MUG SHOT Coach John Conner of ‘Bring It’ arrested for rape of teen, criminal exposure to HIV

Coach John Conner arrested 5

Was Bring It‘s Coach John Conner arrested? Only a few weeks after revealing his HIV diagnosis and attempted suicide, the Lifetime network reality TV star has been apprehended for a number of crimes–chief among them the alleged rape of a 17-year-old boy subsequent criminal exposure to HIV.

In revealing his HIV diagnosis, Conner explained that part of the reason he also attempted suicide was “because of a situation that happened over a year in a half ago that was recently brought up, but wasn’t told correctly.” It’s not yet known if this is precisely what Conner was referring to, but documents acquired by Fameolous would appear to indicate that it is. The Affidavit of Complaint for Arrest Warrant sworn out by a Shelby County judge alleged that several times throughout 2015, Conner and an unnamed 16-year-old victim “had unprotected penile-oral sex” and that Conner “did not inform [the victim] of his HIV status.” In so doing, Conner “did unlawfully commit the offense(s) of Solicitation of Sexual Exploitation of a Minor by Electronic Means,” “Criminal Exposure to HIV,” and “Statutory Rape by an Authority Figure.”

Here’s a photo of Conner’s mug shot and arrest details, courtesy of the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department:

Coach John Conner arrested 3

In addition, John himself uploaded a version of the above photo to his Facebook page, and captioned the photo with a long declaration of his innocence. Here’s his full, unedited caption, which we’ve copied and pasted in case the post is removed at some point. (For now, you can see the original here.)

For those who no me no my truth and for those who don’t know me are subject to believe what you here or read. Well I am asking those that no me to make those who don’t aware of the type of person I am and the character I have. Yes I have been accused of something that is so not true and yes I turned myself in as soon as I heard I was being looked for. Notice I said I turned myself in. I have nothing to run from or hold my head down for. I am a child of God first and I’m human second. But at all times I love me and my freedom too much to have done what I have been accused of. Does it hurt,yes, does it touch me of course, but will it get me down. NO WAY. This is just another test I have to go through and another one that I will past. I just ask that when you see the posts,the comments from fake pages, the news, or even your next door neighbor and they say things about me. Ask yourself do I know him and them ME and if you don’t ask someone that does and remember just cause people know my face from TV don’t mean they no ME.

Conner was released after posting his $100,000 bail. He is due in court on Septmber 19.

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(Photo credits: Coach John Conner arrested via Facebook, Shelby County Sheriff’s Office)

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  • Alisson Leech

    Lock him up forever for that Bull!!!!

  • Thoughts

    He says the same thing that they all say when locked up for statutory rape! “You don’t know me, you don’t know the whole store.. Blah blah blah” he never acknowledges that sex w a minor is bad for more reasons than that it’s illegal!!! he’s just mad he got caught! f’n sicko for thinking a sixteen yr old is a grown woman. Gross loser.

    • Proud mother of fie and a half

      In this case, it would be a boybas John is out and out gay

      • Thoughts


        • Thoughts

          Oh the victim was a male. Still wrong and it’s still taking advantage of someone before they are fully mature and he’s taking advantage of his position of authority.

          • Proud mother of fie and a half

            I agree. I was just pointing out that the guy reported him. The crazy thing is he works with children on a daily basis. But I always said he was shady.

  • truckproductions

    you people are pretty disgusting. you don’t know the full story yet, none of us do. are you so mortified by allegations that you immediately think someone should be put in jail for life? this country has become a place of phony rage and hyperbole.

    • AnJanette Jackson

      He admitted that he did it

    • Bamma Dude

      He had a sex with his underage student, unprotected, with full knowledge that he had HIV without disclosing it.

      What side of story where you waiting for? You think the kid is in anyway at fault?

  • Che

    I don’t remember him from brING it.

    • Proud mother of fie and a half

      He’s the coach for the Infamous Dancerettes

  • Josie

    His grammar is criminal. I also found it interesting that he said he loves himself and freedom too much to have done this. No mention of never wanting to hurt his alleged victim. He sounds very egocentric.

  • Ebonie

    One it never said it was one of his students as a matter of fact he talked to this boy over the net. Two haven’t any of you ever been accused of something you didn’t do but had to deal with the ridicule until you could price your innocence. The only two that know what truly happened is the two that were in the room. I’m a mom of three and have learned you need to know everything before you can judge the situation.Not that the victim is at fault but you never know with the the internet maybe the boy lied or didn’t look his age. I’m just saying we honestly don’t know. Even though he was wrong him having sexual relations with him was wrong especially if he didn’t tell him he had HIV.


    Tennessee — Age of Consent. (a) Statutory rape is sexual penetration of a victim by the defendant or of the defendant by the victim when the victim is at least thirteen (13) but less than eighteen (18) years of age and the defendant is at least four (4) years older than the victim.

  • Poohcampbell

    My mistake the victim did join his Dane studio after meeting online however, my statement below still stands