Meet Cindy Stumpo of HGTV reality show “Tough as Nails”

Cindy Stumpo from Tough as Nails

Cindy Stumpo is “tough as nails” – and pretty darn hot too!  HGTV is set to launch their latest reality series Tough as Nails, which follows Boston area contractor Cindy Stumpo (she has that Boston accent – no doubt about it) as she juggles business and family life in a male-dominated professional field.  Cindy is a 21 plus year veteran in the construction business.  Her company, C. Stumpo Development, works with a demanding client base primarily building spacious multi-million dollar homes.

As stated at the company website,

“C. Stumpo Development is a privately owned custom homebuilder with a passion for design, a mastery of detail and a commitment to craft.  We build and remodel homes in the Eastern Massachusetts area.

As our award winning legacy of new and remodeled homes demonstrates, we are the area’s premier builder.  But we are just as proud of the relationships we have built – with clients and subcontractors.  What makes us unique is this: a personal approach characterized by our willingness to listen, our sensitivity to design and our commitment to collaborate.”

Here is a sample of Cindy’s beautiful work as well as some appropriate theme music for Cindy:

C. Stumpo Built House

And another gorgeous home:

C. Stumpo House

We certainly would not mind moving into one of her little cabins!

As Cindy does her thing (multitasking at a feverish pace) we are introduced to her daughter Samantha who is in line to take over the business, her mother Beverly who serves as her office secretary, and her son Chad who is going through the tough process of becoming a professional golfer.

Go here to see the show preview courtesy of HGTV.  Tough As Nails will debut on HGTV Sunday March 14th at 11PM EST.

Here is another great photo of the castle-building boss lady for all you Stumpo fans:

Cindy Stumpo

She can build a IS a brick house!

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  • bill hello

    tough as nails cindy stumpo, is a brick house !!!!!! smart and beautiful,,, love the song !!!!

  • RayQuanda Jackson


  • lorraine

    Hi Cindy,
    I saw your show for the first time last night and loved it. It is about time a women got her own construction show. Your homes are awesome, and to think you do it in my area!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work. I look forward to your next show.
    Lorraine peabody Ma.

  • john

    This lady is a brick house, But more important her work is amazing
    so rock it out woman !!!!!!!

  • Frank

    D**N! This woman is hot as he!!. It is always sexy when a woman can do something that is normally in a man’s realm. She is smart, strong and sexy as all he!!

  • shelley

    My husband and I love your show! Kudos to you!
    Beverly, MA

  • Chris

    I am from Walpole, MA and just love you, Cindy. It is so refreshing to see a woman who can maintain her feminine side and still super succeed in a male-dominated profession. I wish I had the money to have you build us a house and were young enough to be your apprentice–lol! Good luck to Samantha—tough large shoes to fill!!!

  • wajeedah

    Hi Cindy,

    You are fabulous. You have a fan club and I would like to be the president. I am a Realtor and would love to do a deal with you. PLEASE HIRE ME!. My new saying is “I don’t make dolls”. I just love it. Your show is awesome and so are you.

    Peace and many blessings

  • Ashley


  • Jean Boggio

    Cindy is my inspiration as I begin my new career (late life) as a quality rehabber. I hope I can be a fraction as good as she is.

    • Cacaball

      You are a Pittifully sorry seed, if Cindy Stumpo is indeed your “inspiration.”

  • random jerk

    I saw this show for the first time tonight and wasn’t surprised to see another lame “reality” show that has nothing to do with reality or the work itself, and more focuses on the drama of a family with too much money and talentless spoiled children. I’m sure she worked hard to be where she’s at, it’s ashamed her children will never indulge in that sort of satisfaction. ha, what a joke. Sorry, I’m sure my opinion won’t be too popular with you TV lemmings. Stop watching this terrible crap and do something with your own lives. Oh and BTW, she sounds more like shes from long island than Boston. I should know, I deal with these tacky outspoken “guidos” every day. I give her a lot of credit for building her fortune herself however, and not sucking off of some older sugar daddy like the trophy wives around here.

    • bill hello

      Hey Random jerk. who are you calling guito. What are you an a$$. The women is not from Long Island, BOSTON ALL THE WAY….. So hey a$$ were are you from?
      Why don’t you watch some repeats on the show, because you must have been watching with your head up your ass. Spoiled kids. Were did you see that one. I must have missed that one…. The woman is smart, strong and is an inspiration to all women. And very hot !!!!!…. I guess maybe you need a life. And wouldn’t you love to be able to make the money she does. She works for her money. The only bright thing you wrote was. She does not need a sugar daddy. know back of this lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. And you have just begun to see her in action. So get use to This lady…

    • Karen from Boston

      Cindy Stumpo is the most self absorbed, narcissistic person out there. Its all about this JAP who got her start in the construction field, fails to disclose that her FATHER gifted Miss Cindy $1-Million approximately 25-years ago. No, Cindy Stumpo did not do it all on her own as she tries to make the viewers, her community and acquaintances to believe. In return for lucking out in life early on with the monetary gift from Pops, today Cindy Stumpo treats her Mother like DIRT, regularly threatening to FIRE mother Stumpo. Also in return for the $1-Million gift from POPS, she treats mostly everyone around her like a peasant/pion. And the only people that Cindy Stumpo talks about is CHAD, her up and coming golf star son and her Dunkin Munchkin Donut Mouth Daughter, Sam, short for Samantha or as Cindy passionately
      Refers to her as “SAMMY.” And forget her ex husband, Cindy caught him sniffing under the tail bone of one of their neighbors, and he’s been in the proverbial Dog House since. Queen Cindy is now being courted by one of her lackies named Michael, whom she palms hundred dollar bills to to sink into HIGH LIMIT SLOTS at FOXWOODS CASINO., in return for him driving her from Boston to Connecticut each weekend. So, for all of you YEA Sayers that contend that Cindy Stumpo is the greatest thing since whole wheat bead, now you all know the facts and the truth. Heck, if my our fathers gave us a bank account with $1-million dollars in it, you and I both could walk around like BIG SHOTS! !

  • random jerk

    oh by the way… and this will surely be “moderated” (aka deleted by the staff) but, spaces for avatars without the option? I don’t really get it. Oh wait yea I do, the web developer here has as much talent as the writer, the person who decided to make a video of a still shot with a theme song, the graphic designer, and that woman’s daughter.

  • Shirley

    Let HGTV know how you feel, especially if you would like to see Cindy and “Tough As Nails” come back for a second season!

  • josée

    Im from Canada,love the show and cindy…just got at 42 years old my license as a general contractor..Late career for me…Use to be in another profession as tough as it gets….police officer…So she is my new inspiration…go cindy you rock…

    • sharon

      I think the show is awesome!!! i think cindy is a tough cookie, very bright and a great business woman. I look forward to her show.