REPORT Kirk Frost’s other baby mama had an abortion for him; he hushed her with car payments

Kirk Frost's other baby mama 1

Kirk Frost’s long-rumored second baby mama may have just been exposed–by none other than first baby mama Jasmine Washington. According to a new report first published by Fameolous, Jasmine exposed Kirk Frost’s other baby mama in a since-deleted social media post, claiming that the woman aborted Kirk’s baby by his request, then kept quiet about it when he put money down on a car for her.

The woman reportedly goes by the Instagram handle @wanniesoplaya. (That’s her in the photo at the top of the article.) There’s no other information on her Instagram page, except for a link to a Made Man video on YouTube. But, according to Jasmine’s post, here’s what very allegedly went down between Wannie and Kirk:

This b!tch had an abortion for Kirk (he told me this but he wasn’t sure if it was his, plus Kirk’s friend told me, plus she confirmed it with Rod)… Kirk paid for the down payment for her car bc she was threatening to out him. He also paid her bills. She’s old news but acting like they still f*ckin ? #areyourfeelingshurtwannie? #takethatcrazys!itelsewhere #youBEEEENstalkingme #growup I gots all the tea ☕️#lettingloose I tried to spare her bc it seem like she dnt know no better but f*ck it ??‍♀️

It’s way too early to confirm or disconfirm any parts of Jasmine’s story, so it’s important to note that everything is still very much rumor and gossip at this point. However, it’s also been rumored since at least January that Kirk Frost’s other baby mama might spring up and play a role late in Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘s current season, so this could be the foundation for her appearance.

Additionally, the first of the tea from the LHHATL Season 6 reunion special leaked late last week, shortly after the special was filmed–and there was hardly a mention of Kirk Frost at all, let along Kirk Frost’s other baby mama. While it’s possible that a major revelation such as this could have been kept quiet–if it was filmed separately, for instance–that scenario seems unlikely. And, with the whole baby Kannon drama poised to continue into LHHATL Season 7, it seems we’ll just have to wait and see what develops.

For now, here are a couple more pics of the woman in question, from her Instagram page (which is still public–for now at least):

Kirk Frost's other baby mama 3 Kirk Frost's other baby mama 2

(Photo credits: Kirk Frost’s other baby mama via Instagram)

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  • DanaD

    Oh whatever. She did it for herself! She knew what kind of man he was and when he asked I’m sure she realized it would be all on her as far as taking care of the child. Women please don’t shame or “out” other women for doing what they choose to do with their bodies!! There is a reason planned parenthood doesn’t allow just anybody in there. It is a private matter. And better an abortion than two negligent self absorbed parents. Now if she continues having sex with him especially unprotected then I take back everything and said and believe she’s a heartless opportunist. But if you’re partner decides to bow out and push you towards an abortion, it’s still her choice even if they suggest it. She went through the pain of having a child ripped from her womb. I certainly hope it was because he was a jerk that she didn’t want a baby with and not for a car…. but look at blac chyna. I don’t know what these thots are capable of nowadays.

    Rip- Little One. You are hopefully in a better world.

    • LoLo

      Thank you!!! What drives me nuts is Rasheeda & her friends act like if the new possible baby isn’t Kirk’s then she can take him back. They are not worried about diseases.

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      • Smplyred

        I don’t think that’s how they see it. There is certainly a bigger issue at hand when it comes to a child. Folks acting like Rasheeda is supposed to just jump ship. They have 17 years of history, property, businesses, contracts and MONEY in addition to the marriage and kids. You don’t just walk out on that no matter how mad you are…you get yourself in order. After 17 years, Rasheeda wouldn’t be the first wife to take her husband back more than once for this type of behavior. Throw in babies? Well that’s a whole other layer of news, drama and a lifetime if it’s his. Cheating is bad enough…proof of what’s likely unprotected sex with the arrival of a baby is on another level.

        Personally, I think it’s more about her dependency and comfort level with Kirk. they’ve been together since she was what 17? He is pretty much all she knows. Top that with kids, businesses and properties and just walking out isn’t as easy as it sounds. She does deserve better

  • LoLo

    #1 Sleeping with Kirk Frost is disgusting. Nothing about the man is attractive
    #2 Having unprotected sex with someone that you are not in a real relationship with is stupid & dangerous
    #3 Sleeping w/ & having unprotected sex with a married man then taking cash to keep quiet makes you a hooker