VIDEO Farrah Abraham reads 1-star Froco Yelp reviews

Farrah Abraham Froco Yelp reviews

Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham has essentially built a business empire on reacting to negativity, and the reality star turned entrepreneur showed off her creative talents this week by posting a video in which she reads some of the many one-star Yelp reviews her frozen yogurt shop Froco has received.

Before we get to the video, I feel it is important for me to say essentially the exact same thing Yelp says when you load up their listing for Froco. Here is their “Active Cleanup Alert:”

This business recently made waves in the news, which often means that people come to this page to post their views on the news.

While we don’t take a stand one way or the other when it comes to these news events, we do work to remove both positive and negative posts that appear to be motivated more by the news coverage itself than the reviewer’s personal consumer experience with the business.

As a result, your posts to this page may be removed as part of our cleanup process beginning Wednesday, October 26, 2016, but you should feel free to post your thoughts about the recent media coverage for this business on Yelp Talk at any time.

OK, now that that’s out of the way, let’s move on with Farrah and her Foodie Date gal pal Paola as they eat some frozen yogurt and read through those terrible reviews — as well as a few extremely positive ones:

During the video, Farrah makes sure to share her health inspection form, which indicated there were no corrective actions needed. She also addresses most of the complaints, which do often seem a bit extreme. (I’ve visited Froco several times personally, and say what you will about Farrah, but it has always been extremely clean with fresh ingredients — and the workers have always been super friendly.)

Here are all of the Yelp reviews read by Farrah, except for the positive one by Tracy A., which appears to have been removed.


Jaye M. – Austin, TX 10/22/2016
That was the WORST frozen yogurt I have ever had and everything had an after taste.. The cones and the toppings were stale.. The only good thing in there was the person working she was very polite and nice with all the questions I had but I will never go back

Gabriel A. – Marble Falls, TX 12/21/2016
Was not good at all. Flavors were weird so I decided to get vanilla. Once I started eating it it tasted kinda rotten/ spoiled. Will definitely not go back.

Yo G. – San Antonio, TX 11/18/2016
Went to the lake for some fun in the water & on our way home we stopped at froco. The customer service was horrible and the employees are rude. The yogurt is ok and decent but I think Walmart might have better frozen treats than here. The store was sticky EVERYWHERE!! The handles on the machines, the floor, chairs, counter OMG!! Flies on the windows the whole time. Really bad tension between manager and employee made the whole experience awkward. Topping station was ridiculously messy with toppings inside other topping containers all mixed together! Don’t waste your time here – Save your money and go to baskin Robbins or Dairy Queen !! I’ll never come back here. Gross and unorganized. A Pornstar owner and a family Frozen Yogurt place don’t exactly go together.

Farrah Abraham Paola Froco quote


Pollyanna R. – Austin, TX 6/1/2016
Very surprised by this business. I guess when you have low expectations of someone you judge too early. And for that I apologize. Here’s the scoop on Froco. We came the day after their Grand Opening, with a constant steady stream of people. The place is extremely clean and has seating inside and outside under a partially shaded area of trees with nice lights. Christian music playing in the background was really nice and gives it the friendly family business this community needs. Approaching the yogurt area you have 12 different flavors to choose from and can swirl them as well. They have little sample cups to try them out (they need tiny spoons) and then then offer two sizes of cups and cones (not sugar cones) to put your yogurt into. Some flavors they have are malted chocolate, vanilla, pomegranate and raspberry, root beer, birthday cake, coconut and more. (Some gluten free also some without milk) Then you walk over to the toppings bar where they have tons of fruits, nuts, candies and more to choose from. You then weigh your items , choose from a variety of drinks if you so choose and then pay. The woman working there was also very attentive and helpful. Based on my trip with my family we will definitely be coming back. We enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere the best over the hustle and bustle of the places at the Galleria and can’t wait to come back again.

Megan S. – Buda, TX 6/5/2016
My kids really enjoyed this place as well as myself. The froyo is amazing. HIGHLY recommend the hazelnut gelato. My kids loved the cotton candy and watermelon flavor. Great atmosphere, great service. Will be going back.

