VIDEO Paula Abdul as Ellen DeGeneres on VH1 Divas

Paula Abdul imitates Ellen Degeneres on VH1 Divas

Paula Abdul is really good at three things:

1. Professional cheerleader choreographer
2. Dancing with annoying animated cats
3. Being the quirky, whiny but good-hearted judge on American Idol

One of those three things paid well and guaranteed Paula would remain in the public spotlight while making a very comfortable living. Sadly, she threw that all away in an attempt to get more money and wound up losing her job. So, the world is doomed to watch Paula struggle through hundreds of other things she isn’t really any good at, the latest of which is jealous comedic impersonator. Here she is on something called VH1 Divas poking a little fun at her replacement at the American Idol judges’ table Ellen DeGeneres:

My advice to Paula – don’t quit your day job! Oh wait. D’oh!

UPDATE! Ellen has responded to Paula’s impersonation via twitter by saying, “You’ve left me some big shoes to fill…unfortunately I don’t wear high heels. Nothing but love for you too.”

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