PHOTOS Rihanna’s half-naked striped dress at 2011 Grammy Awards

Rihanna half nude on the red carpet at the 2011 Grammy Awards

Depending on whether you are an optimist or a pessimist Rihanna was either half-naked or half-dressed at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards tonight. (Whichever way you say it, I’m still optimistic!) It’s like looking at Rihanna naked through furry Venetian blinds!

As far as whether or not Rihanna was actually naked or whether she was actually wearing bra and/or panties, I’ll let you study the photos carefully (like I did/am doing) and decide for yourselves! (Click to enlarge for more intensive researching.)

Rihanna at the 2011 53rdAnnual Grammy Awards

And of course we have this story covered from all angles, including the south end of the north bound Rihanna!

Back biew of Rihanna's 2011 Grammy Awards dress

Photos: Jen Lowery / Splash News