American Idol stars react to Rickey Smith’s death from DUI driver crash on Friday

Rickey Smith American Idol stars react

American Idol finalist Rickey Smith died early Friday morning after being hit head on by another vehicle going the wrong way on Interstate 240 near Oklahoma City. The driver of the other vehicle has been hospitalized and booked for DUI.

After police revealed that Rickey Smith was the one had died in the accident, many of his American Idol Season 2 co-competitors took to social media to express their grief and condolences to Rickey’s friends and family, including winner Ruben Studdard, second place finisher Clay Aiken, third place finisher Kimberley Locke, and Rickey’s Top 8 co-finalist Kim Caldwell.

Before we get to those messages, I wanted to point out that Rickey has two children and a GoFundMe page has been started to raise money for them. The initial goal on the page was $10,000, and that goal has already been met — which is a real indication just was a caring spirit Rickey was. Here is the message from the page:

Rickey Smith has touched the lives of all those who he encountered. This man was truly one of a kind in which his generosity, humble heart, infectious laugh, and astounding voice will not be forgotten in all of our hearts. Every person he came across in his years with us has a story of how he changed their life.

We are friends of Rickey and his family from Oklahoma City. This fund is being set up in honor of our great friend to offer support to those he loved so emphatically. The funds will contribute to the costs associated with funeral arrangements and specifically to help alleviate accruing costs during this time for Rickey’s family, girlfriend, and little daughter.

All money donated will be directly given to Rickey’s immediate family.

We love you our sweet friend, until we see you again.

-Elizabeth and Anna


Now I will let Rickey’s American Idol friends speak about his passing:

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  • Booty Fingers

    It makes me so angry how innocent people die due to drunk drivers and yet the drunk walks away without a scratch or an overnight hospital stay. Pisses me off. The driver needs to be charged with everything from dui to vehicular homicide.

    • Jennifer Jameson

      100% YES!!!! I don’t understand how people drive drunk when you could take a Lyft or Uber!

    • NJJuls

      When I was in college, a drunk driver killed 4 guys from my school heading back from the shore. All 4 died at the scene. The drunk had a broken arm. His blood level was so high, cops were surprised he could walk. It was also the 4th time he had a DUI. He finally got jail time. I guess they had to wait until he killed someone. Only he killed 4.

  • orionsbelt3

    Very sad. May he RIP.