Is Gypsy Sisters returning? Is Nettie Stanley getting her own show?

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It’s been a year and a half since TLC announced they were cancelling Gypsy Sisters after four seasons, much to the dismay of extreme drama lovers everywhere. Well, those extreme drama lovers may have reason to rejoice because it appears as though the production company who brought us the show is looking to bring it back! Although it might be more like Gypsy Sister instead of Gypsy Sisters.

The news came just as 95% of all news comes when it pertains to Gypsy Sisters: in the form of a Facebook post containing a screen capped text message conversation. This conversation was posted by Nettie Stanley and includes Firecracker Films producer Kirsty Smith:

Gypsy Sisters returning to TLC? Nettie Stanley text messages

In case you were wondering why Nettie shared the private conversation on Facebook, of course it was because of family drama. Mellie Stanley had previously posted that the entire cast had been approached about bringing the show back, and Nettie was refuting that by trying to prove it was only her that had been approached. Here’s what Mellie had to say:

They want ALL the gypsy sisters to get together on the gypsy wedding show and film and then they want to come back with GYPSY SISTERS none of the gypsy sisters wants to do it I don’t know bout Nettie but me Kayla Annie Joann and Dovie are not

[* I should point out that Mellie made the post using a friend of the family’s Facebook profile, and she explained that it was “because I don’t got service on my phone dummys.”]

Just in case you were wondering if the Stanley family can still bring the drama, rest assured that they are still the same cursing and hair pulling ladies that are ALL ABOUT the catfight showdown! I’ve gathered just a few examples in the form of violent videos and commentary posted by Nettie IN JUST THE LAST TWO WEEKS.

From what I can tell, this first video features a fight between Nettie’s daughter Dallas and Gypsy Sisters star Annie Johnson after Annie reportedly said something negative about Dallas’ children. It’s followed by some highlights from the comments section:

NETTIE: Annie screaming help angieeeeee?????but she didn’t have your back biotchhhh

COMMENTER: Why can’t she leave well enough alone! Annie needs to mind her f**king business and let Dallasn her husband and kids alone… b!tch go get a new face (cause you ugly af) and find Jesus!

NETTIE: Love it! She really needs to fill in them jawls and fix her face cause damn she give ugly a whole new look of ugly

COMMENTER: You don’t have someone’s kids names in your mouth ? Annie deserved every bit of it!

NETTIE: Right and the reason she thinks it’s ok to talk about lil’angels is the fact she’s not a mother and knows nothing about being one! Look at that ugly c**t I’d hide that ugly b!tch face

COMMENTER: There’s no comparison between your daughter and Annie. Does Annie ever have her kids? She looks old and worn out and she’s my age.

NETTIE: well I guess from all the d!cks she’s been rode by u no they say u look like what u f**k and it shows well

And here’s a January 1 update from Nettie on how the Stanley sisters are doing heading into 2017:

Well it looks like for this New Year I will be f**king UP my sisters and then divorcing them indefinitely Mellie Stanley has had it coming and Dovie Lori Levon Carter has F**KED one too many times not her her closes sister joanns man and not only Dallasn Williams Malone man but now she’s f**king nuckies ex pookie and talked to her Friday and made it very clear she had no business to be out partying with and for her NOT to be around him in that manner at all…..but not only did she say ppls crazy and ignorant for saying that…….and I’m like WTF are you crazy u are making ppl talk and they are gonna when your gonna put yourself in the same bed with him while both is drunk ? so GO figure

Fast forward one day to January 2 and we have Nettie REALLY upset at some young lady named Jett. (I have no idea who she is or why Nettie was upset. I only had two hours allotted to researching this post, and figuring out Stanley family drama can take days or even weeks — especially given that lots of the players involved have the same names!)

Here’s what Nettie posted along with a smack-talking Jett selfie:

So bad@ss b!tches….?????? wanna say we aren’t ready for the tub of lard LITERALLY? and we want yours and you more and anytime at any place we would be there with bells on….. it please look at this fat stinking 300 lb 4 foot tall walking sewer?. Ow u no for sure this will happen see unlike u and yours like to run that mouth miles away let’s see how fast you’ll be here! Here’s My invitation for u to the burg AND MARKED MVP

[* By “burg” Nettie means Martinsburg, West Virginia. This caused a little bit of confusion in the comments section.]

Nettie followed up her photo with more unconstructive criticism of Jett in the comments section:

I’m telling you ppl you’ve never seen filth until you’ve seen jett! As we all no I’ve been at this hotel since July well one day I happened to be at target and she was there with her 2 little girls and man I’m telling you, you could see clearly that these kids was badly in the worse way was being neglected they was so dirty and and they’re clothes was up there legs and short sleeve and the other had nite pants on with a tshirt neither had shoes on or a coat and food and dirt all over there faces and hair!!! Now if ottoway knew what was good for him was to NEVER give those babies back too her! I’m surprised that she still had them after they was eat up with LICE and BED BUG BITES COVERING THERE BODIES AND SHE PUT CRISCO ON THAT?? Who the f**k does that! Lard @ss would use lard for everything

And with the “burg” being a small town, the inevitable physical confrontation went down within hours — and of course it was captured on video and posted to Facebook:

Me thinks Firecracker Films producer Kirsty Smith needs to step up those contract negotiations and get Nettie back on the small screen pronto!

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