Rob Kardashian can’t keep up with monthly $20K child support payments for Blac Chyna (and Dream)

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Although Rob Kardashian’s net worth has reportedly been in the millions of dollars for years, a pair of recent reports alleges that he’s actually much closer to zero thanks to the high cost of Blac Chyna’s child support payments. BET writes that Rob’s been hit hard by the $20,000 monthly payments, and has actually been relying on his sisters to “front him the cash.” Currently, Rob shares a 50/50 custody agreement over daughter Dream if he falls behind in the payments, he risks losing his share of that time.

The article further alleges that Blac is holding a threat over Rob’s head: if he doesn’t get her the money each month, she will “file a restraining order against him for the myriad of private pics he exposed of her online.” And, as Bossip further reports, Rob “could potentially petition to have the amount lowered,” based on the fact that he actually has little to no income of his own. (As we’ve reported in the past, Rob Kardashian’s net worth is almost entirely dependent upon the sales of his designer socks. Rob does stand to inherit a quarter of the $100 million trust fund that Robert Kardashian left his four children, but can’t touch the money until he turns 35.)

At the same time, a new report and photo spread in the Daily Mail suggest that Rob might be working to improve himself personally, if not professionally. Their report claims that Rob has “hired a nutritionist” and “determined to ‘get back to the Old Rob’ with little to no ‘help from friends or family.'” The belief seems to be that the threat of complications from type II diabetes, plus a general desire to be healthier “for Dream,” will be enough to motivate the 30-year-old.

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  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    A 1 year old baby doesn’t need $20k per month. FFS!!!

  • twelfthnight

    Why does a baby need 20k a month? And if they’re splitting custody equally, why is he even paying her support? HE DOES 50% OF THE PARENTING. HE SHOULDN’T BE PAYING ANYTHING.

    Even if he’s giving her 20k a month as his ‘half’ of what this kid needs, that means this child needs 40k a month to be sustained. That’s more than a lot of families make in a year.

    Why do judges allow this? This trash bag is making bank off of her baby. I guess she can’t get any money out of Tyga because he’s a loser with no career so she figures go hard or go home on the guy who has endless money via the rest of his family.

    • cookie

      I was wondering the same thing! If custody is split 50/50, why is he paying any child support? He’s responsible for her when she’s with him and vice versa when she’s with her mother. Poor kid is just a walking ATM.

      • The idea is that the child’s living situation should be similar in both houses. This seems extreme though. It’s meant for situations where one parent makes $100k a year and the other makes $20k

  • FYO

    Whoever the judge is that awarded her $20k/month in child support needs his/her @ss kicked. And so does any judge that would make that ruling. F’king absurd.

    • It’s me

      A judge never ordered it.
      They settled in mediation. Since they both agreed to that amount of course a judge will sign off in it.
      Rob could have put up a fight but she extorted him, pay me or i will tell your secrets & press charges against you for posting naked pics if her (like she hasnt thrown her cat at everyone already)

  • Shanaynay

    They need to save that money for that babys therapy later in life! With a mother like Chyna, that babys gonna need it!

  • Goldigger Fail

    Well so much for that Kartrashian meal ticket. I bet she ends up paying his pathetic a$$ by the time this is over.

  • OliviaJoy

    You’re not allowed to withhold visitation if there is an issue with child support, and you’re not allowed to withhold child support if there are issues with visitation. It’s a law in many states, and CA is one of them. Child Support and visitation are considered two totally separate issues.

  • OliviaJoy

    AND she needs to get a job herself to support her own damn kids. While the fathers do need to financially support their children, she can get her ass up and stop posing with random guys in her bed all the time. Go to work.

    • OMFG

      She won’t, she worked at having the suckers baby, now that poor little ‘astard is just another future whatever her mother is.

  • barbinop

    Wow!!! That’s an incredible amount of child support!!! Is that for the baby only?

  • Melinda Loy

    And that is exactly what the cow wanted and had Dream for. Hopefully the Blac will die soon of an overdose.

  • Estella Holmes

    Rob just have to take it as an experince and never ever marriage some one who is that ignorant and so low down to use their own baby for money and has no ideal what love is. Chayna is going to learn real soon that life is a circle and what go around comes right back around. And rob never allow yourself to be so angry at family that you do something to hurt youself because what you do to hurt other is always going to hurt you.