Amber Portwood faces eviction from newly ‘purchased’ home over unpaid rent and damages

Amber Portwood evicted?

In a bit of confusing Teen Mom OG news, Amber Portwood and her fiance Matt Baier are scheduled for an eviction hearing next month for the house that they recently purchased, which was featured prominently on the show last season.

According to online court records, Amber and Matt are defendants in the small claims court where they live in Indiana, and they have an eviction hearing scheduled for March 9:

Amber Portwood eviction hearing

So how is it possible that Amber and Matt risk being evicted from a house that they supposedly bought? Amber attempted to answer that question late last year when it was discovered that the mortgage on the home was not in her or Matt’s name. Here’s a YouTube video about the property and the fact that it appears to be owned by someone else:

After the video was posted, Amber shared this message on Twitter:

Just watched a video about my house lol. We bought it from an investor and are flipping it as we’re living here. Which is why you will not find our names..we invest and flip then sell and make profit. It’s a private owner. People come on. Stop being obsessive? It’s weird..?

So the house we saw on the show was a flipper? From what we were shown, it didn’t appear that there was much potential for upgrades with a substantial profit margin. Of course, if they were renovating the interior, that might explain why we saw so much footage of Matt and Amber hanging out in lawn chairs in an empty garage.

The online court records do not indicate what the reason for the eviction hearing is — whether it is due to Amber and Matt’s lack of payment, or another lease violation. You may recall that the couple had troubles with their previous landlord, who has filed a lawsuit claiming they had to spend more than $7,000 to repair damages to that rental property — most of which due to Amber and Matt’s numerous pets.

I’m guessing that Amber will downplay this, but there has to be a pretty serious issue between them and the investor for them to start the eviction process!

UPDATE – Radar Online has obtained the actual “Notice Of Claim For Possession Of Real Estate And Removal Of Tenant’s Personal Property” filing and it reveals that the landlord is claiming “late/unpaid rent, alterations to property without owner’s approval, excessive damage to property.” The filing reveals that Amber and Matt were supposed to be paying $2,200 a month for rent, and the plaintiffs are asking for $2,640 in damages in addition to “court costs and other proper relief.” It is unclear just how much rent was unpaid, but it seems clear that Amber and Matt should have directed some of their autographed guitar funds towards rent instead!

I confess that the extent of my knowledge of house flipping comes from watching those shows on TV and recently buying my own home, so perhaps someone could explain to me how “buying” a nice looking house (in an established neighborhood) through a third party and then leasing that house and “flipping it as we’re living here” makes any sense? If Amber and Matt were doing upgrades on the home, and now they are potentially getting kicked out, does that mean they just wasted that money? This is so confusing!

The eviction hearing was first posted by the anti-Amber Twitter account using the spiteful @AmberLPorkwood handle. That account had further interactions with another Twitter account it claims is actually Amber, but there is no way to confirm that, so their conversations are not included here.

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  • tina

    but she is a businesswoman ya’ll with 3 businesses and she has tons of money liars lol

  • DanaD

    Geez. Amber stay off social media. She is forever replying to articles written about her and matt and saying it’s all lies then MORE information comes out. You don’t flip houses you lease! That would be like leasing a car then saying you were going to sell it. Ummmm it’s not YOURS! You can’t remodel and sell property you don’t own. The fact she lies about these things is really sad.

  • TA

    You can’t flip a house that you don’t own. And you can’t be sued over damages and unpaid rent on a home you own.
    The lies never end with these two.

    • LoLo

      You can lease with the option to buy & you can buy with a partner. If the partner owns the home, you can live there, fix it up & they sell it & split the profits. I’m not saying that is what they did, but it can be done. Now, if they lived in the home with this agreement but then did damages to the home they could be sued as a tenant because it’s still a lease to buy option.

      • Lacy

        Absolutely, I had friends that did the lease to buy option. They did that because they have terrible credit and couldn’t qualify for anything else. However I’m calling BS on Amber for this one, no way would you ever lease to own a house with the purpose of flipping. You would need to flip properties that you are paying a mortgage or lease on super quickly (like a few months at most) otherwise all your profit would be gobbled up by interest. (That’s for superficial flips, which they seem to be doing, and that seems like all this house would need.) You might buy a nice property to live in and hope longterm the value would go up and you could eventually sell it and make a profit on it, but you would need to stay for 10 years+ most likely, and again the smarter decision would be to buy it and sit on it, so you won’t waste your money on interest.

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      • TA

        A lease with the option to buy is just that… a lease with an option. Part of the rent goes towards a down payment in most cases when that is the agreement. But the owners remain the owners until a real estate transaction takes place, transferring ownership.
        Amber and Matt clearly said multiple times that they purchased this home, and they didn’t.

        • LoLo

          Then they are just liars. Maybe Amber thought that meant buying it. Sometimes the lingo in contracts can be hard to understand. We did that option many years ago & got majorly ripped off. He’s shady & she seems to be going through life in a daze. He got what he wanted, on tv, some money & a woman who will stick by him through his lies.

          • TA

            I’m sorry you were ripped off. In general, lease to buy options aren’t a good deal. It’s like renting furniture, just never a good investment.

            • LoLo

              Yes, it was a lesson learned but since we knew & trusted the people we decided to go with it. We only did it because we were not sure if we were going to stay in the area. At the time my husbands job had us all over. It was a terrible ordeal, as we were not only friends with the person but their family as well.

      • Stefani

        I know a few people who did lease to own. Thing is, the house isn’t yours until you take the option to ‘buy’ at the end of the agreed lease and actually buy it. The leasing part usually last a few years before it’s actually bought and once it is sold, it would be in their names.

