Jenelle Evans’ daughter Ensley tested positive for marijuana at birth, more Kaiser abuse claims

Jenelle Evans Kaiser Ensley Mothers Day

Nathan Griffith’s mother has filed for emergency custody of her grandson Kaiser after alleging he was abused while in the care of mom Jenelle Evans and her fiancé David Eason. In addition, a new report reveals that Jenelle’s daughter Ensely (and eventually Jenelle and David) tested positive for THC (the active ingredient in marijuana) when she was born!

The emergency custody order was filed by Doris Davidson on September 1, and in it she points out that Jenelle “has a long history of drug use and criminal convictions for drug use,” before detailing specific instances in which she believed the welfare of three-year-old Kaiser was in jeopardy:

The minor child [Kaiser] has been in a constant state of congestion for the past several months that never seemed to get better every time he visited. On March 2, 2017, the proposed Intervenor [Doris] took the minor child to Grand Strand Pediatrics where they prescribed a nebulizer. March 19, 2017 he was sick again with many nose and congestion. Upon information and belief, Plaintiff [Jenelle] does not use the nebulizer on the minor child.

There have been several occasions where the proposed Intervenor has seen been bruising and markings on the minor child that are unusual and more than normal scrapes that a toddler may have than a two/three year old should have. The proposed Intervenor has raised two son which are now adults, and is cognizant of the fact that young boys are rough and tough and stumble and fall and get scrapes and bruises, however, the proposed Intervenor feels that the minor child’s bruises have been in places that have been indicative of more than rowdy behavior. On April 28, 2017, there was bruising on the minor child’s back. On March 31, 2017 there was a bruise on the minor child’s chest of a finger print which appeared as though a finger had been pressed firmly into the minor child’s chest as well as along the minor child’s left arm appearing that he had been jerked by the arm.

Doris included photos as evidence of her claims, but those photos are currently not available. Her claims echo ones made by Nathan on Twitter early last month. During his angry tweet spree, Nathan claimed that Kaiser had “finger like marks on [his] back,” is often sick after being with Jenelle and David, he fell off a boat recently while with Jenelle and David, and that Kaiser is “petrified when you mention David name.”

In addition to the abuse claims regarding Kaiser, Doris also drops a bombshell by revealing that Jenelle’s daughter Enley tested positive for THC, the high-inducing compound found in marijuana, when she was born. “DSS became involved due to Ensley testing positive for marijuana and opened an investigation,” Doris claims in the filing. She adds that both Jenelle and David “had positive drug screens for marijuana” as a result of the investigation.

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup confirmed the positive test for THC in Ensley’s blood and further elaborated on what happened behind the scenes: essentially that Jenelle was under investigation for months, but was able to skip free after obtaining a medical marijuana card on one of her visits to California! “She went to this shady doctor on Sunset Blvd. who has been in trouble in the past,” a source tells The Ashley. “I think he’s actually a plastic surgeon. It was a walk-in clinic type place. She has a lot of friends in LA that can help her with this sort of thing.”

One of The Ashley’s sources says that “because Jenelle was able to prove she had ‘a medical need’ for the marijuana, the investigation was dropped.” I sounds like Jenelle is taking a page right out of this book:

Better Call Dustin Sullivan book

I should point out that the reality star’s alleged marijuana use while expecting was initially revealed by David Eason’s sister Jessica Eason during her EPIC social media feud with Jenelle back in May. “Ya Smoked weed while pregnant,” Jessica said of Jenelle at one point.

Jenelle has since responded to the emergency custody order — but not so much Ensley testing positive for THC — in a statement first posted by E!:

Our lawyers are talking today. Doris made accusations but I can tell you that Barbara has a lot to do with them… Doris threw her own son under the bus by admitting that he has pending felonies and possibly on drugs. Her emergency filing was against me and Nathan Both. I can tell you that they are allegations, driven by my mom, and she didn’t get her emergency custody. That speaks for itself.

Surprisingly, Jenelle has remained rather quiet on Twitter about the whole thing. She did tweet these Kesha lyrics though:

[Custody filing first posted by Radar Online]

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  • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

    He’d probably be better off with grandma!

