REPORT Gwen Stefani is pregnant with Blake Shelton’s baby

Gwen and Blake pregnant

After dating for the past two years, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are taking their relationship to the next level. According to Radar, the couple is expecting their first child together.

“Gwen adores being a mom and Blake has had babies on the brain for months, especially after getting to know Gwen’s boys,” the source explained. “They knew they didn’t have time to waste, so they planned this pregnancy out, down to the last detail.”

The 47-year-old underwent IVF treatments in order to get pregnant. This will be Blake’s first child while Gwen already has three kids from her marriage to Gavin Rossdale: Kingston, 11, Zuma, 9, and Apollo, 3.

The couple is said to have “completely cleared their schedules in preparation” for the birth of their child. No word yet on how far along Gwen is or when the baby is due.



  • Staxy

    Why did I think he had kids with his first wife?

    • FrontDoorMom

      Probably cause hes so old? Lol i thought the same thing.

  • FYO

    A baby at 47/48.. No thanks.

    • Liz

      Right. Mine will probably be moving out when I’m that age..

  • cali

    At almost 50 why would you want to have kids?? I don’t see them being together forever either, 2 years is nothing!

    • Jessica

      I agree, they are a very odd couple they relationship is more like a long term rebound them.

  • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

    They are both so ew.

  • Mrs.K

    I dont believe this…you wont go horse riding like she did if you are trying to get pregnant with IVF. She will be in her 60’s when the kid is a teenager!

    • sw10397

      I’m not sure I believe it either…but unless you just had an ivf embryo transfer or are in the early stages of pregnancy, there’s no issue with horseback riding. I went through ivf myself. there are no limitations until you get to the point of embryo transfer

  • sw10397

    there’s a reason people have trouble getting pregnant after 40….cause that’s your body telling you you’re too old.

  • Jessica

    I know Gwen really wants a baby girl, but she could adopt or get a surrogate, and make sure the baby is a girl, I know Gwen looks like she is 30 but being pregnant is risky at that age.

  • Sherri Willis

    Isn’t she a little old to be getting pregnant?!

  • ameliaBedelia76

    sigh……IVF so she can have kids at almost 50. Modern medicine so ppl can play God

  • savannah

    Maybe its true, or maybe it’s like how Jennifer Anniston has been pregnant for the last 10 years…

    I don’t know but they seem like such a WEIRD couple to me!! I’m sure they’re perfectly happy and wouldn’t be together if they weren’t, but they just seem like an odd fit.

    Sounds to me like Blake wants his own biological kids, and feels like he’s missing the boat. I guess when you have as much money as Gwen does you don’t think about age? But holy moly, I’m 31 and pregnant, and feel like I’m 90.