MUG SHOT Jenelle Evans turns herself in — see all 15 of her mug shots


Teen Mom 2‘s Jenelle Evans is getting better at posing for mug shots, which could be expected for someone with 15 to her name.

The latest picture was taken this morning, one day after an arrest warrant was issued for her alleged assault of ex-fiance Nathan Griffith. According to the police report issued yesterday, Nathan said Jenelle lured him outside his apartment by threatening to damage his truck. When he met her, Nathan claimed Jenelle “slapped, punched and tried to kick him down some stairs” and “scratched and clawed his back and neck.”

All 15 of Jenelle Evans’ mug shots, current as of May 2015.


Jenelle initially defended herself on her PR Twitter page by saying Nathan ran over her with the truck. She added she was “seeking charges and is ready to get the truth out.” However, Jenelle’s lawyer, Amy S. Lawrence, told Us Weekly yesterday that Jenelle wasn’t actually going to press charges. She also said Nathan hoped to have the charges against Jenelle dismissed.

“He understands that she’s hurt because they’ve broken up, and he’s dating somebody else and things escalated in a way they shouldn’t have,” Lawrence said, adding Nathan said he was pressured into pressing charges by the police. “He does not want her to have any kind of criminal consequence for this.”

Lawrence added Jenelle may have lashed out because she hoped to make her tumultuous relationship with Nathan work.

“I think that in her heart she thought that maybe with them breaking up that they would get back together because they have a child together,” the attorney explained. “I think she’s just very hurt that he has moved on.”

Jenelle Evans Turning Herself In Cred
Jenelle before her booking today.


Lawrence said there will be a bond hearing this afternoon. She said Jenelle and Nathan will also work on the custody agreement for their 11-month-old son, Kaiser, who is currently in Nathan’s care.

Camera crews reportedly went along with Jenelle when she turned herself in this morning, so expect to hear more about Jenelle’s side of the story on the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2, which premieres on MTV on July 9.

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  • Melissa

    I just feel bad for her….I want her to get it together so bad. But I’m starting to think it won’t ever happen. It’s like the exact same thing with Lindsay Lohan to me. I really want to root for her but I don’t think there’s much hope…

    • Brandy Nicole

      I felt the same about Anna Nicole 🙁 I’ve really been routing for Janelle but she keeps letting me down 🙁

      • Pattipandi

        Brandy! Stop it! WHO has THAT many mugshots??? Within a span of like 5 years? She’s a loser and always will be. She makes Farrah look like a decent enough person. It’s just all bad.

        • Brandy Nicole

          She’s just perfecting it lol

        • Kat

          15 mug shots in 2 years actually(doesn’t make it better)

          • awoman

            3. It says 2012; it’s 2015.

  • Whorelle

    I hope the state follows through on all charges. It would seriously be a shame if Nathan managed to get them dropped. She needs to get punished for something, not another GD slap on the wrist.

    • jessica

      I hope someone runs u over with thier truck, and your not allowed to get mad or fight back. I can’t believe your choosing to bash Jenelle, who by the sounds of it is totally right for defending herself. Let me guess your all for beating women up .
      Have fun with your hate filled life. It won’t take you far.

      • IHaveNoName

        LMAO! You know Jenelle’s best trait is her ability to lie and twist anything around to make herself the victim, right?? You should know, you probably are her.

        PS – You’re a lunatic but I still wouldn’t wish for a truck to run you over. Have a great rest of your life, karma will find you 🙂

        • jlt0102

          I don’t think people realize how dumb they sound when they defend her…pay them no mind, they are as delusional as Jenelle 😛

        • jessica

          How am I a lunatic, you have no idea who I am. There was a witness who saw him hit her with the truck. I am stating what i read. I will have a great rest of my life thanks. Karma doesn’t need to look for me as I was not literally wishing for the person to be hit by a truck… I was asking them to be in her situation and not react badly. Yea she’s done horrible stuff in the past we all know that. She is trying to grow up and move on and do better in life. She doesn’t need to pay for her mistakes over and over again is all I’m saying. People can’t seem to get the past is the past. This is the now, and she has been doing well for herself got clean, had a baby that she is raising, and going to school to make a better life for her kids.