  • Justmeee

    I understand smoking weed to put up with Kaiser , he’s a handful!Lol But smoking while pregnant is wrong.

    • s

      He is a handful, because she didn’t parent him. She isn’t capable of cuddling him when he needs it or putting him in time out when he needs it, she just screams she can’t do it and makes UBT do it. She needs to be taught how to do it and stop being lazy and get off her a$$.

      • Nedly Mandingo IV

        I agree. The toddler years are tough. A child at that age needs a lot of attention in multiple layers. I see the bare minimum put towards him. The rest of the time he’s being yelled at, put in time out or being forced into nap time just so they can get a break from him. I feel sorry for Kaiser. He’s not old enough to properly voice himself and he’s not mature enough to properly handle his emotions.

        This is a rippling effect which will just get worse and worse with him. You think Jace is having issues with school and Barb. Just wait until Kaiser gets older.

    • Kit

      I pray you don’t have kids.

    • Guest

      Huh? Kaiser’s behavior is a reflection of Jenelle’s parenting.

      • FYO

        Yes and no. A childs behavior is influenced by how they are parented but it’s not a direct reflection. How the child interprets the parenting and what they learn from it is every bit as responsible for their behavior. For example, bad parenting can lead to a badly behaved a child. But, it can also lead to a very well-behaved child. Bad parenting is sometimes a model children follow, and sometimes a model children run from and never want to be like.

        • ameliaBedelia76

          stop acting like u r a professional therapist,

          • FYO

            What are you talking about? Nothing I said is groundbreaking or rocket science. It’s basic knowledge I’m sure at least half the people here already knew.

            Do yourself a favor and try reading sometime – something other than a comic book or the National Enquirer. You’ll be amazed at all the things you can learn about..

            • ameliaBedelia76

              Girl you loco

              • FYO

                You failed.

        • DeeDeDee

          I’m so confused. I just read every comment where you confidently blamed Babs for Jenelle’s sh*tty life and parenting choices. Now when somebody brings up Kaiser having behavioral issues and it being Jenelle’s fault, you’re saying that no, it’s just how Kaiser is interpreting her parenting (wtf?!).

          No need to reply with a carefully thought out, 3 page thesis about how awesome Jenelle is and how smart you are. This was rhetorical.

          • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

            I was just sitting here scratching my head over this too. Fyo is clearly blaming babs for Duhnelle and her siblings issues until this.

    • Jenn

      Please tell me you’re kidding.

    • Regina

      Uhhhh Kaiser just wants to be played with and fed and paid attention to…. Jenelle just screams at him and throws him from any room he happens to be in. He has no other way of getting attention than by acting out because she’s the worst excuse for a mother I’ve ever seen.

    • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

      He’s a freaking toddler. If you have to smoke weed just to deal with your kids then you shouldn’t have kids.

  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    I have always maintained that Jenelle is an unfit mother. She has the maturity of a 16 year old bratty teenager. She literally never aged past her teen years. I think her pregnancy with Jace stunted her psycholically. It’s very evident that both Jenelle and David don’t like Kaiser and seem to take the approach of simply just dealing with him. He’s a toddler who is getting lost in a large group of kids and drama. I think it would be in his best interest to get pulled out of that mess and get some stability with grandma.

    • FR

      Her pregnancy didn’t stunt her. MTV coddling her and stopping her from experiencing the consequences of her behavior stunted her growth!
      She’s never felt the consequences of having a child as a teen. She’s been rewarded for it and for being arrested a million times. All her terrible behavior or rewarded and that does stunt her growth. She’s never had to overcome anything

      • FYO

        It’s deeper than that. Jenelle is a mirror of her upbringing. Her terrible parenting is a reflection of the parenting she received as a child. Jenelle, and her siblings, were never taught the tools necessary to become well-functioning adults because their parents don’t possess those skills themselves. The Evans family as a whole was on a bad path long before MTV came into the picture.

        • Chu ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

          You again. She’s a full grown woman that is capable of making responsible decisions. She’s almost 30 for crying out loud!! I grew up in abused household and you don’t see me neglecting and abusing my son. I saw what it did to me and my sisters and I don’t want the same for my own child.

