PHOTOS Does Good Bones’ Mina Starsiak have a daughter?

Does Good Bones' Mina Starsiak have a daughter 2

Avid fans of Good Bones know that star Mina Starsiak’s social media feeds are chock full of her adventures in aunting. Mina has at least four nieces and nephews–truthfully, her family is so large that we lost count trying to figure out the exact number–and no shortage of love for each of them.

But, if you check the comments, you’ll notice one little girl–The #JuJuBean of hashtag lore–appears so often, fans of the show often ask some variant of the following question: “Does Good Bones‘ Mina Starsiak have a daughter?”

It's a Christmas miracle ?? the vomit has ceased! The snot, not so much but I'll take it.

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It’s not a question Mina has, to our knowledge, addressed directly. Though she does enjoy making fun of the belief that she had a secret pregnancy somewhere along the way, as in the exchange accompanying this Instagram photo:

MFC'ing with this little nug ?

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mina_starsiak_hawk MFC’ing with this little nug ?
nealjbrown Did you have a baby?
mina_starsiak_hawk @nealjbrown yea, just the other day. Nbd.
nealjbrown It doesn’t look like yours. Are you sure?
mina_starsiak_hawk My boo’s reeeaaaaal tan. ☀️

Similarly, Mina recently headed off pregnancy rumors at the pass by sharing a pic of her husband holding a baby and winking out that she’s not pregnant just yet:

A little daddy practice. No one lose their minds… not preggo just yet ? @srhawk2003

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However, earlier this year, Mina’s now-husband Stephen Hawk addressed the question. Stephen revealed that he and Mina are foster parents to little Julie, and that the experience has enriched both of their lives:

Stephen’s Facebook update doesn’t address whether he and Mina intend to eventually adopt Julie, or if they’re acting as a long-term foster home while a permanent family can be found. Nonetheless, it’s an incredibly generous and loving thing for the two of them to do, and it looks like mom & dad really couldn’t be any happier. (And Stephen is totally correct: naps are when you clean up all the mess your kid made while s/he was awake.)

Just in case you aren’t in love with her yet, here’s a trio of Mina Starsiak daughter pics to melt your heart further:

The birthday Bean ? Looking fly in her icing mustache and new boots ??

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He's the happiest boy in the world when he gets a good #JuJuBean snuggle ?

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My heart ❤️

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