Cole DeBoer launches his own line of socks that are 100% Cole aDeBoerable

Cole DeBoer socks son Watson

Are you wanting to get some Cole for your sole? Then let me introduce you to the best way to get “Cole feet” in the form of a brand new aDeBoerable line of socks from Chelsea Houska’s husband Cole DeBoer!

Here’s how the seemingly always joyful Cole announced his entrepreneurial endeavor on Instagram:

A post shared by Cole DeBoer (@coledeboer) on

I am beyond excited to launch my first ever sock collection with @truefeatbrand. I love a good pair of socks and I worked very hard drawing and creating socks with my own personal style. Check out and purchase my collection in the link in my bio. Use my code “Cole” and receive 15% off!

I hope you all love my creations! Don’t miss the link in my bio. #thecoledeboercollection

Cole’s affinity for patriotic fashion is nothing new to viewers of Teen Mom 2, and Cole’s new line features its fair share of red, white, and blue. But, there are also camouflage, deer hunting, and wood-themed designs as well. Here are all nine styles currently available on for $12.00 a pair:

Cole DeBoer socks

Those are some mighty fun dad socks! But I don’t think I’m gonna commit until I see Dr. Randy Houska modeling a pair. Or Pete the pig. 😉

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  • bambiglanville


  • DoogieHowser

    This is the first teen mom clothing line that hasn’t actually annoyed me for exsisting. I wouldn’t buy them and I don’t like most of them, but I do like the hard wood floor printed ones.

  • FR

    Socks and t shirts “designed” by anyone, but especially secondary reality show castmates, are the stuff of no-talent types who are willing to shamelessly cash in doing just about anything.

  • cali

    Didn’t rob kardashian prove that selling socks isn’t a competitive business?

    • Jojo

      Took the words right outta me!

  • joaniepoo

    how many of them have started a “clothing line”? how many are making money off of it?

  • xo

    Whelp, looks like someone is about to quit his regular job

  • truckproductions

    dumb as rocks but i’d love to fuk him.

    • sysmjp

      I couldn’t get past the granny voice

  • smithy jones

    $12 a pair?!?!?!?! Socks are practically free at Walmart, so, no thanks.

    • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

      I bought 10 pair yesterday for $4.97!

  • Ali.P

    They are super super ugly and it’s intersting to me that he supposedly doesn’t like the “spotlight” but started a sock line that teen mom certainly helps spread the word about.

  • Chu ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

    stupidly cute!

  • DanaD

    “In my own personal style.” The majority of them are covered in flags, camouflage or a combination. Why does he think ANYONE (and those are the only people who know who he is) that watches teen mom would buy those hideous things?

  • FYO

    Cole seems like a good person, father, and husband. Who cares if he wants to start a business selling ugly socks? Hopefully it’s successful and puts Aubree & little Watson through college.

    I suppose some dipsh|t is going to start calling me Chelsea now…