Houston women disfigure, disable man to steal Jay-Z tickets

Jay-Z Concert Tickets Stolen

A Houston man who attempted to sell Jay-Z tickets was left permanently disfigured and disabled after two women robbed him of the concert passes and proceeded to drag him with their car.

The women, both 20, were apprehended during the Dec. 19 show. Officers found them in the seats assigned to the stolen tickets.

According to Harris County court documents obtained by the Houston Chronicle, the cautionary tale began on Dec. 15 when “prospective buyers” Denitra Sherrelle Green and Cessica Darden contacted the ticket seller through Craigslist.

The women arranged to meet the seller at a Starbucks parking lot, explaining they couldn’t get out of the vehicle because Cessica’s child was buckled into a car seat. When the ticket seller approached, the Cessica snatched the tickets from his hand and laid on the gas — while the ticket seller clung to the door handle.

“He was begging them and instead of stopping, they drove faster,” the victim’s lawyer, Andino Reynal, told KTRK.

Attempting to make the ticket seller let go of the handle, Cessica kicked the man, breaking his arm in two. When the man then fell away from the car, the women proceeded to run over his legs.

He ultimately suffered a broken arm, broken leg, broken hand, a torn right knee ligament and severe road rash to his face and body.

Incredibly, court records say the women didn’t show remorse — even after seeing pictures of the ticket seller’s injuries.

After their arrests during the Jay-Z concert, both women were charged with aggravated robbery. Denitra Sherrelle Green (shown below) is free on bail.

Denitra Sherrelle Green - Jay-Z Concert

Some how, Cessica Darden is “still at large.”

Meanwhile, the victim remains hospitalized. Doctors say he will likely require plastic surgery and may never be able to walk normally again.

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