LITTLE WOMEN ATLANTA Melissa Hancock arrested after fatal DUI accident

Little Women Atlanta Melissa Hancock arrested for DUI after fatal crash

25-year-old Melissa Hancock, who has appeared on the Lifetime reality series Little Women: Atlanta, was arrested for DUI after the car she was allegedly driving the wrong way down a one-way road hit another vehicle head on, killing the driver, 29-year-old Daniel Dill. Daniel, a petty officer in the Coast Guard, was the designated driver for his wife, who was celebrating her 27th birthday.

According to the police report, Daniel was driving on Interstate 264 to pick up his wife and friends at roughly 2 AM on Saturday, November 4, when Melissa hit him head-on. Daniel was taken to Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital, where he was treated for a major spinal cord injury, severe swelling of his brain, internal injuries, and broken bones. He died early on Sunday, November 5, after treatment and surgery.

The Virginia Pilot obtained the police report, and it reveals Melissa’s account of her actions before the accident:

Hancock, 25, of Virginia Beach, told a state police trooper she had two to four mixed drinks at Peabody’s Nightclub at the Oceanfront about an hour before the crash, the police summary said. Her blood alcohol content tested at 0.112 two hours later, the summary said. Hancock stands at just 4 feet tall and weighs 77 pounds, according to a court summons.

Little Women Atlanta Melissa Hancock arrest DUI mugshot

Melissa has been charged with DUI maiming and driving the wrong way, but a spokeswoman for the Commonwealth’s attorney says they are considering upgrading the charge to DUI manslaughter. Melissa has since been released from jail on a $15,000 bond, despite the Prosecutor’s objections. She is reportedly required “to wear a GPS device that also monitors alcohol use.”

Melissa’s lawyer, Stephen Pfeiffer, addressed the charges in a statement: “Everyone involved feels horrible about the tragic accident,” he said. “We are investigating the accident and the allegations against Miss Hancock.”

Daniel Dill’s father, Chris Dill Sr., said of his late son: “He was the most clean-cut guy. He never drank or smoked, and you had to really push his buttons to get him to curse. There wasn’t a confrontational bone in his body.”

I tracked down a clip of Melissa Hancock on Little Women: Atlanta from Season 2 in which she gets into it with Amanda after asking how Amanda’s boyfriend would feel about her going to a strip club for a party:

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  • barbinop

    I must admit that I’ve never watched the show but this chick looks scary as Hell!

  • TA

    She should go to prison for the rest of her life. There is NO excuse for drinking and driving. What a piece of sh*t.

    • Che

      There is no one in the history of our court system that has went to jail for life for killing someone while driving under the influence.

      • DeeDeDee

        Nope, you’re right. The person who killed by friend, it was his 2nd DUI and he only got 7 years.

        • Hamm n’ Eggs

          The driver that killed my sister and her best friend was coked up and hammered. He didn’t serve any jail time. I still harbor a lot of anger about that.

          • NJJuls

            It has always been that way. Back in 1977 a guy I was dating in college was killed by a drunk driver on his way home from dropping me off. The kid that hit him, lost his licence for a year. THAT WAS ALL!! He was rich too, & my boyfriend was not, so that had a lot to do with it too. 40 years later, it STILL pisses me off that kid got away with murder scott free!

      • TA

        So? It was just an opinion on what the punishment should be for killing other people when you’re under the influence and choose still drive a car.
        Also, your sentence should say “that has *gone* to jail…” not “has went to jail…”

        • Che

          Lol. Weirdo

  • s

    Daniel was my cousin, this is a tragedy that could have been prevented if someone called a cab, Uber, or anything else other than getting behind the wheel!! What she has taken from our family, it’s a price to steep! My Aunt, Uncle, Cousin’s , his Wife, they are paying for her stupidity. The ignorant choice of one will be a suffering for many for the rest of our lives!! I hope she rots in jail for the rest of her miserable life.

    • s

      And what does that stupid clip have to do with anything! Seriously, someone died and they are tracking down old clips WTH

      • Renee L

        I’m sorry for your family’s loss. This site does stupid stuff like that. Always more into the celebrity than real life. I hope you all receive the justice you’re looking for.

      • Minerva

        Nothing except that was about the only time she’s ever been on that show. But it should be removed immediately.

        My condolences to the wife and family of what sounds like a responsible and world contributing fine young man who was killed through stupidity. MADD

        • Minerva

          And let me add criminal activity.. not just stupidity! LP or not, all these shows about how LP’s are just like up? Well she need to go to prison, just like us that kill others while DUI

    • caroleann2

      This is just horrible. I’m so sorry for your loss. This is everyone’s worst nightmare, minding your own business driving down the street and out of nowhere with no time to react, a drunk driver kills you. Just horrible!

    • Full of **IT!

      I’m so very sorry to you and your entire family. Hopefully she will serve a very long time in jail, she deserves it!

    • Hyacinth

      Tell your family that so many people everywhere send our condolences. This is a horrible tragedy. He was way too young. I detest drunk drivers.

  • Sweet Venom

    Very sad. I saw a Dateline episode last night where a similar “accident” ocurred, only no alcohol was involved. Either way, we live in a society now where there are a lot of commercials and ads directed against this type of behaviour. She should get manslaughter because there’s no excuse to drink and drive. Everyone should already be aware of the consequences at this point.

  • Me

    Hope she is buried under the prison. Such a shame!

  • Melinda Loy

    That ugly little beast needs to be held accountable. Throw her in prison, make her the official toilet scrubber for the entire place, and throw away the key.