MARRIED AT 1ST SIGHT Heather Seidel arrested for flashing boobs, false ID in 2003

Married At First Sight Heather Seidel arrested for flashing her breasts

It appears that getting married isn’t the only thing that Married At First Sight bride Heather Seidel is willing to do with strangers! The 32-year-old flight attendant was arrested in Arizona back in 2003 after she got drunk on a boat and flashed her boobs repeatedly to a large crowd gathered on shore. To make matters worse, Heather presented police officers with a fake ID when she was arrested.

According to online records, Heather Seidel was arrested in Lake Havasu City, Arizona on March 21, 2003. She would later plead guilty to charges of Disorderly Conduct and False Report to Law Enforcement.

Radar Online acquired a copy of the actual police arrest report from the incident, which reveals a lot more information about exactly what happened. According to the report, Heather was arrested at 5:31 PM and told police officers her name was Tessa Klimek. Here is the initial report with her false name:

On 03-21-03 at 1731 hrs Tessa Klimek was arrested on the east bank of the channel at Marker #11 for disorderly conduct flashing after she was observed exposing her breasts to a large crowd on the shore.


On 03-21-03 at 1731 hrs while on patrol on the east bank of the channel by Marker #11 I observed a large crowd gathered. I observed a female later identified as Tessa Klimek standing in the bow of a boat [redacted].

I observed her lift her bathing suit top twice to the large crowd. Males in the crowd then threw beads.

I contacted Klimek who admitted exposing her breasts.

Klimek was arrested for disorderly conduct.

Klimek was booked and held for court.

Once it was determined that the woman was not Tessa Klimek but Heather Seidel, the officer had to return to amend the report and add a charge of providing false information to the police:

On 03-21-03 at 2200 hrs, I responded to the Lake Havasu Jail to amend booking paper work. The PSA advised that when the subject, previously identified as Tessa Klimek, was processed she admitted that all of the information she had given Officer Legg was false. She advised her correct name was Heather Seidel. Heather advised the following:

• The original false information she gave was from an I.D. card she had found.

• She did not know the person to whom she represented herself as.

In another section of the report, the officer checked the box to indicate that Heather was under the influence of alcohol. The report also indicates that she was not administered a blood alcohol test. (And she was apparently not charged with underage drinking despite being only 19 years old at the time.)

Heather Seidel Married at First Sight wedding photo

Heather had some other entries in the Arizona court database, but they were mostly for traffic violations. There was one incident from 2011 in which Heather was cited for failure to stop for a red light in which there was an additional charge listed for “liquid in vehicle passenger possession,” but there was a records request for that case the same day as a request was made for the disorderly conduct arrest, so I assume Radar Online got the details and there wasn’t much there to report.

On a positive note, if Heather’s husband Derek Schwartz is reading this, at least he now knows that if he’s having some intimacy issues with his new wife, all he needs to do is throw her some beads.

You can keep track of Heather and Derek’s relationship with new episodes of Married At First Sight airing Tuesday nights at 8:30/7:30c on FYI.

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