How long will Mendeecees Harris be in jail? Love & Hip Hop star surrenders to begin prison term

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The question of Mendeecees Harris jail time has been rampant ever since the Love & Hip Hop star was sentenced to federal prison on December 1st. Yesterday, Harris surrendered to authorities in Pennsylvania–but not before signing off from social media with a heartfelt thank you to his many fans and supporters.

The Mendeecees Harris jail time is a stern eight years: the 37-year-old was sentenced on drug trafficking charges last December, when a judge found him guilty of “taking part in a drug trafficking ring that reportedly brought in two to five kilograms of cocaine monthly, plus up to seven kilograms of heroin, to the Rochester, New York region between 2005 and 2012.”

At the time, though, U.S. District Judge Frank Geraci, Jr. further noted that Harris had been working to turn his life around for some months before the sentencing. Mendeecees Harris had become well-known as a speaker to disadvantaged youth in both New York City and all along the East Coast while his trial was going on, and the eight-year stretch was the shortest that the judge could have sentenced.

In addition, there’s a bit of good news with regard to the Mendeecees Harris jail time: because Harris had already served fifteen months in jail on related charges before his December sentencing, it’s possible that his sentence could be reduced to around six years–or, with good behavior, even five.

Before turning himself in, Harris took to social media for a final post, one in which he lay bare his feelings and made sure to thank everyone who’s stuck by and believed in him:

I know for some of you it feels like we’ve been here before, it’s the never ending story or some of you are probably so sick of hearing about me and this case that you completely tapped out and just don’t give a F#%k anymore, maybe never did (For you, stop reading now and please unfollow Asap). This message is for all those that have supported me, grew with me, changed hearts, minds and perspectives with me. When I was young, hungry and closed minded I acted as such. Now I’m wiser but it’s wisdom born through pain, so that means enduring this will just make me wiser and stronger. But who would have thought “Young DeeCee” that wore the ripped up worn shoes, that went to school on sugar sandwiches and borrowed rice would ever have a voice to speak to the masses. I was the one with nothing, no push to go to school, no dinner on the table at night, no kiss goodbye in the morning, all I had was me for awhile. Just Me, plane ole me ( I don’t have college degrees, a huge resume of internships and jobs) would be able to influence a generation. Who would have thought that my family would be a beacon of hope and love through out a community that’s so often taught family dysfunction, dissension and disloyalty. Men, step up! I’ve been there, where you are and I’ve learned in the end It truly is FAMILY OVER EVERYTHING! Fathers, go raise men! Men to lead their family. Men to do the right thing. No matter what you had to do or may still be doing raise them babies right! Also, when you raise a man you teach an individual but when you raise a woman you build a nation. Protect our nation builders fellas! I could go on for days but I want y’all to know I’m good 💔 but good. My family is strong, real strong, so their good. Keep @theharrisbunch in your prayers and I will keep you all updated through my brother running my page. Be blessed, keep in contact, build and encourage each other, stop the hating and see you when I return. 🔙💯

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UPDATE–Fameolous has tracked down the exact location and duration of the Mendeecees Harris jail time. According to the blog, Harris will serve his time at the Allenwood Federal Correction Institution, a low-security prison in north-central Pennsylvania. The prison’s population is approximately 1,400. 

In addition, Harris’ currently scheduled release date is November 28, 2021, or the Monday after Thanksgiving. That date means Harris would serve approximately six years at Allenwood, which is about in line with the eight year-sentence he received (minus the fifteen months Harris already served). It’s not yet known whether good behavior could result in further reductions of Harris’ sentence.  

(Photo credits: Mendeecees Harris jail time via Instagram)

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  • BeautifulBrownBrainiac

    Such a sad waste of potential.While I truly believe Mendeeces has turned his life around, we must pay for our transgressions. While I feel sad for him, I feel worse for his family as they are being punished along with him. I pray God keep him through his time on the inside and that he comes out stronger and truly committed to living an upright life. God Bless Yandy and family.

    • FYO

      He doesn’t need god, he just needs to be willing to take responsibility for his actions and it seems he’s doing that. People are perfectly capable of behaving like grown-ups without holy intervention.

      • Brynisha

        Forgive them Father for they know not what they do… Of course he needs God! Everyone really does rather they know it, believe it, or realize it! I am living proof of this! God bless you!

        • FYO

          Nope, no god necessary. But hey, at least you’re not alone in your beliefs. A lot of people make up nonsensical answers to questions they don’t really comprehend.

          • Brynisha

            God bless you! I prayed for you.

            • FYO

              No matter how many prayers you send my way, I still won’t need or believe in a god. That being said, you should save your prayers for someone who won’t discard them.

              • Brynisha

                You’re the type that really need prayers. The non believers! So yeah I’ll keep praying whether you like it or not. I want to save everyone before it’s too late. No I didn’t pray for you but that one time. I’m actually focused on me and my family and the ppl in my city since I can really help them the most. Either way, God bless you!

                • FYO

                  You want to save people? Perhaps you should looking into a career as an EMT. They save people, but you know, …for real, every day. Aside of that, if you want to send me blessings, you may do so via paypal if you like. Let me know….

                  • SLM

                    Lol… I couldn’t agree more!!! Lol

                  • Original paper boy

                    At fyo u r a real ass hole its said to see someone who dosent believe n higher power i feel for u an ur family god bless yall SMH

                    • FYO

                      LOL @ you butthurt-responding to a post from 2 years ago. SMMFH!

                      Like I said 2 years ago, if you want to send me blessings, do it via paypal. Blessings start at $100 and go up from there. Show how much you care!

    • Jackie

      Oh spare me!!! He knew just what he was doing pumping drugs into people who have families too. Say a prayer for the families poisionef by this punk!!!!!!

  • Nicole

    It’s sad that his family has to do the time with him. I feel sorry for the children but yandy surely knew what he was involved with