Social Media Revenge: Rob Kardashian exposes Blac Cyna and gets his Instagram deleted


Rob Kardashian’s Instagram account got suspended after her published multiple “receipts” condemning the actions of his ex Blanc Chyna. Rob seems determined to spill all the tea including allegations of infidelity and drug use, extensive plastic surgery, and staging paparazzi photos in their home and at Father’s Day to make the family look happy and pristine while they were descending into chaos.

All smiles at Disney while trouble brews underneath.
All smiles at Disney while trouble brews underneath.

Rob released walls of notepad text and photographic evidence of Blac Chyna in a hospital bed for what he says was a $100k plastic surgery mommy makeover, but his account was probably deleted over the p0ornographic images he shared with is social media audience. A lawyer spoke to People about the implications of his actions, which seem to be a clear-cut case of revenge p0rn.

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“This is sort of the classic, quintessential revenge porn,” attorney Carrie Goldberg to the website. “Rob has made the work of a prosecutor or a victim’s attorney quite easy so far as to even post about the very motive behind his outrageous act of posting these private and nude photos of his ex . . . the allegation of infidelity does not give someone the right to seek revenge in such a devastating way.” According to Goldberg, California has “very, very strong nonconsensual pornography laws.”


One of the more tame images he posted was of Blac Cyna kissing a man he first identified as Rarri True, but later said was Mechi. (Mechi responded to the drama with an Instagram image that said “I’m not here for these games. They wild.”

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After his Instagram account got shut down, Rob took to Twitter to vent further about the mother of his daughter Dream Kardashian. One of the last posts he made before his tirade, on June 30th, was positive about Blac Chyna. All it takes is a few days for the entire story to change.

In the midst of all this Blac Cyna (real name Angela Renée White) took to Snapchat with allegations of her own.

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  • Ali.P

    Well, I mean, what can you really expect from a grown “woman” that calls herself “blac chyna”.
    In all seriousness it’s really sad that a human being was brought into their sadness. Money doesn’t buy happiness or class, the poor kid is doomed.

    • Kate

      Yeah it’s a rough situation when you find yourself hoping that Kourtney or Kim will wind up with custody of that poor kid.

  • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

    Plastic surgery secrets? Those secrets have been out for a very long time.

  • sysmjp

    Like he’s not sloppy and messy? Time to take the six-pack pic off Twitter.

  • It’s me

    That is a trap baby.
    She had a baby with Tyga, with the repo man coming every other day he obviously cant support her & her expensive card. Why else would she get pregnant by a guy she never liked within weeks of dating him? She was trying to up her status. Say what you want about the Kardashians but they know how to make money