UPDATE Why Jenelle Evans decided against abortion and adoption; thought motherhood would be easy


Jenelle Evans, the subject of the first episode of season of MTV’s 16 & Pregnant recently blogged about her decision to keep her baby on MTV’s Remote Control.

Despite the fact that her boyfriend Andrew lived four hours away with his parents, is an alcoholic, and has no plans to get a job or a car, Jenelle decided to keep her baby when she learned she was pregnant with baby Jace. When her mother found out she encouraged Jenelle to consider abortion, and then adoption, but Jenelle refused those options because well, “I honestly thought it was going to be a piece of cake taking care of a baby! The reality? It’s like having only 24 hours to swim across the world.”

During the episode Jenelle’s mom Barbara ends up taking on the brunt of the responsibility of taking care of baby Jace: changing and feeding him, taking him to day care, watching him when Jenelle goes out with her friends most nights.

In her update Jenelle says that she’s “cut back” on going out but her mother Barbara and Barbara’s boyfriend Mike still watch the baby on Friday and Saturday nights when she goes out:

“My mother and her boyfriend watch Jace on Friday or Saturday nights. Those are the days they let me go out with my friends and have some time to myself. Other than that, I watch him every day. I used to relate a lot to Farrah’s story on Teen Mom, but I’ve cut back a lot on going out at night. I realized partying gets old fast. It’s not even fun to me anymore.”

As for Andrew? Jenelle’s not speaking to him and he’s only seen Jace three times since he was born.

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