90 DAY FIANCE Jason Hitch domestic battery charge dropped by Cassia

90 Day Fiance Jason Hitch and Cassia Tavares split after domestic violence arrest?

Yesterday we broke the story that 90 Day Fiance star Jason Hitch was arrested earlier this week and charged with domestic battery after a late night altercation with wife Cassia Tavares (aka Rita Hitch). According to online court records, the charge was dropped earlier today. Prior to that announcement, we spoke with Jason about what happened and his future with Cassia.

First off, the case update from earlier today: The Clerk of Courts for the Florida county that Jason was arrested in posted an “Announcement Of No Information” today followed by an official “CLOSED CASE” status amendment. “Announcement Of No Information” means that the prosecutor did not believe there was enough evidence to merit pursuing the case. However, there is a window of time in which the case can be reopened if additional evidence or information is made available. I believe that window of time is 90 days for a misdemeanor in Florida.

UPDATE – Cassia reached out to us because she wanted it known that she dropped the charge against Jason. She says that she has been trying to do whatever it would take to have the case dismissed since Jason returned home, which included filling out the proper paperwork with the State Attorney’s Office. She told us that she believes therapy will benefit Jason much more than jail.

As far as what happened late Sunday night/early Monday morning that led to Jason’s arrest, here are the details from the police report. Please note that Cassia is referred to by her actual first name, Rita.

SYNOPSIS: Rita Hitch and her husband, Jason Hitch, began arguing over marital issues while lying in bed. Jason then grabbed Rita by her left arm, leaving a mark and then pushed Rita off of the bed causing her to fall to the floor. Jason then began screaming at Rita to the point Rita was in fear and dialed 911 for law enforcement. Jason was arrested for domestic battery and transported to the Hernando County Jail.

DETAILED REPORT: On 01/23/2017, I responded to the address [redacted] in reference to a 911 hang up where the female called and stated her husband was being violent then hung up the phone. Upon my arrival I made contact with the caller Rita Hitch. Rita appeared very upset and stated that she and her husband Jason Hitch had an argument over martial issues and Rita wanted to end the argument by rolling over in bed and facing away from Jason. Jason then continued to yell at Rita asking her to leave tho bedroom and sleep on the couch. Rita stated she continued to ignore Jason and that was when Jason grabbed Rita by the left arm leaving a red mark. Jason then pushed Rita off of the bed causing Rita to fall to the bedroom floor. Rita stated she then got up a. attempted to call her neighbors to see if she could stay the night with them. As Rita was calling Jason began throwing her clothes across the bedroom while screaming at her. Rita stated she was unable to make contact with her neighbors and that was when she called 911 for assistance. Rita stated she then gathered her clothes and put them in a suitcase and walked into the living room to get away from Jason.

I then observed Rita’s left arm, where she stated Jason grabbed her. Rita’s arm did have redness just above the crease of her inner arm on her lower bicep. Rita stated she did not receive any Injuries and declined medical attention. Rita filled out a sworn written statement stating what happened which was turned into Records.

Photographs of Rita’s arm were taken by Deputy Parlapiano. See his supplement in reference to the Item number.

I then made contact with Jason. Jason stated that nothing happened and that Rita was just being rude and refused to sleep on the couch. I asked Jason about how Rita received the red mark on her left arm and he stated he did not know. I asked Jason if he pushed Rita off of the bed and Jason stated he moved the mattress which caused Rita to fall of the bed. Jason refused to fill out a sworn written statement with what he stated occurred.

I then made contact with Jason’s father, Ronald Hitch. Ronald stated that Jason and Rita fight all the time. Ronald also stated that he was sleeping and has bad hearing and did not hear or see anything due to being asleep in his room.

Jason was then arrested for Domestic Battery and transported to the Hernando County Jail without incident. With the offense being Domestic Violence in nature Jason was given no bond. Jason was given a court date of February 15, 2017 at 9:00 am in Courtroom B.

Rita was given a victim services pamphlet with a domestic violence court date of Monday February 6, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. Rita stated she understood the instructions and location of where to go at the courthouse.

CONCLUSION: Jason was arrested and transported to the Hernando County Jail where he was charged with Domestic Battery.

90 Day Fiance Jason Hitch arrest mug shot photo

Prior to the charges being dropped, we non-exclusively spoke with Jason about the arrest and the incident detailed in the police report. Here is that interview:

It says in the police report that the incident took place at your house. Didn’t Cassia move out?

Cassia was at the house for the weekend. Cassia is full time college again. She needed some help. I quiz her and such.

What were the “marital issues” that you and Cassia were arguing about?

Cassia and I have two very different “styles” of communicating. Sometimes we don’t think before we speak. Cassia gets offended by just about everything. I tend to lose my patience.

Did you grab Cassia by the arm and later push her out of the bed, as stated in the report?

Under the advisement of my lawyer I am not allowed to answer this question.

The report mentions that there was a digital media card seized as evidence. What did police think could be on that card?

I don’t know of any such card taken from the house. We will now inquire about this most promptly.

So what does the future look like for you and Cassia? Do you think the marriage is salvageable or are you more than likely headed for divorce?

Cassia and I love each other. We are both under a great deal of pressure and anxiety. We have been short with each other and not on the same page for a while now.

According to court records, you have a no contact order in place with Cassia. How long will that be in place? And are there exceptions to that if there is a third party present, such as a marriage counselor?

There is a no contact order till February 15 or till the charges get dropped and the State pulls the order. Cassia and I are doing individual and couples therapy. 2 to 4 sessions monthly.

We also reached out to Cassia for comment, but she informed us that she does not wish to speak to the media about the incident at this time. As a symbol of our hopes that Jason and Cassia are able to find happiness — whether it’s together or apart — here is the smile-inducing Cassia joyfully modeling a retro MissGuided swimsuit during a beach photo shoot that she shared on Instagram just ten days ago:

Cassia Tavares MissGuided swimsuit photo shoot 2017


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