          • Renee L

            Wrong, wrong and wrong. It’s not in the past. She also beat Nathan up, her lawyer states that above. Trying to move on? If she was trying to move on, she wouldn’t be getting arrested again. And yes she does need to pay for her past. You screw up, you have to pay. It’s the law. It would be nice in your world if every criminal said, “I don’t want to go to jail, I just want to move on past my mistake”. It doesn’t work that way. THE GIRL HAS 15 MUG SHOTS! That’s not normal! We don’t know if she’s clean. She still smokes weed all the damn time. Having a baby with a guy you knew 8 weeks isn’t doing better for yourself. It’s another stupid decision that she doesn’t think through. Just because she got knocked up on purpose again (and made the decision fresh off an abortion from another guy!) doesn’t mean she’s getting her life together. She’s not raising him. She’s not raising either child she thought would be “fun” to have. Nathan is. Going to school? She rarely goes! She only goes when she wants to take selfies in scrubs. She signed up with some stupid fly-by-night school that she can get away with dropping by 2-3 times a month and not getting kicked out. So check your facts, think about Jenelle’s actions and you’ll realize she isn’t close to being on the straight and narrow.

          • Murphy

            If she was run over by a truck, why didn’t SHE call the police? That would be common sense… but to put the words “common sense” and “Jenelle Evans” in the same sentence is completely illogical.

          • Pattipandi

            Are you the one running her PR account?

      • Murphy

        She didn’t seek medical attention, she walked into the police station, and looks perfectly fine.
        Run over by a truck=BIGGEST LOAD OF BS EVER.

      • kiki

        You must live in a world far from reality if you believe for a second that she was run over by a truck.

      • Renee L

        Oh honey, please stop looking up to girls like this. You will be a better person. I promise.

      • Pattipandi

        Ladies and gentleman, the most gullible girl in all the land…

      • Lyra

        I’m glad she was able to peel herself off the pavement after getting run over and hobble over with her broken limbs to beat the heck out of Nathan. Also glad they made that law about how it’s legal to commit a crime against someone if they committed one against you.

      • Posh☮

        You must be new here

  • bambiglanville

    You can certainly tell what kind of day she was having in each photo. Hahahahaha

    • Brandy Nicole

      3rd down on the right must have been after a big bender!

      • Renee L

        2nd down in the middle she was being bashful.

      • Stop it, Leah!

        5 down in the middle she didn’t give a f**k! lol

        • Guest

          She was like “I’ll be out as soon as Dustin gets here”.

      • Guest

        2nd down on the left: “I’m high and hungry y’all!”

  • Kail

    Folks – This is why you get to know each other for a while before reproducing…..

    • Brandy Nicole

      2 months isn’t enough?

      • Kail

        Bahahha and you think it Is???

        • Brandy Nicole


    • Stop it, Leah!

      No, but it’s better to have a baby through passion. It’s not romantic enough through planning!

      • me

        They actually did plan it.

        • Stop it, Leah!

          I don’t exactly consider dating under 6 months before getting pregnant “planning” it whether they meant to or not, cause they’re clearly not thinking at that point.

    • Pattipandi

      What’s the fun in that?

  • guest

    What happened to Attorney Dustin?

    • BuckyBoyd

      She moved to South Carolina and had to find a new lawyer. Dustin practices law in the state of North Carolina.

      • kiki

        I really hope that since she switched states SC won’t let this cr@p to keep happening.

  • Ava

    I really thought she was getting better…. I hoped so for the sake of her two children. Guess I was wrong….she needs to go to rehab for a long time.

    • Stop it, Leah!