          • Chickpea16

            So true. Jennelle only thinks about herself and the guy of the week she’s with.

          • Sliceo’pie

            So because this was YOUR experience, everyone must behave and take the same path as you have.
            Self-centered thinking much?

            • Notwellbitch

              Jenelle is the queen of self centered – this mad cow should not have any children – and once you become and adult you cannot continue to blame your “childhood” for your continued poor decision making – I am sick to death of people who make excuses for behavior that is inexcusable – if it was just Jenelle I could care less – but she now has four children that will be emotionally damaged because she is a selfish pig

            • Chu ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

              Ooh Jenelle calm down. This was MY experience yes. What having calm and rational thinking is wrong?! Lol go away fool. I can’t wait to see this show canceled.

        • savannah

          I had a chaotic upbringing with addiction and all sorts of crazy stuff. I maintain a great job, marriage and now have a baby on the way. The only people who are products of their environment, are the ones who choose no other way to be. She has every opportunity for good therapy at her fingertips, yet continues to blame her mother for everything that goes wrong in her life. Time for her to grow up and get her life together and stop playing the blame game and victim role.

  • DanaD

    I really don’t understand why she thinks it’s her mothers mission to make sure she doesn’t have custody of her children. These grandmothers loved the experience of raising kids SO much and Janelle’s kids are SO precious they can’t help trying to take them away! It’s not enough that she dumps the kids on them to go on vacation, they just need to take them away to control her because raising a toddler/child that is not your own at their ages is a BLAST ! That makes sense right? No. They would only do this because the kids are not safe with her.

    • FYO

      Jenelle is a horrible mother but that doesn’t automatically make Barbara a great parental figure. Remember, she has 3 kids of her own. All 3 grew up to be losers. What does that say about Barbara’s parenting? It says she’s terrible at it. She was also in a mutually abusive marriage due to alcoholism on both their parts. What kind of example did that set for Jenelle and her siblings?

      People are quick to drag Jenelle through the mud, and understandably so, but they always seem to overlook the fact that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. It’s beyond me why people sing praises for a 3x parental f-up with a horrible track record just because she took her grandson in. So when Jace grows up to be a f-up just like his mom, aunt, and uncle – and he’s already on his way – it will Barbara’s fault cuz she raised him after-all.

      Jace would’ve been better off being given up for adoption if you want the truth.

      • LA79

        Really??? Changed your tune really quick.

        • FYO

          Umm, no. I’ve been calling Jenelle and Barbara both parental f-up’s since forever. Are you THAT dumb that you think me pointing out that CPS found *no evidence* in that `black eye` claim, is somehow the same as saying Jenelle is a good mother? You got destroyed in that thread and it will happen here too if you keep posting your idiotic nonsense.

          • LA79

            Honey, you argued Jenelle/David weren’t abusing Kaiser. You “proved” your point by saying CPS didn’t remove him from their home. You refused to acknowledge the very common scenario where CPS doesn’t know everything that goes on in a household and often makes mistakes. You just continued to say that since CPS didn’t take him you were “proven” correct. That is the definition of a moronic argument. I’m posting this here since you want to pretend you said something totally different now.

            Do you even remember what you said? You can keep using big words like “destroyed” which you don’t understand, and they still don’t mean what you think they mean. Have fun being a total hypocrite. Even you weren’t able to keep up the act which is pretty funny.

            ETA: I have the receipts. So don’t try to change your posts now.

            • FYO

              Why do you insist on embarrassing yourself with this nonsense? I urge anyone interested to call your bluff and go read the other thread. I stuck to facts, you stuck to imaginary garbage just like you’re doing again here.

              • LA79

                You realize I have screenshots of what you said and if this website allowed it, I would’ve already posted them. I WILL copy and paste them to prove what I said is correct.

