Jenelle Evans explains why she stormed off Teen Mom 2 Reunion set, responds to Leah’s criticism

Jenelle Evans leaves Reunion sick, reacts to Leah

Earlier today we shared a Teen Mom 2 preview clip in which Jenelle Evans creates panic among the show producers when she storms off the Reunion taping set. “I just keep telling everyone I don’t feel good and nothing’s being done about it!” a frustrated Jenelle explains to her producer as they walk briskly in a scene that could have been directed by Aaron Sorkin. “I’m gonna make myself feel better and I’m going to leave,” Jenelle concludes.

The clip drew some criticism from fans, and Jenelle took to Twitter to explain what happened in a little more detail.

Tonight’s episode… I was extremely emotional at the reunion and I think the most of it was because I was pregnant but concerned for my son.

Behind the scenes drama… I was done filming my part of the reunion and was hungry for hours with a burning chest from heart burn…So I ended up leaving with David and Jace back to the hotel and everyone was trying to keep me from leaving… I just wanted food lol

The tweets spawned more negativity and more reactions from Jenelle:

TWEETER: @PBandJenelley_1 but but but your big excuse was you were sick and no one cared?? cant keep your lies straight??

JENELLE: I was sick because I had acid reflux/heartburn from not eating. No one cared cuz I asked for food for 3 hours and wasn’t allowed to leave

JENELLE: I had acid reflux because I was pregnant. Had it every day until I delivered. Even made me throw up like crazy. ?

Meanwhile, in a behind-the-scenes clip released today as well, Leah Messer doesn’t seem to have much sympathy for her co-star as she reacts to Jenelle’s departure by stating “she gets paid for this, she should be here.” In stark contrast, Leah’s reaction to Chelsea (who is pregnant just like Jenelle) being sick and unable to film was sympathetic. “Chelsea is sick,” Leah says. “I do not blame her, she is carrying a child she needs to go ahead.”

Jenelle shared a link to Leah’s clip on Twitter and responded by writing “@TM2LeahDawn damn tell me how you really feel! Haha, I was sick and pregnant with heart burn. You know nothing you’re right so don’t comment.” She followed that up with another brief tweet: “Don’t be fake. #Truth”

While the clips and the fallout are quite entertaining, I think my favorite part of all this is Jace. Nobody is more used to drama hurricanes than him, and when one makes landfall, lil dude just rolls on out:

Jace Evans rollin

They see me rollin’…

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  • Flower Gypsy

    Girl can’t even just sit there and talk about her messed up life for a few hours. Seriously the easiest job in the world and she gets paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for it

    • Jojo

      Right?! I will sit and talk for DAYS, I got stories! I’ll even take a 40% pay cut!

      • Nathan’s Former Gym Membership

        Girl you ain’t never lied. Although I always said Id rather be wealthy than famous. Id never want that invasion of privacy and my every move scrutinized. Im just waiting for the show to finally end so these delusion-ites can be hit by the bricks of the real world, like jobs, bills, rent, modest cars and homes. I can’t imagine how Chinelle will maintain this lifestyle with no skills, job offers, or a partner that works.

        • Brie Mode


          at that name.

          Y’all so stupiiiid hahahahaaha <3

        • Adi Nu

          Forget Chinelle, Kail has an unemployed baby daddy that has to do what she says so he gets paid, and Javi, who’s a soft mess. I honestly believe Kail would jump into porn. I just know it.

          • Nathan’s Former Gym Membership

            Yikes no one wants to see Kail’s pasty mashed potato cheeks on screen getting pounded. Javi is soft, soft as a marshmallow with a cotton center.

            • Adi Nu

              Let us pray we never do.

            • Chu ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

              Omg hahahaha ???
              Let’s hope not

        • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

          But she got a “degree”!!!!

          • Nathan’s Former Gym Membership

            A 10th grader could have earned that. They all need to humble themselves. Babs is like the only one who keeps it real and still works a 9-5 and knows this isn’t forever.

