Kris Jenner car crash photos from the scene, updates from Kylie Jenner

Kris Jenner car crash photos

Reality star and Kardashian family matriarch Kris Jenner was involved in a serious car accident this afternoon in California when her brand new Rolls Royce crashed into the side of a Toyota Prius.

Here are some very startling photos from the scene in which you can see just how bad it was:

Kris Jenner Rolls Royce crash Kris Jenner car crash Prius Kris Jenner car crash Kris Jenner car accident scene photo

According to TMZ, “the impact was bad enough that [Kris] may have broken her wrist.” More from the site:

A Kardashian source tells us the Prius ran a red light. A law enforcement source tells TMZ it appears Kris was driving on a surface street when the Prius cut in front of her trying to get onto the 101 and caused the collision.

We’re told Kris is being treated on scene by paramedics … who we’re told did not want to remove her from the car for fear of exacerbating her injury.

In the photos you can see the extensive damage to both vehicles involved in the crash. It is unknown if the driver or passenger(s) in the Prius sustained any injuries. If there was only one person in the Prius, it’s a positive sign that the impact was on the passenger side.

So far, the only updates from the Kardashian family on social media have come via Kylie Jenner, who responded to several concerned fans on Twitter by assuring everyone that Kris is “okay” and that she rushed to the scene to be by her mom’s side:

UPDATE – Here is video from the scene:

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  • Alisson Leech

    Kris drives her own car?

    • Coco

      Apparently the first time ever since she got in an accident.

      • Kmarie

        Well, she has actually had 6. In the form of her kids.

    • Kmarie

      Yep, can you believe it?? She passed a driving test. I didn’t know she could read anything unless it had to do with exploiting her daughters and had $$$ signs in it.

  • FrontDoorMom

    So Kris pulled a Caitlyn.

    • chitchat

      Umm, Kris used to pull on Caitlyn.

      • Kmarie

        Yep, I would say, “she smoked it like a fine cigar” but in her case as well as her kids I would say” she hit it like a blunt rolled with a peach swisher”…

      • FrontDoorMom

        Oooh. Good one! 😅😅

  • twelfthnight

    So she ‘may’ have broken her wrist, and paramedics didn’t want to remove her from her vehicle because it could have made that injury worse? Get real. It’s not like it was her spine or something hard to stabilize.

    • Robu84

      We could of only been so lucky

  • Chingpei

    Was she Talking or Texting on her Phone ? Where was her Gigolo … Corey Gamble ?

    • Kmarie

      She was probably having phone sex with him, and didn’t see the car trying to get on the highway or didn’t care so they said F It and went..

  • Courtney

    I know the article says it was the other person’s fault but I picture Kris being a very distracted driver. I bet she’s constantly on the phone while her brain is on overdrive and fixing her makeup.

    • Ali.P

      I was definitely expecting it to be her fault. That whole family is very self centered and definitely don’t seem to be the type to think about the safety of others.

      • Courtney

        Yes! Just like how Kylie laughs and brags about her car crashes like they were funny. I agree the whole family doesn’t care about the safety of others. A little off topic but, it drives me crazy when they never wear their seat belts. They act like having a driver means you don’t need a seat belt and they’re in regular cars or SUV’s!

        • Kmarie

          A LOT of damage on that expensive ride from hitting that little Prius. Guess you don’t always get what you pay for.

      • Kmarie

        Kris is too dingy to think about safety while she is driving she has to keep focus on which is the brake and which is the accelerator. The others are just too much of b/tches to care.

    • Kmarie

      Very true, ALWAYS ON THE PHONE !!!

    • Midnight

      Yes. The first thing I thought was Kris was probably on her phone. Even if it is indeed the other person’s fault, maybe the crash wouldn’t have been as bad (if she wasn’t on her phone). Even talking “hands free” Bluetooth is distracting.

  • DustBunnyUnderBed

    I bet the E camera crew was there to film it.

  • hoodmistress

    I call BS on the end of PMK. Everything the Kartrashians and DeJennerates do reeks of BS.

    • Midnight

      DeJennerates! That is so funny. I love it!

  • Kmarie

    Kylie said “it’s JUST my mom” LMAO!! such a small statement but says so much. Her mother was in a serious car wreck and here she is already on twitter trying to get attention. Yes people she rushed to the scene probably because she knew cameras would be there.

  • Chinelle Evans Eyebrows

    I don’t trust anything they do. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a stuntman driving the Prius and this was all staged for some new ideas next season.

    • Aunt Hatties Buns

      My first thought too!!