How did Jenelle Evans’ boyfriend David Eason get that scar on his neck?

David Eason scar neck

On this week’s episode of Teen Mom 2 there was a segment with Jenelle Evans and her new boyfriend, David Eason, in which you could clearly see that he has a rather large scar in the center of his throat below his Adam’s apple. For those wondering what the scar comes from: No, it wasn’t a crazy drunken night out; it is the result of a very serious surgery David had five years ago.

In late July of 2011, David traveled to Chapel Hill, North Carolina to have his thyroid and lymph nodes removed. Some have speculated that the thyroidectomy was due to thyroid cancer, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. Although neither David nor Jenelle have confirmed the reason for the surgery, it is believed he was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis — a very rare disease in which a person’s immune system turns against the thyroid.

Some of the causes of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis include genetic predisposition, hormone issues, excessive iodine, and radiation exposure. If David does suffer from Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, it is even more remarkable given that women are seven times more likely to develop the disease.

Another photo of David’s scar:
Jenelle Evans boyfriend David Eason neck scar

Here are some of the symptoms of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis from Web MD (under “Women’s Health”):

Hashimoto’s symptoms may be mild at first or take years to develop. The first sign of the disease is often an enlarged thyroid, called a goiter. The goiter may cause the front of your neck to look swollen. A large goiter may make swallowing difficult. Other symptoms of an underactive thyroid due to Hashimoto’s may include:

• weight gain
• fatigue
• paleness or puffiness of the face
• joint and muscle pain
• constipation
• inability to get warm
• difficulty getting pregnant
• joint and muscle pain
• hair loss or thinning, brittle hair
• irregular or heavy menstrual periods
• depression
• slowed heart rate


As far as treatment for Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, it usually begins with medication to regulate hormone levels in an attempt to lessen the size of the goiter. “However,” WEB MD points out, “large goiters that do not improve may make it necessary to remove the thyroid gland.”

Other conditions that can result in the need for a thyroidectomy include thyroid cancer, Graves’ disease, and hyperthyroidism. I assume David will reveal his diagnosis at some point, and when he does, we will be sure to update the post.

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  • Asha

    The scar is still pink and very fresh. Looks quite wide to be a thyroidectomy scar.

    • Holly

      Exactly! After almost a year, mine was hardly noticable. No way is his nearly 5 years old.

      • sanoga

        I wonder if the discoloring is worse because he has vitiligo?

        • disqus_m9FQwrPJZj

          My husband has scars that are still pink looking due to vitiligo and my sisters scar from heart surgery at 6 months old (she is 24 now) looks like his. Everyone’s skin is different and scars will look different on everyone.

    • Booty Fingers

      Right it looks like something that happened days ago lol

    • Lawmk

      As we all know we have different skin and some heal faster and differently than others. I can cut or scratch myself working in the yard and it will be almost healed in 3 days my friend, same age as me…mid 40’s it can take hers up to couple weeks for the same type cut/scratch…so who knows.

    • Jolene

      No, its a keloid. It will always look like that.

  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    It’s probably from a former girlfriend who tried to shank him. Jenelle once again looking for love that comes with just as many mugshots as she has.

    • Murphy

      This is the most likely scenario.

  • Dina

    I’ve had this, the symptoms can actually appear as the opposite as the symptoms listed. I had lost 20 pounds without trying to and went to the doctor and it was this. You can appear to have a hyper thyroid (hot all the time, losing weight, heart palpitations, high resting heart rate, etc.) My thyroid was actually barely functioning but as my immune system killed off my thyroid it released off high levels of the thyroid hormones, that’s what gave the illusion as if my thyroid was overworking. If too much of your thyroid is destroyed you can then go into hypo thyroid (your thyroid is underworking) and have those symptoms listed in the article.

    Side note: Everyone I know with this has not needed surgery as it goes away by itself eventually. I know one person with thyroid cancer and they had surgery to remove the entire thyroid and they do not have a scar like that.

    • Kmarie


    • annie

      Graves disease is when you’re hyperthyroid. Rarely do they need to remove the thyroid, but I know of younger people that had it removed. Normally they just kill it, with a radioactive pill. Most times you go hypo and need meds the rest of your life. He has vitiligo which is also an autoimmune disorder. Maybe he had some nodules that were suspicious and they just removed the thyroid. Suspicious to a normal person is just that. Jenelle is a drama queen so he’s a survivor.
      Side note: This never just goes away without meds, it’s chronic. You can go in remission (and have flares) but it never goes away. Very dangerous if it’s not treated. I went into thyroid storm and almost died. Untreated thyroid disease causes heart issues.

  • Holly

    Well, Hashimoto’s is actually quite common. I haven’t met a doctor yet that would remove a thyroid just because a person has Hashimoto’s. Taking a thyroid out doesn’t cure problems.

  • Renee

    If this writer actually did her job she would know that Jenelle actually did get asked about his scar and did confirm he was a cancer survivor. Not that I believe her. Just wanted to point out the horrible reporting skills

    • Truth

      In this writers defense, who believes a word out of Jenelle’s mouth? Anything and everything out of Jenelle’s mouth is a lie, even if she screamed it from the highest mountain.

      • Renee

        I totally agree. Like I said i don’t even believe her. But the article did say jenelle and David have yet to confirm, and jenelle did confirm whether it be truthful or not. It’s just shitty reporting skills

      • FarrahsCryFace


  • Stephanie Knowles

    Everyones skin reacts differently. Mine is 5 years old and worse than his. This is after mederma, cortisone shots and protecting it from the sun!

  • RCL

    I thought it was a trach scar. I was wondering what it was really from.

    • FarrahsCryFace

      Me too

  • Thea

    Maybe it’s just me, but that scar looks awfully low on his neck. Way lower than where the thyroid is located.

  • Angela

    I have it. It’s not rare at all. I never had a goiter or surgery. I’ve had it for 5yrs

  • Bruja

    How did Jenelle Evans’ boyfriend David Eason get that scar on his neck?

    Duh. Obviously because ‘Ch CH CH ha ha ha. CH CH CH ha ha ha. CH CH CH ha ha ha..’

    • Alisson Leech


    • YourMom

      LOL??? We can only wish! And take Janelle too!

  • AnnMarie

    Looks like it’s from a trake.

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  • Courtney

    I thought it was from a tracheotomy after a DUI accident.

  • Regina

    He certainly has puffiness of the face.

  • Pam Eldridge Staul

    Hashimotos is so common three out of every ten women have it. Unfortunately, about one of every 1000 doctors know correct testing, titration and treatment.