  • Kail’s Fake Ass

    Here’s a crazy idea..why don’t they not pay her for her immature antics and refusing to go on the show? In the real world, if you leave or don’t show up for work you usually don’t get paid..

    • Adi Nu


      • nichols_danielle

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        • Brie Mode

          omg I was paid 982379287918237912837 doing online work at you pr0n dot com!!!! NO WAY!

  • barbinop

    In all fairness why didn’t someone think to have some sort of finger foods and an assortment of (non alcoholic) drinks set out for these ladies and their family members? For those of you who had serious heart burn during your pregnancy you know what I mean. Just a light snack and a bottle of water made available would have been nice. Got to side with her on this one.

    • Jessi Jones

      They do.

      • barbinop

        Jenelle said in her reply that she had been telling the producers for hours that she was hungry which lead me to believe that they did not have any finger foods, salads or drinks available.

        • TinaBelchersGroan

          Jenelle could tell me the sky is blue and I still wouldn’t believe her. She lies way too much.

        • Anon

          The Ashley tweeted that there is food. And even pointed out that the girls themselves have posted pics of the food baskets they get. Jenelle (like always) lied.

          • barbinop

            Didn’t know that. No wonder all these loosers…i.e Nathan, Matt and Lerch get with these girls. It’s called a free ride!! Free flights to Cali, hotels, drivers, food, gift baskets plus getting a paycheck . Darn! All because they got knocked up as teens.

        • Just me Meme

          I am going to go with the person who commented on here saying she was in the audience before and they gave them pizza/candy. Jenelle is known for her lying so knowing that these ladies are pregnant I am pretty certain Dr. Drew knows that being on set for hours that they have to have some type of food and or drinks for these cast members especially because a couple of them are pregnant.

    • sysmjp

      I find it hard to believe the was no food there. Humans like to eat and anywhere they congregate you’ve got to have food. Worst case scenario, they’re in a city and someone can go grab her a burrito bowl. I think the days are long when they film these reunion shows and she heard about Chelsea and decided to jump on the “sick and pregnant” bandwagon to get out of it.

    • Murphy

      Not only are they given food they are given their own private SUVs. She could have sent her man servant David to get her food in their between segment down time.

    • Marian Hossa

      They always have catering at these. I was in the audience once and they had pizza and candy for us and constant food at the ready for the moms. Jenelle’s just a big liar as always.

      • Just me Meme

        I am not buying it from Jenelle. She has to find a reason to say why she left. Being pregnant is a reason and really they can’t say it wasn’t to her because pregnant woman do get sick at times and every pregnancy is different. But the flip side to that is they aren’t going to have pregnant woman on the show and not feed them along with the others. But most importantly the pregnant ones. Dr. Dru knows they need to have food if going to be there for a long time. She tweeted lol that I was hungry, so hungry and just wanted food and had heartburn. She also tweeted when ask about the rumor of her and David breaking up since the reunion and she finally answered and said “no we are just fine and still going strong”. I also don’t believe that because his FB page is no longer and her FB page profile pic has changed to only her children and Davids daughter is not in the pic any longer. Her tweets have changed and she is also talking to her old friends in her tweets which screams something because everybody knows that Jenelle doesn’t talk to anyone when she is with a man. It isn’t going to look good for the custody hearing if in fact both her and David have broken up already. I believe it’s true and she isn’t saying anything because of the custody hearing on Jace. Won’t look good.

  • Jenn

    I had bad heartburn with my second pregnancy. I brought antacids with me everywhere and never skipped work because of heartburn. This girl, I swear.

    • walter.lucero

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    • Brie Mode

      Heartburn and acid reflux don’t happen because of LACK of food, either.

      I had horrible acid reflux, but it was only after I ate.

    • savannah

      The difference between you, and DuhNelle, is…you have actually had to WORK in your life. When you’ve been given an MTV free ride since you were 16…you wouldn’t know the value of work, or a dollar. MTV created monsters out of most of these girls. She’s never really even faced a consequence, sure she gets arrested, but then she’s back doing the next bonehead thing after her lawyer gets her out of the charges.