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  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    Paola’s friendship is as fake as those reviews.

  • DoogieHowser

    I have to agree with her on that one star review. Regardless of how unpleasant Farrah naturally is as a person, it is just as unpleasant to leave her establishment a bad review just because of her lifestyle choices if they are not leaking into the business. She is much more likely to run the business into the ground on her own if she treats her employees as she portrays herself and ends up with a high turn over rate. If she manages to actually run a good business even if she pays for someone to manage it for her, good for her. Her porno isn’t what she needs to be judged by but more so of the lying and manufactured drama she created around it. She repeatedly lied about being raped and threats of rape for attention without regard to how it affects the accused. Seriously people, get over the actual act of porn itself, that isn’t wrongoing even if your religion says so, the lying to hurt others and treating people like dirt should be more of your focus for your judgement.

    Just as we should keep separation of church and state, we should also keep personal issues and opinions on taboos out of reviews of they are truly not related to the business. My boss is having an affair in his personal time but that doesn’t call for horrible glass door reviews if everything else on the business and professional end checks out.

    Of course Farrah has to keep her unlikeable attitude up for this so my point kinda sails on past. Her faux A list celebrity behavior is exhausting. I hope she realizes she needs something likeable about her character in addition to her B itchy drama. I am not sure her Hustle game cuts it anymore as her likeable aspect when she brings her attitude into her business management.

    • TrashTV

      But Yelp already removed all the bad reviews from which they got the slightest hunch the reviewer reviewed the owner, not the store.

      Farrah can try to sweep any negative reviews under the rug saying the reviewers are bullies that need to be blown away but these are also people who were simply not impressed. I don’t think the average Farrah bully was granted the amount of intelligence or creativity to write about details like toppings getting mixed and sticky handles, flavors etc. while they never saw the place.

    • retired and happy

      I agree the reviews should not be about Farrah’s personality and other business enterprises. I really believe that she is not as horrible as she pretends to be and they are all laughing all the way to the bank about this. She is kind of clueless (back in the days of that first puppy!) but the latest round with the horse she had to be going to how much press it would garner.

  • kate

    too much farrah coverage. pls stop

  • bdr692

    Side story….Farrah can read, kind of.

  • Kelly Olmstead

    If anyone has any problems.. Why not call the owner? Try talking to the manager, if u get nowhere then call the owner.. Its hard enough to run a business. Customers are always “RIGHT”.. I’m sure if theirs anything wrong, the owner would appreciate a phone call or e-mail.. Then if nothing is done.. Then call BBB..
    it’s a shame so many have to judge someone because of fame/what one has done in the past..

    • Noxy

      Sorry, but customers most certainly are NOT always right.

      • RealCanuck

        Lol. Elysees is very angry and very confused. She keeps cursing your name.

        • Noxy

          She’s hilarious, isn’t she?

          How funny is it that I don’t even troll like you and Nex and whoever else and I get a good amount of yalls shit anyway?

          • RealCanuck

            a lot of it isn’t even me. Someone creates clone accounts of the clone. I don’t like the overtly racial stuff. I prefer the confusion and chaos.

            • Noxy

              Oh man. That makes it even better. lmao…

              I cloned you one day when you were Elysees but I got myself confused lol

      • Kelly Olmstead

        @Noxy, I’m not saying that customer are always right.. But when your working for a company.. The general rule.. Is the customer is always right… You can be fired.. Its best if their is a problem.. To call the manager & ask them what to do.. Owning a business.. I do know what I am talking about.. I also know many PPL are looking for free bees.. & looking to sue.. Its best to CYA. COVER YOUR A$$.. FYI.. I am a real person.. I was helping or trying to help out Farrah.. It seems to me.. Some are jealous.. Just want to see her fail.. Maybe I should have made myself more clearer.. I’m so sorry..

  • AshleyBlack

    Literally couldn’t make it through the first review. Just because your gritty pebbles are crunchy NOW doesn’t mean they were when that person visited.

  • Pattipandi

    Its fuking frozen yogurt. And it’s winter. Who cares.

  • Aussie cathie

    I nearly choked when I read business mogul on in touch….