        EDIT: Oops! Didn’t realize someone already cleared that up

  • Sad

    This smells of con man Matt. He probably schemed something up and has amber under the impression that they buy and flip houses when in reality he’s probably stealing money from right under her but she’s too stupid to see it.

    • sysmjp

      She probably gave him money for the down payment and it disappeared somewhere.

    • Courtney

      That was my first thought too!

  • Murphy

    They’re all such liars, and they lie about stuff that’s so easy to disprove-which makes them look so much worse.

  • sysmjp

    It’s looking more and more like she’s back on drugs…

    • Bruja

      She’d never admit it if she was..

      She’d say she was high on love, lawls.

      However, we’d all agree Matt’s breath might make one hallucinate though..

      • Heckleberry

        Like licking one of those poison toads….

        • Bruja


          Halitosis doesn’t even begin to cover it.

  • Toni

    Welp, that’s embarrassing.

  • Charla

    This is such a dumb thing to lie about. Many ppl rent their homes. That’s nothing to be ashamed of. Lying about it and giving some lame arse excuse when you get caught in the lie is wack! Lol How do you flip a home that’s not in your name? How do you flip a home that already seems upgraded? Lol

    • Alisson Leech

      I think the Matt lying theory sounds pretty accurate. Amber is not smart and is being conned by her man!

      • Bruja

        Someone posted here awhile back, cannot recall who it was, that she was renting this house (records showed it online when they title searched it months ago).

        Matt didn’t con her into signing a rental agreement, she likely knew exactly what she was doing.. even up to lying her plastic ass off about it all over numerous TM OG episodes.

  • Bruja

    Amber Porkwood
    Couch dweller, grandpa dater, green bean eater, dog hoarder, love sender, teenmom, pork not port, owner at forever high.

    hahaha! I don’t use Twitter, but if I did, I’d follow the shit out of this person, lol!

    • Aussie cathie

      Did you dirty bugger ?

      • Bruja

        hahaha! lol, hon! Ya totally lost me there!

    • Aussie cathie

      Forget I meant ???

    • sysmjp

      Ha, I looked up the Twitter page too and thought that was brilliant

      • Bruja

        They had me at “grandpa dater.” lol

  • Aussie cathie

    Someone’s telling big porky pies…………..sending love …?????

  • DoogieHowser

    Let me guess. Matt was in charge of paying the bills since he is probably is added to her accounts. He conveniently “screws up” and blows the money on “drugs” since he already established himself as a fake drug addiction. He probably has that money squirreled away privately for when he plans to bug out when the gravy train crashes. He landlord isn’t getting paid and likely keeps tabs on their public social media and show and probably sees lease violations in addition to unpaid rent. Now Matt has Amber worried about making things look good and she is distracted with the internet’s opinion she doesn’t read too much past what Matt is feeding her. She is too focused on trying to look like a successful but picked on D lister and will stick to her flipping story. By now she probably isn’t feeling confident at all and doesn’t trust him but can’t bring herself to stop it when she is in is deep with him. Matt has her defensive with literally everyone else so he can scam her more and get away with it. I don’t really know but it is just the first thing that popped into my head reading all of this. She isn’t trying to convince us as much as she is trying to convince herself of that BS. It’s scary to think how she might break down when he finally scams everything she has from her. I hope she kicks his ass to the curb first for the sake of Leah.

  • TrashTV

    You all give Matt way to much credit.
    I’m not buying the “Oh poor ‘ol Ambie is being tricked” thing anymore, nor will I ever when this all blows up in her face. She is not a victim, she is in this.
    They both lie, cheat and think it’s okay cause they are above everyone else. They do this together and Amber is fully aware of what she is doing.
    We all know this will end in tears when one of them screws the other over. The thing is, they both have enough dirt on each other to destroy the other’s reputation so they have to stick together, even when they don’t want to. Amber can make Matt a homeless man that won’t get a job anywhere and Matt sure does not want to go back there. Matt can throw Amber under the bus and she will lose Leah and possibly become a homeless poor druggie too.
    I think it’s time to call Jenelle’s lawyers Ambie. The only way out is to sign some sort of legal binding contract not to spill dirt on each other while Amber pays some kind of support each month to him as long as her finances allow it.

    • TA

      You say all this as if either of them have a reputation to destroy… They’ve done a fine job individually and collectively doing that all on their own.

      • TrashTV

        Grin, good point.
        But.. haven’t you heard? They have changed, that stuff was all in the paaaast. That’s their theme song, how could you have missed that?
        Cheers to the new sober Amber and Matt.

  • LoLo

    I’m replying to the part of the article that mentioned “So the house we saw on the show was a flipper? From what we were shown,
    it didn’t appear that there was much potential for upgrades with a
    substantial profit margin”. That is not always true. I work in this industry as well as Property Preservation. I have seen homes in perfect condition, with all the upgrades be bought for $300K, they maybe just paint or add some plants, different faucets & 6 months later the home sells for $375 or more. It’s quite common in certain areas, especially if those areas are desirable. Now, in less desirable neighborhoods this rarely happens. It’s all about location, location, location.

  • theStevieJBus

    Call bullshit, Amber talked about how great it was to be buying a house, picked out all that furniture, told Leah about her brand room in the house. If they were just planning to flip it why would they go through all that trouble? My guess is the property was actually rent to own.

  • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

    I just can’t with her anymore. Sending love though.

    • savannah

      Always sending love…boo boos. LOL

      • Leah’s Fidgety Legs

        No, it’s pronounced bew bew

  • Brie Mode

    They should use that pic of Amber in the page banner next

  • Jenn

    All the money these two dopes make to be filmed sitting on their stained couch and they can’t pay their rent?

  • Lauren

    I’m just waiting for the day when the article about how Matt drained Amber of her money and then Amber trying to explain it is posted. Girl is clueless.