      • Alisson Leech

        Public defenders for Jenelle in the future!

    • STAxye

      Like seriously, I was the same. My heartburn would wake me up and I was popping pills like druggy. I never complained nor bailed on anything. HEArtburn is uncomfortable but, like, take an antacid and drink some milk and milk lol. Suck it up buttercup. Oh and, I was carrying triplets. BOOM.

  • Lisa Wilkins

    Just when i’m starting to have a “little” empathy for Janelle she goes and does this stupid shit! You cant just take your son when you dont have custody! Thats gonna go over GREAT in court! She’s so STUPID! Sorry not sorry!!!!

  • FrontDoorMom

    Omg jace is so cute!

  • Courtney

    Having “heartburn and acid reflux” isn’t the same as being sick Jenelle! Quit saying you were sick! You can’t even get yourself food so how are you going to take care of Jace?!? I bet if Jace was hungry and throwing a tantrum like you, you would disregard his needs to finish sleeping or texting! Such a freakin hypocrite!!!

  • Courtney

    The two differences between Jenelle and Chelsea tonight was that Chelsea was actually sick but pushed through what she could without being a diva whereas Jenelle was hungry and blamed her tantrum on everything and anything she could think of while making a huge scene. MTV just let Jenelle go already!!!!!!!

  • Murphy

    Yeah Leah has had her issues Over the years but Jenelle has been the same lying sack of shit for 8 years.
    Newsflash jenelle-you are the boy who cries wolf-you are constantly crying and “omg dude so upset” so the concern gets lost after the first 500 times you act like a child.
    You’ve created this image for yourself Jenelle-that you are a huge selfish loser, so that is what is portrayed in your segments. Getting a new BF, a new car, hair style and new baby are not enough to lose that image. You have seek professional help and make REAL changes. It will probably be expensive and will take years. But that is the ONLY way you can change this.

    • savannah

      Leah has had issues, but she’s ALWAYS filming, she’s never been known for diva behavior…just trainwreck behavior. My opinion is slowly changing of Leah, I used to think she was doomed, but it actually seems like she’s coming around. Jenelle is just trash. Dude. LOL

      • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

        I really think Leah has changed. Everything down to tnt way she interacts with the girlses is different. Plus shes supposedly in school now and owns a home. Go girl.

        • savannah

          I’m proud of her, I hope she finds her self worth in something other than men, she will do fine in life if she can shake that pattern. Deep down its clear she loves the “girlses”, Chinelle only cares about herself, and her flavor of the week fiance.

        • Courtney

          Have you ever noticed that Leah is all talk? She seems to word things mirroring what like a therapist would tell her and using it as if it’s her own thought or opinion. Her actions say a different story. I just feel Leah has learned how to say what she thinks people want to hear or the correct answer. Just a thought. 🙂

      • Courtney

        Didn’t they show Leah throwing a fit before last season’s finale when she was in her trailer with her sister yelling at the crew about bad editing and not wanting to film? All their meltdowns are kind of blurry due to having so many but I kinda remember Leah acting like a diva several times. Nothing compared to Jenelle though. Oh and saying “monkey” when she didn’t want to talk about something that made her look bad.

  • Adi Nu

    I’m sorry, this new format they have this season is just strange. Nothing new is learned from these Producer Interventions. One learns more through their social media. I don’t know, I wish they’d end this show already, just to see what they will do without the show’s money.

    • Just me Meme

      Yes I don’t like how the producers are always talking to them either. They seem to get shut down a lot, or screamed at, or the ladies are just more demanding to them and telling them how it’s going to be. Honestly I think they take away more from the focus of the show by constantly asking these questions over and over in hopes that one of them will be in a good enough mood to answer.

  • pmo

    jenelle, still trying to rip jace away from barbara, didnt even acknowledge his presence when he walked into the green room.

  • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

    Duhnelle is so good at so many things. Getting desperate men, spreading her legs, lying, having babies she won’t take care of, lying, throwing tantrums and lying. I may have forgot to mention that she’s a great liar.

    • Rie

      She’s good at telling lies. She’s not good at lying, she always gets caught, lmao.
      I totally understood what you said though. I get that

    • savannah

      And getting HIGH with ha BOYYYYFriendddd! (Babs accent)

      • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

        How could I forget!!! She’s also good at posing for mug shots.

  • Marian Hossa

    Today I learned that “heartburn” is a good excuse for kidnapping the child you signed over to your mom shortly after he was born. Thanks, Jenelle, for the education.

    • FYO

      Nobody kidnapped Jace. Even if you don’t know the definition of kidnapping, the police themselves said no crime was committed. You can hate Janelle all you want but don’t be a dipsh!t in the process.

      • Marian Hossa

        oh hi Jenelle, did you take a Pepcid? pro tip: when you take a child who does not belong to you because you signed over your rights shortly after said child was born, that’s the literal definition of kidnapping. cheers!

        • aclark

          Right! The cops said it was kidnapping, but Babs only wanted to charge David & they basically told her it’s charge both he & Jenelle or neither of them. They couldn’t single him out. So she settled for a report.

          • FYO

            Wrong, the cops did NOT say it was kidnapping. They said the opposite. It was not kidnapping because the biological mother was with him, and he was returned upon request. Don’t you people pay attention to what people actually say?

        • FYO

          Are you really this dumb? Did you even watch the episode? The police said all they can do is take Barbara’s statement. They can’t arrest anyone for kidnapping and they can’t single David out.

          And since you’re confused, the definition of kidnap is:
          take (someone) away illegally by force, typically to obtain a ransom.

          Jace was not taken by force and he was not taken against his will. He was also returned to Barbara when asked, therefore the police couldn’t do anything because NO CRIME WAS COMMITTED.

      • Just me Meme

        Did Jenelle have permission from the legal guardian to take this young man? Just because a police officer says it didn’t happen doesn’t mean he knows how CPS or a judge and or attorney will look at it. Now while you may agree all day long that Jenelle in how she chose to take her sonn without permission that she didn’t have. You should at least look at it in a way that if she did get permission then why did she tell the lady to “tell her mom she is taking Jace and going back to the hotel. If permission was said to go ahead and take then why tell the lady producer this. The reason why the police were called was because legally she just can’t go and take her son when she has no rights to him at this point.

        • FYO

          Wrong. She neither took Jace by force nor took him against his will. And Jace was returned to Barbara upon request. No matter how much you dislike Janelle, the event was not a kidnapping.

          Now, MTV was going to call the police to avoid any potential liability issues. MTV never actually filed a report. The police only showed up because Barbara called them AFTER she had Jace back.

          And lastly, it can be argued that Barbara was negligent in that she did not leave Jace in proper care while she left him to go record.

          It seems a number of people think if you don’t have legal custody, then taking a kid is automagically kidnapping. WRONG. It has to be either against their will, by force, or a refusal to return the child when asked. Rather than do their homework though, those people would rather make assumptions and look stupid on the internet. So be it.

          • Just me Meme

            I never once said Kidnapping! I said she took Jace without permission from his legal guardian. I seen Jace walking along with Jenelle . That will not be looked upon very well that Jenelle just takes it upon herself to take Jace with her and away from where he was at. But her moms issue would be a separate issue as far as David saying she wasn’t watching him.

            • FYO

              It’s not as black and white as you may think. If they ever wound up in front of a judge over this, the judge would likely consider things like. Is Jace frequently left in Janelles care (yes), was Jace in danger or harmed in any way (no), was Jace forced to go (no), was anything unlawful done while Jace was present (no), was there any resistance giving Jace back (no), has there ever been a restraining order against Janelle/Jace (no), and so on… My guess would be the case would ultimately be thrown out, Janelle would be scolded, and that would be that.

