UPDATE Nathan Griffith arrested, charged with open container and giving false information


Records show that Nathan Griffith is behind bars after a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Griffith, who shares son Kaiser with Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans, was wanted for a domestic dispute with ex-girlfriend Jessica Henry that allegedly turned violent. Henry and her roommate told a responding officer that Griffith choked Henry at her home. Griffith left before the police arrived at the scene.

Nathan was found and booked into Myrtle Beach’s J. Reuben Long Detention Center Monday afternoon on open container and giving false information to law enforcement charges, according to jail records. There was no public record of charges for domestic violence being filed against him.

Griffith remained in jail Tuesday morning.

UPDATE – We spoke with a source close to the situation who tells us that the reason the domestic violence charge doesn’t show up is because Nathan hasn’t formally been served on that charge yet. We are told that he will be served soon soon the domestic violence charge, it’s just a matter of time — it could happen while he is in jail or when he goes before the judge.

UPDATE – We now have more details about Nathan’s arrest courtesy of the police report obtained by Myrtle Beach Online. According tot he report, Horry County police officers were dispatched to a home in the Little River at approximately 3:30PM on Monday. The dispatch was in response to a call reporting a wanted person.

En route to the address, police received information that Nathan Griffith was reportedly at the residence and that he had active felony warrants out for his arrest. Officers on the scene noticed a strong smell of alcohol on Nathan, and a search of the vehicle uncovered a brown paper bag from the passenger side containing what appeared to be a liquor bottle.

From Myrtle Beach Online:

Officers said they found two opened mini bottles of vodka and a large opened bottle of vodka inside. Griffith was then arrested in connection with open container of alcohol inside a vehicle. Police said they verified Griffith was deceiving them about who he was by giving a false name to elude arrest, and he was also charged with giving false information to police, the report states.

UPDATE – It appears that our source was right because Nathan has been transferred to the Myrtle Beach jail while he awaits to go before a judge on Tuesday for the domestic violence charge. Click here for the latest, including yet another Nathan Griffith mug shot photo.

UPDATE – Nathan has since shared his side of the story and it is quite the epic tale! Click here for the details!

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  • CatesZebraHoodie

    Poor baby Kai doesn’t stand a chance.

    • Guest

      None of her kids do 😞

    • LoLo

      I think there are 5 children currently. Jace, Keiser & the upcoming baby. Then both Nathan & the new baby daddy have 1 each. Nathan doesn’t have custody of either one of his kids. Janelle doesn’t have custody of Jace & the new guy I think has joint custody of his daughter. So there are all these 1/2 siblings that will not all know each other & Jace & Nathan’s first children will wonder why their parents continued to have kids when they didn’t even fight to be in their lives. It’s very sad. I feel bad for Keiser & Jace. Jenelle only wants Jace when the cameras are rolling & then she lies to him. Keiser was wanted because she was in love, but once that ended she doesn’t seem to care for him that much. The new baby will get the attention why this love last. When it ends she will be on to the next.

      • TNC

        The new guy, David also has a son as well as his daughter. The son is with a different woman than the mother of his daughter. He’s not currently allowed to see his son due to abusing the mother while she was pregnant. I feel so bad for all of the children involved with these people.

        • LoLo

          Wow, so sad. So it’s 6 kids. Jenelle’s soon to be 3, Nathan’s first child & David’s 2. That makes 3 dads & 4 moms. Siblings that will not really know each other or be in each other’s lives & Jace, Keiser & David’s son all have a parent that doesn’t have custody of them. What terrible examples they have set. Jenelle has more than most teen mom’s could ever want. She gets a great pay check & can watch this show & make changes in her life. But she hasn’t changed a bid. The only thing she changes is the men in her life.

      • CatesZebraHoodie

        That’s too big of a mess and to many probable diseases floating around for me to keep up with.

        • LoLo

          Yeah, I need a chart to keep them straight.

  • cali

    Wow he acts like he’s such a stand up guy and the best bf jenelle has ever had but he’s just like all the other losers she’s been with.

    • GDMM

      Janelle is also a loser and herr children need to be taken from her. Janelle must stop procreating! Ugh…these poor children! What a shame. 😳

      • LoLo

        I agree. Then she always refers to herself as doing great. Going to school & taking things slow. She will say “I’ve been good for a long time”. Then we find out it’s like 3 weeks. This is her 4th pregnancy by 4 guys (that we know of).

  • Jessenia Sanchez

    Janelle is not a terrible mother who are you guys go judge I’m sure if cameras were on you some skeletons will sure fall out all your closets get a life..

    • Bruja

      ‘Sup Jenellle?!

      Yeah, she stood there while her boy toy called her baby a little bitch, she had a heroin addict as a “nanny” (yo, Tori!) feeds him all the hotdogs he can eat, and he will develop a “healthy” fear of the dark, due to being closed in a room alone to scream in his crib.

      Freakin’ stellar.

  • Just me!

    What an idiot! Wellll janelllllleeee …looks like ur x boyfriennndd is back n tha slamma !! 👏👏👏

  • Bruja

    Officer: “Name?”

    Nathan: “Lavender Goons.”

    Officer: “You do know you’ve been on TV for years now and had numerous mugshots, not to mention Sean called Gus that name on Psych.”

    Nathan: “Doh!”

  • barbinop

    what’s really sad is that some couples would give anything to have just one baby and Jenelle keeps popping them out with anyone she is currently ” in love” with. Babies need stability , love and nurturing . I see none of that with Jenelle.

  • Jess Ramirez

    Everyone has so much to say about janelle as if they know her personally.. All u know is what TV shows you and TV wants ratings so they arent gonna show u the cute loving parts they r gonna give u all the drama cuz thats what this world thrives on…. Dont judge a book by its cover…

    • Ali.P

      I’m always curious how people defend the likes of Jenelle and Farrah. Like how similar is your life that you think she’s anything but trash? How many baby daddy’s do you have? Where do you work? How old are you? What are your hobbies? Give some insight on how you can’t see what she is.

      • Bruja


      • Jess Ramirez

        Lmfaoo i just saw all the responses thanks for the laugh ladies! Reminds me of why I keep ignorant negative people out my life.. God is good girls! Dont be so upset over someone elses opinion humble yourselves ladies! He who angers you controls you remember that. God bless 😘

    • Bruja

      Umm… really? Really?

      So darned precious and cute that she let David call her son a bitch. Such a cute, loving highlight! Aww!

      Nah, I won’t judge her based on her over one dozen arrests… She has been arrested 16 times.

      You know how many people go through life, let alone their 20’s without being arrested once, let alone almost two dozen times!?

      Right. TV framed her.. it’s a set up! She really was the best mom in the world to Jace, and treats Kaiser as if he is more important than the current sampling of d!ck in her life.

      Wait..no she wasn’t… she’s the poster child for bad mothering. All of her kids should be taken from her.