Shortest book ever? Myla Sinanaj, Kris Humphries’ ex-girlfriend, to pen tell-all about Kim Kardashian

Myla Sinanaj - Kris Humphries - Kim Kardashian Tell-All

Myla Sinanaj, Kris Humphries’ rebound hookup, is squeezing a few more seconds out of her 15 minutes of fame by reportedly penning a tell-all book about Kim Kardashian.

“Myla’s telling everything,” a source told Radar Online. “She’s going to include all the legal documents, subpoenas, that she got from Kim, and even her wedding invitation. For the first time, she’s going to tell the world about the tricks that Kim tried to pull during her divorce.”

Considering this is the same woman who faked a pregnancy scare with Kris Humphries, filmed a “anti-Kardashian” sex tape and got $30,000 worth of plastic surgeries to look more like Kim, it’s kind of difficult to take Myla seriously. But, the source maintains Kim should be running scared…

“The last year and a half have been so insane and Myla really wants the truth of what happened to be out there… She’s been wanting to do this for a long time,” the source said. “It turned out to be a lot more detailed than she’d originally planned, but Myla figured if she’s going to do it why not lay it all out there… People deserve to know the truth about Kim.”

Among the potential topics: How Kim supposedly bashed Kanye, how Kim’s a serial cheater and — never mind. That’s apparently all she has.

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