              • Just me Meme

                Sure those things will be looked at yes but it showed Jenelle being irresponsible when just deciding that “oh i’m going to take Jace with me”. It will also be looked at what was Bard doing at the time that David said he wasn’t being watched. Along with the fact that the producers felt it necessary to call the police and why did they feel it necessary to involve the police. Now while you may be correct on some of the things you are not correct on all of it. Years ago I was told by the police that I was going to be charged with kidnapping of my grand daughter. Did I force her? No! I was ask to babysit her while my son had to work 1st shift. All planned out by him however he and his X wife were also going through a custody battle of my grand daughter. This was not her time to have my grand daughter yet she called the police while we were out shopping. My phone was being blown up with calls from numbers I didn’t know. I also didn’t know both of the parents were upset with one another and the mom was wanting to come get her before her time. So not answering these many calls and continuing my shopping I finally got a voice mail. In this voice mail it was a police officer. I called them back immediately and they told me I am going to be charged with kidnapping if I didn’t return my grand daughter. So naturally I had to call my sons work place and speak to him about this because it didn’t make any sense. He left work and I met him at my house. Nothing happened in the end to me or my son and the mom didn’t get her back on this day because my son had legal papers showing it was his day. In the very same way that Barb has papers showing she is the legal guardian of Jace at this time. But yes I remember this day very well and what the police said to me about kidnapping. Both parents went to court and the judge told her (the mom) she would get contempt of court if she ever did that again. My son gained full custody of my grand daughter and now almost 9 yrs later the mom still only gets her a few hours 1 day a week and every other weekend. So judges do look at things such as Jenelle and her taking Jace with her and frown on them and it doesn’t look good for her case. Many poor decisions on the Moms part was looked at and brought up. She has changed in many ways today but she still hasn’t gained her parental rights back as far as my grand daughter goes. She to has 3 children with 3 different fathers and she was also a teen mom at 16. It’s not always that cut and dry.

                • FYO

                  Regarding MTV involving the police, I’ve already addressed that: “Now, MTV was going to call the police to avoid any potential liability issues. MTV never actually filed a report. The police only showed up because Barbara called them AFTER she had Jace back.”

                  As far as your story.. That’s your story and the circumstances are not the same so you can’t draw direct comparisons or conclusions. Aside of that, in Janelle’s case the police themselves said they can’t do anything. They said if David had taken Jace by himself that would be one thing but that’s not what happened. Jace was not kidnapped, period. There’s nothing to debate about. The police have the final say and there stance is no crime occured, which is why the *only* thing they could offer Barbara was to take a statement from her – something police have to do by law, for any reason, if requested by a citizen. What happened _is_ cut & dry. No crime occurred, no charges were filed, no anything. It won’t help Janelles custody fight, but it’s not nearly as bad as some people here are trying to pretend.

                  • Just me Meme

                    Well I think otherwise of all that you’ve said. You have valid points on some things however you aren’t the judge or the judge over this case. You speak on this as though this is happening to you yet you see the same as I do. You come up with an opinion in the very same way that I do. Once again I would like to repeat that I never once have said kidnapping. I did however say she took Jace without permission from the “Legal” guardian. Guess we’re going to agree to disagree on our views of what we feel is happening on this particular Teen Mom Jenelle.

                    • FYO

                      Nobody is the judge on this case because there is no case. We can agree to disagree, and just see how the future plays out for these people.

                    • Just me Meme

                      There is a Judge, Jenelle just hasn’t seen one yet since she began this. And Barb seen a Judge when she was given custody of Jace years ago. This isn’t just going in front of people off the street to decide this young mans life. They have attorneys on both sided so this is going in front of someone who just cannot override a order that a judge has in place for Barb. It will be interesting for sure.

                    • FYO

                      There is no judge regarding Janelle taking Jace with her at the reunion show because there is no case. No charges were filed, and nothing happened. This is a completely separate incident from Janelle sueing Barbara for custody of Jace. It’s yet to be seen if this incident will have any impact at all on her custody case, especially since nothing actually came of it.