                Your first sentence: “First, I don’t think Kaiser is being physically abused. As far as any of us know, he hasn’t been shown to have bruises/black & blue marks, cuts/scrapes/scratches, broken bones, etc.” When I told you to Google it since Starcasm won’t let me post links or photos you shot back with “She posted a picture on social media that some people thought looked like Kaiser had a black eye and she dared them to call CPS. Over 50 did [sic] took her up on her dare. They’re [sic] official findings are that the “black eye” was a result of the angle and lighting of the photo. Hey, nice try though… I guess..” I then pointed out that that’s not the only bruise photo since there have been multiple with bruise and finger marks and other allegations of abuse. I then point out that his FATHER claims to have seen multiple bruises on him and that you didn’t have any intel that would dispute his father’s claims. You then responded, “CPS investigated this. Why do you think it concluded with NOTHING happening? Because as I said, they found proof through their investigation that Kaiser did NOT even have a black eye.” I then stated paraphrasing that CPS is not infallible and makes mistakes to which you responded, “I didn’t bother reading your nonsense after the very first sentence – government agencies aren’t always right (you were quoting my first sentence…you obviously think they are right always.) Then you said, “CPS looked into it. CPS completely dismissed the claim. End of story.”

                Do you remember the conversation yet? Now I sent you the newest allegations of abuse, and you’re singing a different tune entirely about Jenelle being a horrible mother. Don’t hear you claiming Kai isn’t being abused now…how odd!

                • FYO

                  Writing an essay response (that nobody will bother reading) – the sign of real butthurt. Like I said, “I urge anyone interested to call your bluff and go read the other thread.”

                  • LA79

                    I hope they do read the other thread since unless you edited your posts they will read exactly what I just copied and pasted. The only bluff to be called is yours.

                    Out of curiosity, which part of what I copied and pasted of what you said are you disputing that you said?

                    • FYO

                      I haven’t edited anything. Nice try loser. And I didn’t read your essay since they always turns out to be nonsense.

                    • LA79

                      In this case, it is nonsense since I was quoting you. Good call on your part.

                    • FYO

                      You’re still here?.. ZZZzzzzz….

                    • ameliaBedelia76

                      YOU’RE THE LOSER

                    • TNC


                    • LoLo

                      Don’t ya love it when you prove a point & the come back is name calling. As soon as someone resorts to put downs & name calling you know they have nothing.

                    • FYO

                      You obviously didn’t read the thread. You and I don’t always see eye-to-eye but I know you’re not dumb enough to buy into that nonsense having read it for yourself.

                  • Sweet Venom

                    I read it. LA79 seems to be speaking sense. I understand your above response, though. Jenelle is without a doubt messed up because of Barbara, and you can’t curse the monster without blaming the creator.

                  • Ariana’s Side-Eye

                    You both need to get a damn life. Jesus

                    • FYO

                      Watch the language.

                • Karen A Campbell

                  Get a job.

            • LoLo

              “Destroyed” like your life crumbled over a post about a reality show.

              It’s hard for Jenelle defenders to defend her so they have to go after Barb. The only one doing right by Jace. So what if she was not a good mom, she’s admits & tries to do better with Jace & has always been there for Jenelle. If Jenelle hadn’t chose d*#k over her kids things my be different. Parents make terrible mistakes but that doesn’t mean they can’t change, like Barb did. If Jenelle changed I would route for her.

              • FYO

                I didn’t defend Jenelle. The other thread is about a claim Kaiser had a “black eye” and a “busted lip”. Which CPS took seriously, investigated, and found no evidence of. For some reason LA79 can’t deal with that fact. For some reason CPS going to Jenelle’s house, finding nothing of concern, and closing the investigation with no action taken really upsets LA79. Now this accusation comes up and LA79 starts spamming the other thread as if history is going to be re-written.

                It’s like a persons arguing the Earth if flat even though it’s proven not to be. Then hearing the universe might be “flat” and coming back with `see the has to be flat Earth like I said!`. It’s just dumb.

      • Guest


      • LoLo

        Because Barb was not a great mother & her kids are losers doesn’t mean that she has not changed. My mother was terrible, I mean terrible to me, verbally, physically etc. When I had kids, she was a different person in a different time of her life. She has shown them the love she never gave to me. She realized her mistakes & doesn’t make them with my kids. I’m not saying Barb is the best but out of the 2 options she is far better.

