Jenelle Evans accuses Nathan Griffith of cheating

Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith Broken Up

The mystery of Jenelle Evans’ missing engagement ring has been solved! Following some cryptic tweets about the status of her relationship with Nathan Griffith, Jenelle accused Nathan of having a “side chick” — one who happens to frequent the same gym.

Jenelle Evans Nathan Griffith Cheating Tweet

Jenelle later deleted the tweet (it was saved by Teen Mom Junkies), but it’s pretty clear she and Nathan are in “off again” mode. In addition to ditching her engagement ring, she also unfollowed Nathan on social media and publicly told a follower they aren’t living together.

Coincidentally, a weeks-old photo shoot of Jenelle trying on wedding dresses in New York City was published days ago.

She explained to OK! that she hoped to have a beach wedding next summer — and confirmed she and Nathan were committed to moving forward together.

“We wanted to work things out with our family,” she said. “We’re actually happy we took a break to realize what we were missing. We’re back to being best friends… We are honest and open about everything having to do with our relationship – who we talk to, etc. We are over the jealousy and trust issues.”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like Nathan was deserving of that trust!

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  • Amber

    Same sh1t, different day. This girl doesn’t have one stable, genuine relationship in her life, not with family, not with friends. She will never grow up, she’s too selfish.

    Side note : She blocked me on Twitter for saying her interactions with Jace are forced and awkward. (first time ever tweeting about her) Guess I’ll have to get my jenelle drama fix from here from now on.. Haha

    • LaurenRFrantz

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    • Fed up

      I was locked as well for asking her how she can sit next to her mom while she’s crying her eyes out and not hug her? Just sit and smile. My first tweet as well

      • Fed up

        Sorry *blocked auto correct err!

    • Demona

      Just log out and check her name in google + twitter, click her twitter and read away lol

  • Truth

    Pretty sure he ended it. Jenelle will never break up with anyone cause she’s too codependent and doesn’t have any self esteem.

    • Gary Trevillian

      That you, Nathan?

  • LoLo

    Will she ever get tired of the drama? The ups & downs are to frequent. I feel so bad for her little boys. As much as Barb is a whacko, she is the better parent for Jace if his only other option is Jenelle. She has always put guys before her kids. It’s sad. You would think by now she would have woken up & focused on her kids & herself over a douche of a man.

    • violet Beuregarde

      I’m sure Kaiser was there for the screaming battle that preceded this break up when Jenelle found out, to the people on here who want Jenelle to have custody, why should Jace be there for that? You see the hysterical screams and yells they have when they argue on the show every 5 minutes, no doubt they make you cringe as grown adults and you’re only watching it on TV, why should a young child have to witness that in person? Some people here think Jace is like a puppy and Jenelle should have him back because she wants him now. Not a human being with a right to safety and stability who shouldn’t have to hear his mother constantly screaming, crying and cursing or getting arrested for assaulting a revolving door of guys that she is forever breaking up and making up with.

      • LoLo

        I agree. The scenes when she’s in the car screaming & crying why Jace is in the backseat are terrible. She has already done so much damage to him. Then when he get’s older & he can see how his mother chose loser’s & partying over him will really hit him hard. I could not imagine choosing myself or a man over my kids. I was a teen mom & I could never ever do anything that would hurt my child mentally or physically. What surprises me is that after all these seasons & her being able to see herself on tv & she still hasn’t attempted to change & be a mom.

      • Heather

        And if the people who think she’ll get Jace back think that Barb’s lawyer won’t use all of this against her in court, they’re wrong. I’m surprised someone hasn’t stepped in and taken Kai away on a more permanent basis. I feel so bad for Jace. He’s the biggest loser in all this.

      • Regina

        I can’t imagine being there in person. I usually leave the room while her scenes play out on Teen Mom as I can’t handle all the yelling and drama.

    • sammi

      I feel bad that Babs is forced to raise a kid at 50 years old, and she’s doing it alone. I imagine its pretty hard raising Jace alone without at least a grandpa to help him let off that energy sometimes.

      • LoLo

        I do too. I know Barb can yell & carry on but I feel for her. She not only raises Jace but has to worry about her daughter 24/7. I think she watches her other grandson part time too. I don’t know her background & I wonder if she raised Jenelle & her siblings alone too? I think Barb at times gets a bad rap & has to tip toe around what she says. Every comment she makes is blown out of proportion & Jenelle is so defensive instead of grateful to the mother who stepped in & took care of her child.

        • sammi

          I feel both environments are toxic for Jace but I do feel Bab’s is the lesser evil. I hate to say it but Jace would have been better off put up for adoption. Andrew didnt want him, Janelle doesnt want him, Bab’s felt obligated to take him and still has many years to go raising him. I imagine Jace’s behavior issues won’t get better, but worse. Couple that with the fact they are “reality stars” and he’s got a recipe for disaster

          • LoLo

            I do too. But, I wonder if Jenelle was out of the picture would Jace be better behaved & Barbara more calm? We only see 5 minutes of about 40 hrs of taping. I’m sure Jace has his wonderful moments too. I could not imagine having a daughter like Jenelle who involves herself with drug addicts, abortion & now a violent man. She must live in fear every time Jace has to go there. I do see real love from Barb towards Jace but with Jenelle, every time I see her act like a mom, she then takes 3 steps back & does something stupid in front of him.

