Teen Mom Jenelle Evans releases a rap video?

Jenelle Evans' Jenelly album cover for Country Grammar

In addition to playing the part of talent scout and agent, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is also using her time in rehab to test the waters of another potential career: being a rapper! That’s right, Oak Island was representin’ as Jenelly took to the ‘tube to deliver some rhymes old school black and white style!

Jenelle raps along to “Ransom” by Drake featuring Lil Wayne in the clip, which for some reason is shot with some sort of black and white night vision. Jenelle also seems hindered by a volume restriction because she’s almost whispering the entire time, almost like a kid staying up past their bedtime and not wanting to get caught.

So whatya think of DJ Jazzy Jenelly? Should get a layover in Pennsylvania on her flight back and pencil in some studio time with N.I.C.K B? (aka Kailyn’s baby daddy Jo Rivera)

(****Super haters just relax – starcasm is a Jenelle love zone now!)

Speaking of super haters, Jenelle has already responded to a few on Youtube:

sushilvr234: b!tch………….no.

luhviinxnelle (Jenelle): @sushilvr234 hahahaha it was FOR FUN. idgaf whatchu think.

She’s got the gangsta attitude that’s for sure!