        If Jace is F’d up it’s because of Jenelle being in & out of his life, choosing men over him, having other kids she can’t handle, lying to his face, living in chaos. At least at Barb’s we see him playing & reading, doing schoolwork. At Jenelle’s it’s a free for all. She has done such damage to him with her lies. He will one day see the show & realize how his mother had opportunities to better herself & him but chose men & partying over him.

        • FYO

          We know Barbara hasn’t changed because her bad parenting has been filmed on Teen Mom. How many times has she & Jenelle been in screaming matches cussing at each other while Jace is standing right there? And how many times has Barbara said things like `I will take him and you will never see him again`, again with Jace standing right there. We’ve see him lashing out, hitting Barbara. We’ve seen him repeatedly getting in trouble in school.

          Barbara possibly being less worse than Jenelle doesn’t make Barbara good. They’re both total f-up’s who have repeated made horrible parenting decisions that MTV cameras filmed. Being the lesser of two evils doesn’t make a person better, it only makes them less horrible, but horrible none-the-less.

          • REAL Sacramento Housewife

            Kinda reminds me of our most recent presidential race…left the country scratching our heads, trying our darnedest to determine and vote for the lesser of two evils. Although, I think the discrepancy between Babs and Janelle is greater than in the White House race. I think, although not by a landslide, Babs does win the parent award, if comparing her against Janelle. I think if Janelle could ever mentally get healthy enough to not need some d*ck and its drama, it would be a very close race, for sure.

      • Idiot

        Barbara may be the common denominator but ALL three of her children suffer from some kind of mental illness. Instead of calling them losers how about you step back and better inform yourself and learn to identify the difference.

        • FYO

          Interesting you choose me to write that response to considering I’ve bashed them probably least of anyone here. But ok, let’s go with it.. Mental illness may partially explain the behavior but it doesn’t excuse it, and it’s obviously not the only cause when you see the same behavior from Barbara. So then do you say maybe she has mental illness too? Maybe she does, maybe not. But how much should it even matter? Even if you could map out exactly how someone became a `loser`, does it make them any less of one?

          Btw, what mental illness causes two people to cuss & scream at each other while using a child caught in the middle as a threat/weapon? Just curious since you imply you’re informed on the subject.

        • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

          Duhnelle is a textbook case of borderline personality disorder. So was I . At some point you have to take charge of your mental illness and not let it control you. Bpd is manageable, it make take awhile to find the right drug combo and right therapist but if you stick with it, out can be done.

          • Ariana’s Side-Eye

            I’ve managed mine without meds. You’re right, it can be done

            • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

              Haven’t seen you around in awhile! Hope things are good with you!

              • Ariana’s Side-Eye

                ? same with you! I switched jobs and am more busy at work now lol

                • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

                  Nice. I took a step back. Didn’t want to be a manager anymore but now they’re already pushing me to do it again.

                  • Ariana’s Side-Eye

                    As long as it doesn’t get in the way of snark I say go for it! Lol be sure to tell them you’ll need much more $ ?

            • Bruja

              And you! Hi to you and *hugs* your way!

              • Ariana’s Side-Eye

                *Hugs* right back ?

          • Bruja

            In case it’s been awhile since I’ve said this to you, you’re phucking awesome.

            Love you!

            • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

              Thanks! You’re a badass yourself!

  • Meh..

    She doesn’t have one motherly bone in her body. Nada. I hope this grandma documented everything.

  • Heather

    I don’t want to sound flippant because it’s heartbreaking when you realize kids are actually involved in this but you could play a drinking game every time Jenelle says either “oh my god dude” or “dude I’m gonna go insane” any time Kaiser makes a noise. But seriously the girl has no ability to connect with anyone on any real level. Not even all her soulmates. The reason she picks the men she does are because they are true reflections of herself. Remember jenelle is a narcissist. the saddest thing is that it doesn’t matter who has these kids. Regardless if they stay or go they are fighting against the odds that their outcome is happy and healthy. Now parents aren’t too blame for the entire way their kids turn out but when ALL of the siblings are crazy, deadbeats, or criminals, you sort of are the common denominator. The people fighting for these kids are the same ones who raised all these vile losers. Barb is a better mother than Jenelle. No question. The woman has always had a lot on her plate with limited income and education and even less gratitude from her children. But she’s not a great mother. Almost, maybe, a good one since she’s always been there. But as we have now watched the evolution of a baby into a troubled child, I can’t lay all the blame at jenelles feet (in no way shape or form am I defending jenelle). Barbs been with him majority of the time and it’s likely some of his issues come from her too. It’s just sad all round. But remember that’s just my opinion and you know what they say about those.

