Kourtney Kardashian shares nude photo of Kendall Jenner, her “Saturday muse”

Kendall Jenner nude photo leaked by sister Kourtney

What’s a big sister for if not to post nude photos of you online? Of course, it helps if the nude photos were taken by professional photographer Russell James, which was the case with Kendall Jenner, whose not-really-SFW nude photo above was posted by her big sis Kourtney Kardashian yesterday along with the caption, “Saturday muse.”

Kendall Jenner, or actually just Kendall, has posed for Russell James often, and has pretty much made numerous headlines with each shoot. She wore a sheer top that left little to the imagination in a photo posted back in November, and before that she shared this photo of herself as a topless mermaid:

Kendall Jenner topless mermaid photo

I guess you would call that a Jennermaid? Let’s just hope pop Bruce doesn’t get inspired to do his own Jennerman photo shoot!

About the same time, when Kendall was still just 17 years old mind you, Kendall posted these shots of herself in a slightly more artistic version of “Girls Gone Wild:”

Kourtney’s posting of Kendall’s nude photo comes just days after sister Kim Kardashian made headlines for not only posing nude for GQ, but also opening up about her sex life with Kanye West. There’s nothing like some healthy sibling rivalry!

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