            Do you think Nathan really wants Jace or is it about winning & maybe not having to pay Barb support anymore?

            • sammi

              To be honest, I havent watched TM2 since about 2012. I kinda outgrew it and felt it was the same wash, rinse, repeat with these chicks, therefore, I know nothing about Nathan other than what everyone says online. Janelle may have still been with Keefah the last time I watched lol. From what people say about him, he seems to have a weird interaction with Jace and even spanked him. I also heard Jace is afraid of him. Just off of that info alone I sense Nathan to be abusive and a rager, which is terrible for both little boys.

              • LoLo

                Yes, I get the violent vibe from Nathan too & he’s shown us what an idiot he is. He wants to control Jenelle & she takes it as love. I could never imagine putting anyone before my kids the way she has.

        • Myndee

          Babs did have to raise her 3 kids alone. Her husband took off when Jenelle was really young. People want to bash Babs and say she was never around for her kids, but they don’t realize she was working 2 sometimes 3 jobs to support her kids. I wonder what mental health issues are on the father’s side. A lot of people blame Babs for Jenelle’s crazy, but the father could be a big factor too

  • Eh

    Her life is just so sad and tiring. And she’s the only one that can fix it (spoiler alert: she never will). She is a very disturbed person. Also, WHO is sleeping with these people?! No amount of money would make me touch Nathan or jenelle. I can only be bothered by the fact that the people that would screw these trashwrecks are as awful and tweaked out as them. Nathan is just fugly all around. He has a strange body and face and the puffy over alcohol look doesn’t help. I will admit jenelle actually looks pretty with whatever work she will never admit to getting done on her face. It’s just too bad there is a really, truly ugly person behind said plastic surgery.

    • DanaD

      Not to mention the fact he NEVER wears a shirt and when he does he cuts it to bits so he looks even douchier.

      • bambiglanville

        so damn true. ahaha

  • DanaD

    So you mean to tell me the best love story of our time has ended? Haha. MTV is really doing a disservice to these girls. They are all stuck at 16. I mean, Jenelle actually said when she had the baby it would mean they’d have less time to fight. Who thinks that way besides a teenager that has no idea how hard it is to raise a child? Now she’s stuck with that loser forever…. This won’t be the end of it because she has no self esteem. She’ll take him back when the new girl gets sick of him. Or maybe his plan all along was to get her knocked up to secure himself a place in her life and on the show.

    • Brandy Nicole

      It’s only over until next week. Stay tuned in as janelles works turns.

  • L

    Jenelle Saga Continues. Quiet to say It’s getting old. Jace feels happy with his Grandma(Barb). I think when Jace is with Jenelle and he goes back to school two days later he acts out. Jace needs to stay with his Grandma. Jenelle she needs to realize that her kids come first before men. Jenelle needs to go find herself a job and stop wasting the money on trips and drugs. She needs to save that money for her kids. Not someone else. Before you have kids you need to know your partner better and give it like three years of relationships before you go to the next step. She needs to stop be self center and so controlling. Its not about her anymore. Its about her Kids(Jace and Kai) and for once Jenelle needs to stop acting like Prima Donna.

  • TA

    Maybe she ahoukd keep her personal life to herself more often. She’s trying to embarrass him, but she’s making herself look like such a fool.

    • Dina

      Exactly. Even if he did cheat on her, and then she decides to get back with him, everyone is going comment on it. Only talk to close friends that you know won’t put it out there on social media, until your decision is dead set.

      • Regina

        That will never ever happen though… 🙁

  • barbinop

    She may not realize it now but the break up is a blessing in disguise. He just wAnted to have a kid with her so he could stAy in the headlines as being her baby daddy. Didn’t see thAt one coming……….NOT!!!!

  • BreBreezieBre

    So sad that their child is in the middle of all of this when her kids get grown they are going to more than likely resent her jace will question her as to why he lived with his grandma and not at home and kaiser will resent her for all the drama he is surrounded by due to his parents ignorance

  • David Tutera better not have her on one of his shows. Barf.

  • Aussie cathie

    What a shame …….. Did anyone really believe that they were going to last?

    • Fed up

      For her to marry him will be the biggest mistake of her life. He is controlling look at how he is name calling her mom, putting more of a rift between Babs and her. He’s pushing to get Jace in their custody to end the ties between Janelle and her mother. Then she is his and she has no one else but him to rely on. Look how her lawyers appointment was so important but, she was late because of him and his bs. He really doesn’t want Jace. Just Janelle

  • Fed up

    Really, can she just say goodbye for good! Posting this business on social media is just making a case as to why she isn’t in a stable environment. Once the big fairy tale day is over you still have to live with the person. This is more reason why Nathan isn’t the guy. Different day same drama. Let’s do your children a favor be single put them and getting your business straightened out then a man will come to you. Please put your kids first.