    • FYO

      Barbara has raised 3 kids, all 3 turned out to be losers. Her record is a horrible 0/3. Now she’s working on her 4th, Jace, who is already showing behavior problems so I won’t be surprised when Barbaras record becomes 0/4.

      Jenelle is a parental f-up, and she learned it from her mother Barbara. +1 for being one of the few on here who understand that fact.

      • ameliaBedelia76

        or how about she learned it fro the man who fathered her and abandoned her as a child

        • FYO

          Jenelle wasn’t abandoned. In fact, her father fought for all three of them. In typical Barbara fashion, she blamed everything on him and kept him from seeing his kids. Her marriage to Robert ended because they’re both abusive alcoholics. She was bitter over her divorce, but you can’t keep your kids from their dad and then cry he abandoned them.

          Barbara has shown, on film, a lot of the same bad parenting that Jenelle displays. All the foul language, yelling/screaming, threatening, out-of-control behavior, and more. A lot of the same behavior that ruined her marriage to their father. But yeah, I’m sure you’re right, Jenelle didn’t learn it from Barbarba…………..

          • ameliaBedelia76

            girl you loco!

            • FYO

              You failed..

      • Baby Hooker

        All of Bab’s kids suffer with mental illness so that’s not right to blame her for that. Couple predisposition to MI and their shotty decision making and you got a recipe for disaster. Colin, Jenelle’s brother shouldn’t be lumped into this

        • FYO

          So if all her kids suffer from mental illness, how do `you` justify bashing Jenelle? And do you think it’s `right` to blame Barbara for; having kids while being an alcoholic in an abusive marriage, yelling/screaming/cussing in front of kids, using kids as a tool/threat/weapon against others she’s fighting with such as her ex-husband and Jenelle, etc… Was it negligent for her to have kids at all know they would be subjected to mental illness?

          Or do you think Barbara should have immunity from being held responsible for all of her sh*tty parenting and disgraceful behavior? Do you think she bares no responsibility for anything bad that’s happened or happening now?

          Three kids, three drug addicts with criminal records before they were old enough to vote. MI alone doesn’t explain that away, and you’re not going to tell me bad parenting isn’t a major factor.

  • Motherof2princesses

    I truly believe david abuses the boys. Last episode you seen his rage as Janelle was talking to him. Jace also is scared of david according to Barbara . I know all of them are crazy and unfortunately, but I just feel like the abuse and neglect from david and Janelle is true.

    • Motherof2princesses

      *and UNFIT

    • FYO

      David does appear to have some issues. At times he’s seemingly blowing up, and at others he’s doing things like holding Kaiser’s hand in the car to calm him down. I don’t have a good impression of David, but I also wonder how much of that has to do with the editing on the show.

      Everyone in the cast has at one point or another complained loudly about how the editing has portrayed themselves or a situation completely out-of-context. We know that these storylines are tightly controlled and intended to be dramatic for the benefit of viewership. We know when we watch the show we’re getting a mix of reality and manipulated BS.

      • Karen A Campbell

        Very true!!! I know they’re told to say things and overly dramatize them for the purpose of making the show more interesting.

    • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

      My sister and I both said, right after that scene, “I bet David beats her”. I hadn’t really thought that until that moment. I’ve never thought he was a good guy but that scene just showed he’s got serious issues.