  • Numerouno

    Love teen mom, been watching the show forever. It’s my guilty pleasure just like jersey shore was lol, that being said, these girls (save for Chelsea who has an actual support system) are all very much delusional. The producers are all instigators towards them asking them questions to get a specific reaction out of them for the cameras sake. Its so funny that the cast actually think that they care about them like “jenelle oh you poor thing why do you think your mom wont give you custody?” And then she explodes on a rant and ends up crying in the end. They dont really give a rats bottom what they got going on they just want the drama to unfold!

    Leah knows that she has to be on the show for her paycheck, she made that point clear when they asked her how she felt about Janelle and Chelsea leaving. Shes She go through 2 and is just now starting school. Lord knows that MTV is her newest form of “stable income”

    Kailyn actually might think shes become famous. “Maybe they’ll give us our own talk show” was all that I needed to hear to know that her Mommy makeover and other surgical enhancements were done to help her be “more famous” when in reality, she’s an awful person, insecure and suuuuper jealous of vee because bee is a freaking bombshell. Bee even came in and sat with her woman to woman and she was all, “I feel threatened boo hoo hoo” I love vee, now give that girl a show haha.

    Chelsea in my opinion is great, she always puts the needs of her daughter over herself and has that genuine Midwestern charm that I love. People may be annoyed by her voice or overly done makeup, but she’s no stupid! she got married privately without MTV present. She found a man who wholeheartedly loves and accepts her and her daughter with every fiber of his being and SHE NEVER LET’S HER GROWN UP BUSINESS BE AN ISSUE IN FRONT OF AUBREE! Like come on. She even checked her mom for discussing grown up convos with aubree. Kudos to Chelsea fr fr.

    And then there’s Jenelle. Poor Jenelle is a product of her mother’s parenting sorry to say. Babs does excellent with jace now, shes stable for him, but you can tell by how her actual children turned out that maybe she wasn’t the best parent. Excellent grandmas don’t always mean great moms. Jenelle does have to take some responsibility though. I feel she has this image in her head on what a family looks like but doesn’t understand completely the sweat and grind that goes into child rearing. Not filming babs is NOT gonna make her give up jace. Like really Is that you’re argument? And if you’re so hungry juh-nelle, have someone bring you something to eat. Nobody in their right mind would deny food to a pregnant woman. Get over yourself

    But all in all, love teen mom, there’s drama for days, the producers are doing a great job of keeping the fans entertained at the expense of these naive girls.

  • LA79

    Is it “fake” to tweet someone else not to be fake then delete it? Yup.

  • AshleyBlack

    God I’m so sick of seeing these girls walk off stage. What a great example she’s teaching her kids, when you don’t get what you want act a fool till you get it.

  • LoLo

    I blame production for a good amount of this getting so out of hand. I know it’s for tv & they thrive on drama but production feeds into it so much. I truly felt bad for Jace & for Barb. Jenelle making it sound like Barb wasn’t watching him & that’s why she took him. How about call her or have production go & tell her before you go against the law & take him. Production had a good amount of time to get Barb & let her know what was going on. They wanted Jenelle to leave with him so it would cause a scene. They don’t care that Jace was there caught in middle, they are no better than Jenelle & David.

    Production then said “if she drives off we have to call the police”. Then when Barb came out they told her about calling the police. Basically putting her up to it. Then when Barb calls them, production tells Jenelle “Barb is calling the police”.

    Now Jenelle is playing up the “Jace wasn’t being watched” issue. Does she forget when Barb pulled up to her house & Jace was playing outside alone while Jenelle locked herself in her room?

  • Just me Meme

    She’s finding out that nothing will be done so she is saying things like she won’t film with her mom and grabbing the things out of her vehicle. They all are finding out that it’s a lot easier to do and nobody holds them accountable. They need to rethink the contract and change how it is written. You only film all or you don’t get paid. You don’t tell us how it’s going to be and if so you won’t get paid and so on.