BEFORE THE 90 DAYS Ricky Reyes enters facility for mental health issues after he ‘officially lost it’

90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days Ricky Reyes checks into a mental health facility

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star Ricky Reyes raised concerns among his Instagram followers on Wednesday when he shared a post in his story revealing that he had “officially lost it” and adding that he “will be gone for [a] couple of days.” He later shared through a friend that he had concerns about his mental health and had checked into a facility where he is currently receiving care from a doctor.

“Officially lost it, my will and strength,” Ricky’s initial post began. “Will be gone for [a] couple of days…I’m upset at myself for losing composure…Need to make finer adjustments…Bye.” The post was accompanied by a cover of the Trent Reznor song “Hurt.”

Ricky made some posts on his Instagram over the last few days, but he didn’t really address his current situation aside from a story post earlier today. “Sorry for those that are trying to DM me. I cannot at the moment, please understand,” the text graphic reads. “However, thanks for the love and support, I am really listening to you guys and it feels great!”

Fans continued to ask questions in an attempt to better understand exactly what was going on. “Hey everyone, Ricky is in a facility where he could only check his phone a few times a day, but he’s very appreciative of all the love and support he’s been getting – so please keep it coming he will be released tomorrow night,” Ricky’s friend John Yates posted a couple hours later.

John added a little more information in the comments: “I’m not really comfortable talking about this but [Ricky] wanted y’all to know he’s ok. He felt he checked out mentally a few days ago and decided to get help, thankfully. He’s in doctors’ care right now and he should be coming home tomorrow, and the messages of support he’s been getting has helped him a lot.”

As 90 Day Fiance fans are well aware, the only thing thirstier than a Season 6 cast member is a fan who doesn’t know all the details about something major going on with a cast member! So, the well of information that is John Yates returned with more details, as well as a photo of Ricky in the facility (included at the top of this post):

Ok so here it goes – @ricardo.a.reyes.94 wasn’t feeling great mentally on Wednesday and decided to be proactive thank God and seek mental help voluntarily. He’s in good hands at a hospital where he has access to his phone three times a day so that’s how he’s been on IG. I’m posting this cause Ricky’s like a brother to me at this point and this subject hits a little too close to home with me because of my mother so I usually avoid this but Ricky wanted to bring awareness to it and also let everyone know that he is overwhelmed by the support he’s been getting and to keep it coming. I’m sure he’ll be on in a little bit to answer questions – and everything I said was at his request including the picture. #90DayFiance

As John says, Ricky should be getting out Monday night, and I am sure that he will be addressing any and all questions that he feels comfortable answering. So I strongly recommend that we all reel in our speculative reflexes and see what Ricky has to say.

Ricky’s issues come at a surprising time, or at least it seems that way based on his social media posts over the last couple weeks. The reality star has been focused on his physical health, which seemed to be having an immensely positive impact on his mental health. Here is a photo and an update Ricky shared the day before he entered the facility:

90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days Ricky Reyes playing guitar

Almost 3 weeks no alcohol, 5 weeks without cigarettes, eating clean and exercising …. and it’s time to talk. I should’ve done this years ago, I can’t believe how life is so vibrant and colorful now, I can’t even explain it…. like for no reason I’ve been smiling lately, and I feel younger ( as crazy as that sounds) , my lungs feel amazing as well, I can’t believe how much I was depriving this body of. It’s insane. so far still motivated, and not really any bumps in this journey as of yet, however it is still very early. Anyhow a quick report card, will do another one end of this month.

We wish Ricky all the best and hope that he will have some very positive news to share when he gets out and updates fans.

UPDATE – Here is a little more from John Yates as well as Ricky’s Before the 90 Days co-star (and music vidoe collaborator) Tarik Myers:

JOHN: I also wanted to say this – this is not a hospital selfie @ricardo.a.reyes.94 took for any type of attention. When he told me they gave him his phone a few times a day I asked to see what the place looked like out of morbid curiosity – when he showed me his room I quipped that if it wasn’t already depressing being there that the room would send me over the edge and that it needed a splash of color.

TARIK: Ok so look. I know exactly why the homie checked himself in. And it’s not for publicity. He’s gong through some sh*t no one will ever see on camera. I talked to him about some of the issues. This man admits things many men don’t. All I will say is remember we’re talking about a caring father who is a war veteran who stopped drinking and smoking both cold turkey. No matter your opinion this guy he is a man among men. 2 weeks bro and we’re back at it.

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