THE CHALLENGE Are Jordan and Tori dating?

The Challenge Are Jordan and Tori Dating

As season 30 of The Challenge wrapped, I walked away with far more questions than answers. The first and most obvious question is who won?! MTV is making us hold out another week to learn the results of the finale. Dirty move T.J., dirty move…SMH.

The second question I have is: What’s the deal with Tori and Jordan? Are they together?!

When Tori entered the house, she was a Challenge rookie along side her Are You the One? boyfriend Derrick. The two were attached at the hip and vowed to make it to the final together. When Derrick was eliminated early in the season, Tori was left to make it to the end on her own.

Back in August, however, Derrick announced that he and Tori had broken up. He claims Tori cheated on him with a cast member. Hmmmm…


Toward the end of the season, viewers got to see Tori and Jordan growing closer. By the time the final challenge rolled around, they were choosing each other as partners, holding hands during the race, sleeping next to each other in the camping tent, and using pet names for each other.

Post Challenge, the two have been all over each other’s social media posting pictures and videos together. They’ve even been spotted traveling together and hanging out on the beach:

At it again @tori_deal *Budapest by @george_ezra

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Despite the obvious chemistry between Jordan and Tori, she claims they are not together:

I guess we won’t know anything for sure until the reunion airs–or the two finally come clean.

Don’t forget to tune in for The Challenge: Dirty Thirty Reunion when it airs on Tuesday at 10/9c on MTV.

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