VIDEO KUWTK Kim opens up about the robbery, ‘There’s no way out’

KUWTK Season 13

It’s hard to believe that after 13 seasons, the Kardashians are more popular than ever before! Even though fame has extended throughout the whole family, Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe have proven they are the queen bees when it comes to bringing the drama.

During the season premiere, we saw Khloe smitten with her new man while Kourtney struggled with her old flame.

But the biggest buzz of the night revolved around the preview clips E! released for next week’s episode in which Kim describes, in detail, the traumatic events surrounding her Paris robbery back in October.

In a new, extended sneak peek, the sisters are gathered together as Kim recounts the scariest night of her life. In subdued hair and makeup and over-sized black clothes, Kim begins to cry as she remembers each terrifying moment.

And I was like, I have a split second in my mind to make this quick decision. Like, am I going to run down the stairs and, like, either be shot in the back? It makes me so upset to think about it but, like, either they are going to shoot me in the back or if I make it and they don’t, if the elevator does not open in time or the stairs are locked, then I’m f–ked. There’s no way out.

Kim K

During the one-on-one interview, Kim goes into more detail:

They asked for money. I said, “I don’t have any money.” They dragged me out to the hallway on top of the stairs. That’s when I saw the gun, clear as day.

In a second preview clip, she says:

They had the gun up to me and I just knew they’re going to shoot me in the head. And he duct tapes my face. “Please, I have a family. Let me live.”

It has been months since this story broke, and Kim has remained tight-lipped until now. There’s no doubt fans everywhere will be tuning in to hear every harrowing detail of the infamous Paris robbery.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians airs on Sunday at 9/8c on E!


  • cookie

    Omg, enough with this family.

  • Toni

    She saved telling the story for a plot line on her show. I have a hard time feeling any sympathy now.

    • Lauren

      Or using Kanye’s breakdown for a plotline too. I get you’re a public figure but some things should be kept private.

  • cali

    The exclusive story? The event that shocked the world? Ok seriously stop milking it.

  • ImOpining

    They didn’t duck tape their face. It would have shown.
    They made this up for ratings and $$$$$$$$$

  • Leah’s Cold Canned Soup

    I believe the robbery was real. Kim was an easy target. She flaunts her wealth and locations for a living. No wonder she was robbed. You would think this would be enough for her to retire, take the money she has and be content, but no. I just hope her kids won’t turn out like this, the odds are against them but who knows. I seriously can’t stand this family. I feel like they are a curse on us for something we did.

    • Adi Nu

      First of all, Love the new name, I’m dying. Second of all, we are being punished you’re right. It was those early 2000s that we let happen…How do we reverse this curse?

      • Nathan’s Former Gym Membership

        Lol thank you. Idk how to reverse this. I don’t think we can. I blame Paris. But to be honest, I don’t think Paris meant for her tape to come out. She genuinely looked mortified and we all know she is not an actress. Kim saw how big Paris got and she wanted some of that too. I honestly hate this family.
        Nothing good came from them, not even good tv. Just like Kim was the Paris of 2004 and now Paris can’t pay people to print stories about her, Im hoping that will be Kim and her family in the near future.

        • Adi Nu

          No, but don’t be fooled. Paris releases a new perfume each year, and she makes all her money in Asia. Also, she DJs…?, I think she’s happy the dust has settled.

          • Nathan’s Former Gym Membership

            Paris is NOWHERE near as popular as she was 15 years ago.

  • Marian Hossa

    Dang she’s plastic surgeried her way into looking like Great Value 1970s Cher.

  • Natalie

    She is such a liar, this is all fake. Who believes this rubbish anyway??