bad idea.

  • Crystal Roberts

    The headline of the article should say *start instead of star..

  • kate

    Grooming a 15 year old is disgusting, this guy is a predator. And there’s no way he’s a virgin. I’d love to see him undergo a lie detector test about that on the show.

  • Jessica

    Wow, she looks like she is 24 years old when she was 15, I wondering how old she will look when she is like in her mid-20’s,30’s and 40’s. I am not protecting David at any cost but he probably thought she was his age, and until she told him her real age

  • cali

    He deleted the comment. It’s no longer there. It was pretty easy to find the pic since she doesn’t post much.

  • pieapp676

    shes such a bitch. religion sucks

  • Che

    Grosss… knew that family was weird