New Butch Baltierra mug shot photo from his 2011 domestic violence arrest

Tyler Baltierra on the phone

In tonight’s episode of Teen Mom Tyler Baltierra gets a call from April with bad news about his dad, Butch. “I’m calling to let you know that last night me and your dad got in a fight, and he’s in jail,” April says in the preview clip below. Tyler asks, “What’s his problem?” to which April replies with some details about the altercation.

“I don’t know, I think he was on something because he didn’t look like himself,” April continues. “Drank a couple beers, and I was on the phone with my girlfriend and he thought I was talking to Nick’s dad and her freaked out on me. I’m all bruised up. I look like I got ran over by a truck.”

According to online court records, Butch Baltierra was arrested on September 8, 2011 for domestic violence. Here’s a mug shot photo of Butch (real name Darl Baltierra) taken October 26, 2011:

Teen Mom Tyler's dad Darl Lynn Butch Baltierra mug shot photo

The court records indicate that Butch entered a not guilty plea and the charges were eventually dismissed on January 19, 2012. (That seems surprising given April Baltierra’s description of herself as “all bruised up” and looking like I got ran over by a truck.”) VINELink lists Butch as being in custody, but I can find no other indication that he is currently in jail.

UPDATE – We spoke with a source close to the family that reveals Butch is currently behind bars and will remain so until his scheduled release in October.

On a side note, the Michigan Department of Corrections does provide what appears to be a complete list of all of Butch’s tattoos! Check ’em out:

Center Left Arm – Drawing of Virgin Mary
Left Bicep – Latino
Left Calf – ?
Left Forearm – The Virgin Mary
Left Leg – Native American Tribal
Lower Left Leg – tribal dream catcher
Lower Left Neck – “Tyler”
Lower Right Neck – “Amber”
Right Arm – ?
Right Bicep – Pride
Upper Back – name (I believe Butch has “Baltierra” on his back, as does Tyler.)

Of course, none of those could compare to April Baltierra’s neck tattoo of herself and Butch, the latter complete with a trucker hat and mullet:

April and Butch Baltierra tattoo on April Baltierra's neck

For information on Butch Baltierra’s previous arrests and to see another mug shot photo, click here!

And here’s April’s succinct summary of the whole situation:

Teen Mom star Tyler Baltierra talking with Catelynn's mom April Baltierra on the phone