Blake Shelton’s rumored mistress Cady Groves alludes to affair on Twitter


Back in 2012 and 2013, there were a series of reports that Blake Shelton was cheating on Miranda Lambert with up-and-coming singer Cady Groves. Most of the evidence presented at the time was circumstantial: He starred in one of Cady’s music videos after they flirtatiously “drunk tweeted” with each other.

“We got drunk, first of all,” Cady told Fuse in 2012 of filming the music video. “When he first got there, he was like, ‘Come to my trailer. Let’s have a drink.’ … I was so hammered.”

Those comments got drawn to the light the next year when Life & Style published a feature story about Miranda’s “showdown with the younger woman.” Blake and Miranda later mocked the report on Twitter, but other sources insisted Blake and Cady’s relationship did actually bother Miranda.

Fast-forward two years: After announcing their split this week, Blake’s side first accused Miranda of cheating. Her team fired back by saying she was faithful, but he wasn’t. Then Cady started subtweeting (very late at night) about getting her heartbroken a few years ago…

Those messages could definitely be about someone else… But it’s also highly likely Cady at least knew what she was doing when she posted them. Meanwhile, Blake seems to be carrying on as usual: He’s recent tweets are about drinking and resuming filming for The Voice.

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