  • Caty P. :)

    Looking at the picture at the top of this page… Jenelle tries way too hard to make it look like she’s the perfect mom, and that the kids have this awesome life where they just adore her so much. It just screams ‘fraud’ to me 🙁

    • FYO

      I’m sure they have moments of happiness here and there but it’s obvious Jenelle’s entire family is a disaster. The whole lot of them are losers. The occasional `good deed` on anyone’s behalf doesn’t change that in my opinion. So they can take a nice picture, but it’s not fooling anyone.

    • Caty P. :)

      (To the poster that replied to me: I have you blocked for some reason – probably going back to something however long ago. Anyway, this means I can’t see what you posted. If it’s something in defense of Jenelle — well, I think you can see my opinion on that. But sorry I can’t see or reply to you.)

  • Liz

    Why am I not surprised, like.. at all?!

  • Shanaynay

    This whole article & all I noticed was the horrible grammar & spelling ?

  • Baby Hooker

    Having a weed card isn’t the issue, the issue is comsuming it while pregnant. CPS is a fecking joke

    • Karen A Campbell

      Having a medical marijuana card in one State doesn’t enable you to legally use marijuana in another State.

  • Bruja

    Just gonna toss this out here as an independent thought to this article and not in response to anyone in particular..

    Jenelle is a steamy pile of shit, who is fortunate enough to have people in her life who care about the kids she keeps popping out and literally burdening everyone with. Her mother, her “soul mates” mothers, her friends and anyone else who shows the slightest interest in trying to be in her life for whatever reasons.

    Was Barbara June Cleaver? For phucks sake, we know she wasn’t, but I’ll tell you right now, speaking from personal experience, I’m sick and tired of hearing this sorry sack of shits problems piled at her mothers feet. At what age and at what point, is Jenelle responsible for Jenelle? At what point is she responsible for breaking the cycle she claims has been the reason for all her screw-ups? Therapy. Get some. Quickly.

    One kid you screwed up with? Maybe, you were a teen, but 3? C’mon. I can smell the rancid sack of bullshit emanating off you from here and I live 2 states away.

    I’ve stated here before I’m adopted, my birth mother was a drug addicted, mentally ill mess that also kept popping out kid after kid. The messed up part was, I spent from age 5 to age 10 in foster care before my “mother” finally found some ounce of sympathy for her kids suffering in limbo while she continued to make excuses for her “situations” before she relinquished parental rights. My grandparents? hahaha! Never stepped in to save any of us that had darker skin. Awesome right?

    Yeah, I got adopted (whole other tale of terror there), but by that age, damage was done. All the back and forth, the numerous horrible foster homes where they clearly fostered for financial reasons and not because they gave 2 shits (there were good ones, but not many). YEARS of therapy. YEARS.

    When you become a parent, especially one that has had all the opportunity Jenelle has to get her shit together, it’s your damned responsibility to pull your shoulders back and suck it the phuck up. Suck it up or get your damned tubes tied because you have no business breeding, let alone trying to “mother” kids it is quite obvious you only have for the attention it gets you.

    Jace is lucky to have Barb. For those quick to judge, let me tell you how I spent age 5 to 6 sleeping in a sleeping bag on a hard floor, not a cot, in the hallway of a foster home that let me know everyday how much they “cared”. How I was told to get in the tub and wash my skin “white” (I’m bi-racial). How I never got to go to a friends house to play or sleep over until I was in the 5th grade. How I never got a birthday gift I didn’t have to share until then either. How my first summer after kindergarten was spent being forced outside from the time I got up until it was dark. My food was handed out the back door.

    Just stop, people have no idea the life Jace would have suffered with Barbara intervening. Hell, Jenelle probably would have sold him for a phucking Ke$ha concert ticket and a dime of heroin. She’s to blame for who she is today. She is to blame for the parenting job she does and anything else is smoke and mirrors and a big pile of pity,

    • FYO

      I read your post in its entirety. You have a unique point-of-view, thanks for sharing. Hopefully childhood in your next life will be a more positive experience. Aside of that, I simply can’t praise Barbara the way some people do. She is a 3x proven failure as a parent. We see her on film in cussing screaming matches with Jenelle while Jace stands there looking terrified. We see her use Jace as a threat/weapon in her fights. That is NOT good parenting, it’s the opposite, period. We’ve seen Jace acting out repeatedly at school and being physically violent towards Barbara. The kid is an emotional mess and like it or not Barbara is partly to blame. So, while I agree with parts of what you said – like at some point people need to take responsibility for themselves – the things I just described I simply can’t ignore in good conscience.

