Farrah Abraham will date fans on new MTV dating show ‘Love Socially’

Farrah Abraham Love Socially dating reality show

It looks like Matt Baier may get another shot at dating Teen Mom OG cast mate Farrah Abraham. She’ll be starring in a brand new MTV dating reality series, in which she will date fans after connecting via social media.

The show is called Love Socially and is actually an MTV UK production which will also feature single Geordie Shore hotties Marnie Simpson, Chloe Ferry, and Scotty T. “The new show is called Love Socially,” Farrah dished to Us Weekly. “It’s based with MTV UK and International, so a division of Teen Mom. [It will be filmed] in Australia, London and four other countries with four other celebrities.”

Here is a production description of the show:

Hugely ambitious and ground breaking series for MTV. 6 celebrities search worldwide for their ideal date / partner via the power of social media. Who knows where the celebrities will end up? Will they find love? All the dates return to a fixed rig house, will they find “the one”.

“They will use their social media accounts as their own dating agent, and offer out dates to their fans,” a source revealed to The Sun about the show, in an article about Marnie joining the cast. “Any of their followers, anywhere in the world, will be able to potentially go on a date with Marnie. She could end up dating any of her fans — but that means she will have to be single.”

Here is a photo of Marnie Simpson (left) with Georgie Shore and Love Socially co-star Chloe Ferry:

Geordie Shore's Marnie Simpson and Chloe Ferry to star in Love Socially

Teen Mom fans got a taste of what a Farrah Abraham dating reality series might be like on last week’s Teen Mom OG after show, which featured three eligible bachelors vying for Farrah’s heart (and maybe other parts). The after show was openly mocked by Farrah’s significant other Simon Saran, who used the word “FAKE” too many times to count in his numerous reactions on Twitter.

Speaking of Simon, he and Farrah just got back from a romantic trip to Jamaica where he treated her to a lovely, romantic dinner for her 26th birthday:

Beach dinner time! #hungry #jamaica

A post shared by KING SIMON (@simon_23_saran) on

When asked about the seemingly obvious active romantic relationship with Simon, Farrah told Us Weekly: “We’re not together…I think people just got confused by me celebrating my birthday also in Jamaica which, oh well, I had a romantic dinner! B!tches were jealous!”

Clearly, Teen Mom OG producers are kind of stuck with Simon calling out production for fake story lines, but I cannot imagine they are going to let him keep laughing off reports that he and Farrah aren’t dating and still feature Farrah in a dating reality series. Right?!

It’s unclear when filming on Love Socially will begin, or how fans will be able to “apply” to date Farrah via social media. Also unclear is whether or not the show will be televised in the US initially. Stay tuned — we will be sure to update when we know more.

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  • DoogieHowser

    The person signing up to date Farrah either has to be extremely self loathing or extremely fame whorish to think putting up with any of it, even if it’s only during filming. Lol, a Simon 2.0… I can’t even begin to imagine. I will not watch the show but I might read the dates bios when they make it to tabloids sites.

    • FYO

      You sound like you want to be on the show but are too embarrassed to admit it.

      • DoogieHowser

        I’m a happily married woman with more than enough income to live comfortably and not work. Being on TV is the last thing on my mind no matter the program. Farrah is the last person I am jealous of. I have the life I want without a need to work or white myself out, all reality tv performers, for that matter.

        • FYO

          Yeah, all that didn’t help. Btw, nobody said anything about being jealous. You mentioned that all by yourself. If anything my previous comment seems 2x more likely now. lol

          • DoogieHowser

            You implied it when you wrongly assumed that I wish to be on the show in reply to my dissing of Farrah. Hmmm maybe you are actually Asperberger Debrah, clueless AF. 🙄

            • FYO

              No, I didn’t imply you’re jealous of Farrah. I blatantly implied you secretly would like to go on a date with her but are ashamed to admit it publicly. How you can confuse that as imply jealousy is completely non-sensicial and beyond me. One of us certainly is “clueless AF”. And by “one of us” I mean you.

              • DoogieHowser

                GTFO, no one would date Farrah without an agenda especially a married straight woman like me. Go ahead and try to skew this around as much as you can, no one likes Farrah, no one idolized her, no one wants to be near her unless they want to be paid for it or they are desperate for fame. I have money and I would never want to be near her and I would never want to be a public figure. Go project somewhere else and maybe you can get the chance to go lick Farrah’ s heels at her next paid club appearance.

                • FYO

                  Wow, you’re trying really really hard to convince someone! I’m just not sure who, me or yourself. Probably the latter.

                  • DoogieHowser

                    I’m done with you, you insist on being immature. I am not surprised. Farrah only associates with insane and mentally ill people, her fan base isn’t that much different apparently. 😫🙄 The only people that ever show up in comments to defend her is related to her in same way in real life. I have been trying to figure out which one you are. I am guessing Simon, he has been getting articles here so I am sure he has been visiting. You speak in the same manner as his tweets, especially with your assumptions that anyone in a tabloid comment section would ever want to date Farrah. If you’re not Simon, let this be a warning that you come off just like him. It’s not a good thing, work on yourself son. You are intentionally delusional. Take your trolling to twitter.

                    • FYO

                      Something is seriously wrong with you.

                  • T2

                    When you start a comment with ‘wow’ everyone knows to ignore you.

                    • FYO

                      When people say things like, “when you start a comment with ‘wow’ everyone knows to ignore you”, you know they have nothing useful to say. They’re just talking to be talking.

                    • T2

                      Aw, are your wittle feeling hurt? hahaha

                    • FYO

                      I’d expect more wit from a toddler. You fail.

  • Jojo

    Pathetic… the lot of them; emptyvee, all those orange hookers, and the rest.

  • Caty P. :)

    Oh my. Get your penicillin ready, boys.

  • Liz


  • pmo

    are they all guaranteed anal?

  • YourMom

    Do these girls actually think they look good??? Those lips are AWFUL!!!! Farrah is ugly inside and out!

    • http://secure93.com Anton Weber

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  • Fed up

    Can we ask each contestant how many replica body parts of hers have they purchased? Maybe this is why Matt was at the airport and skipped his book signing? He’s taking another shot

  • Kari

    I don’t understand why Farrah is doing a show like this if she’s in a “committed relationship” with someone. I mean…I guess if it’s basically a non-romantic date, whatever, but it seems seedy.

    • FYO

      There’s no mystery here. She gets paid, it’s a job. You don’t actually think she’s doing the show to find a real date/relationship do you? lol

  • Cait Sith

    omg those liiipppsss.

    I used to watch Geordie Shore with my homeboy that looks like a skinny non-muscular typhoid having version of Cesaro from WWE (even has a similar accent) cuz he was obsessed with it and those girls used to be sooo much prettier omg.

  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    Farrah will die alone and unhappy because of the way she treats everyone around her like dog s-. No sane man will put up with her. Obviously the only reason why Simon hangs around is for the cameras.

  • Stacey Jesso

    Marnie and Chloe both look like ducks.

  • Steven J Walden

    Why women like this ‘fine’ example, kid themselves into believing that they are God’s gift to men is so sad it’s almost funny.

  • T2

    What’s with the damn fishlips? STOP IT! YOU LOOK LIKE TROUTS!