      I think she’s getting better when it comes to not doing drugs (at least from we can see), but not when it comes to controlling her bipolar issues.

      • Ava

        Yeah I see what you mean, she needs to be getting therapy and staying on medication (I think… I’m not a doctor of course but this girl needs serious help)

  • BreBreezieBre

    Jenelle is going to find herself just like Amber serving prison time and not for just a couple of months! She needs to grow up and grow up quickly she has two kids it’s time to stop acting like a kid yourself you decided to have unprotected sex as a teen and get pregnant your teenage life went out the window stop acting like a kid. You are about to be a mother of two kids who doesn’t have custody of either of her kids. Change your behavior and stop meeting and falling in love with all these losers find you someone that is gonna respect you. Respect yourself and love yourself first and stop with all the domestic violence

  • kiki

    I kind of wish someone would honestly beat her. I know that it is something terrible to wish on another woman but she seems to think domestic violence is a joke or something. It’s because of women like her that real victims aren’t taken seriously. It’s like she calls the cops for domestic violence when she gets brushed under the covers.

    • Renee L

      I hear ya. That’s all she always claims. Then loves to get a new man involved to nurse her wounds. Her famous line is she “got choked out”.

      • kiki

        I wish the state would make her work at a women’s shelter. Maybe then she would see its not a club you want to be a part of. It’s not something to just throw around whenever you don’t get your way. She’s basically making fun of every woman who has ever actually been in this situation.

    • Pattipandi

      No, you’re absolutely right in this instance because she’s an an ashole who doesn’t learn from her mistakes

  • TA

    Just when it seemed like she was getting herself together….
    She and Nathan are toxic for each other and need to never be alone without a cop present, it’s just too volatile.
    I feel so sad for Kaiser and Jace.

    • Lyra

      Actually I think she is toxic for every relationship. When confronted with a problem she either gets angry or uses drugs. They should get therapy and if she actually would follow through with intensive therapy and sober up I could see them working it out. In the meanwhile they should have to do the kid hand offs through a third person like a friend or family member.

  • Brooke

    another day another arrest for janelle. I’m still trying to figure out what she had done. I think nose and lips.

    • Renee L

      Definitely I noticed the upper lip looked a bit different.

    • kacey

      She’s crazy if she had a nose job. The lips I can understand but it looks silly.

  • They should just have a room reserved for her! She’ll use it eventually.

  • Lyndsey G.

    I’m more concerned with the fact that she thinks she’s going to get a job in the medical field with 15 arrests…

    • Stephanie

      I wonder who will actually WANT to hire her, with 15 arrests and the fact that she’s the most unreliable person on the planet

      • Lyndsey G.

        I definitely agree.

  • Stephanie

    Ahhh dear old Peanut Butter & Jenelley… I thought she had changed

    • Pattipandi

      Why do people still think she’s changed? It’s always the same sh!t. Seriously.

  • Pattipandi

    Nice sober eyes in your 15th mugshot Janelle. We should have a Quincenera for all your arrests you fcking LOSER. Get your sh!t together already.

  • LexiconD1

    Thank You All.

    Reading the comments on this thread were hilarious, it’s been a hoot!!!!

  • mutedexposure

    Not defending her actions of that night but how crappy must she feel that he was at that concert with her and now is in a new relationship. I am sure she feels like it is just another guy using her for the mtv money and special access she gets and free products. Even without the perks and mtv I think any girl would be hurt if their ex went and partied with me on my dime and then days later told me he was with someone new.

  • Spitonme

    You guys, Jenelle obviously got ran over by a truck. I think the fact that she’s walking is proof enough.

  • Guest

    At least she looks good – except for her duck lip.

  • spottedgiraffe

    My favorite mugshot is #9

  • P

    All her mug shots together look like an Andy Warhol painting lol I bet he would call it “Busted Face”

  • Demona

    Another day, Another mugshot