      Had Jace been given up for adoption early on, something I think very seriously may have been the best option, he may have had a story like Carly’s instead of being stuck in the middle of a disaster, being pulled back & forth between two people who are actually at war over much bigger issues than Jace.

      Lastly, how a person was parented counts for something. It’s not an excuse but it help explains why people are who they’ve become. That matters when you’re trying to fix deep-rooted problems or reconcile feelings. As someone who spent time in therapy, you should know that.

      • Bruja

        Yes, how a person was parented does count for something, but it does not have to rule their entire life and how they parent.

        I get your POV. I do. I will say that of the 4 kids my mother had, 2 of us didn’t turn out to be drug using messes that raised drug using messes of their own.

        It’s rough that Barbara raised the kids the way she did, but those kids have gone on to be habitual losers because that’s what they chose from life.

        I will never be a victim of abuse ever again. Emotionally or physically.

        edit- Yes, I too think Jace would be totally different had he been adopted and both Babs and Jenelle had been removed from his life early.

        But, in the absence of that scenario, I think Babs is doing okay. Could be better, but there is progress and I think with therapy involved, it will get better.

    • Sweet Venom

      You had an interesting, heartbreaking life, Bruja. You should think about writing a book.

      Children with traumatic childhoods are given a disadvantage when it comes to adapting, but you’re right when you say eventually you have to grow up and not let your past control your behaviour. Honestly, I feel like Jenelle didn’t get enough love growing up and now she feels unworthy. It takes a very big person to break the cycle, shake off the rust and say, I can be better than this. But like Jenelle, not everyone can do this.

      • Bruja

        I’ve thought about it! Even writing little tidbits can be painful though.

        I get the unworthy feeling. The feeling of being abandoned, but with help, it gets better. Better, but never really gone.

        She has to stand or her kids will fall victim to the same issues she claims she uses drugs to battle with, or much worse. 🙁

    • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

      Preach it girl!

      • Bruja

        hehe! *hugs and love to ya!*

        • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

          Hugs and love to you, starcasm buddy!

    • Chickpea16

      Beautiful, well written post. You are one courageous/strong person. I’m so sorry you had to through that and hope life is a lot better for you now.

      • Bruja

        Thank you. Thanks for the wonderfully kind words. That really was very sweet of you.

        I’m good now! Well, we all have our baggage in life right? Mine just happened to start younger than most people. I’m not religious, but I do believe the whole “that which does not kill us makes us stronger” is the darned truth.

        To look back on things now seems surrealistic. That’s the kind of shit you hear about in the news or some made for TV movie on Lifetime. I’ve read back through my files from CPS that I requested when I was 25 and the things I didn’t remember, or had just blocked out shocked me.

        But, now, life is good! It ain’t perfect, but I’ve made it. I’m still standing, and on most days, I’m smiling. So, it’s all good! *hugs*

    • Karen A Campbell

      We’ll said!!!!

  • Lauren

    I’d bet anything if MTV stopped filming Jenelle for a few years & then filmed her again she’d still wouldn’t have Jace & she’d still be blaming Barbara for everything. If those neglect & abuse claims are true then Kaiser would better off with his grandma. That’s some heavy accusations that I don’t see Doris making without the evidence to back it up. Hopefully everything is documented. That leaves Maryssa & Ensley. Poor girls.

  • Inconceivable!

    The state of CA cannot (absolutely cannot) issue someone from out of state a CA medical marijuana license. Her story is a complete lie regarding medical marijuana from CA.

  • Jolanda V. Rhijn

    Idiots like her should be fixed. What an unfit mother! Always in trouble, always screaming, always angry, always on drugs … What a horrible excuse for a mother.

  • kim

    Which is the lesser of two evils? Living with Janelle and her circus of crazy, or with the Grandma who raised a messed-up, self-centered, violent son? Neither choice is great.