Jenelle Evans is engaged! See the ring


Jenelle Evans got a gorgeous, and huge, engagement ring from long time boyfriend and the father of her second child, Kaiser (4 months,) Nathan Griffith. Congrats!

The couple just got back from a tropical vacation, and went out to a fancy dinner, where Nathan popped the question.

“Oh man! someone’s engaged,” Jenelle wrote on the photo she shared on Instgram of the ring.


The couple have two other children from previous relationships: Jenelee’s 5-year-old son Jace, who still lives with Jenelle’s mom Barbara, and Nathan’s 3-year-old daughter Emery, who lives with her mother.

UPDATE: This morning Jenelle shared another pic of heJenelleevansr ring on Facebook with this message:

Sorry everyone I haven’t been responding on fb. After all that BS happened with my mom and sister I deleted my fb and Twitter apps so i wouldn’t be stressed lol
Thanks everyone on the congrats for my engagement. I’m super happy and it was very unexpected! Couldn’t ask for a better father to my children or a better lover. He’s my everything, and now always and forever.

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  • Mrs C.

    How does this foo buy a ring much less go on vacation?

    • lou

      Why do you think quit his job and moved in as soon as they got together and was so eager to get Jenelle pregnant after barely 2 months of dating?

      • Sam

        Answer: What is the theme song to The Apprentice?

    • Bea

      From his underwear modeling money! LOL

    • Bec

      MTV paid for the vacation, ring, and probably paid Nate to propose

    • CP

      I don’t understand it! My husband and I have been married 5 years and still can’t afford to go on a honeymoon.

  • Kayla

    After her much hated sister’s pregnancy announcement who didn’t see this coming? She probably drug King Kong down to the first jewelry store closest to the airport and demanded he propose.

    • Myndee

      From what I read on another site, a few people say the ring is fake, I guess the prongs give it away? So they probably picked up a ring at the airport gift shop

  • Guest

    This seems to be the healthiest she has appeared in years. She sounds so much calmer even wen those around her are raging, so something is going right. He’s hot tempered and kind of childish, so I hope he has grown since his previous appearances.
    Best to them.

    • Bec

      Uhhhh did you see her little twitter freak out last night?

      • lou

        Hey, her sister’s happiness over her pregnancy was “ruining” poor Jenelle’s vacation. Bet she’s extra bitter she’s having a girl too, thats what Jenelle said she wanted, but she got Kaiser.

    • LaLa84

      It’s so nice to see someone say something positive.

      Yes the girl has made MANY mistakes, but for once, I have to agree, she looks super healthy and seems happy. I hope this is her on the right track.

  • Bea

    Sooo…is this her 100th engagement? Hope it all works out for Janelle.

  • erb123

    she had to buy her own (fake) ring. sad

  • Mimi

    Nathan is a classic mooch. Not to mention he has FOUR DUIs. Jenelle is paying for everything because he quit his job as soon as they hooked up. She’s too afraid to him cheating or leaving her so of course she’s footing all the bills. I bet they are hoping for an mtv spinoff

    • violet Beauregrade

      Jenelle always swears he doesn’t get paid for being on the show, thats how she ‘knows’ he’s with her for love.
      So either thats a lie or all the stuff she claims he bought her was actually purchased with her own money cause the dude saw the MTV gravy train 5 miles away and quit his job as soon as they got together over a year ago and hasn’t worked since. So she’s lying about something.

      • Mimi

        ITA!!!! He has to be getting paid or she is buying everything. He doesn’t have a pot to piss in and neither would she without MTV.

      • Lauren

        Why wouldn’t he be getting paid? lol. I remember Gary tweeted back in the day that he was paid around $1500 for his few appearances & Nathan has been on way more than he has. Jenelle is so delusional that it’s sad.

      • spottedgiraffe

        All the guys get paid for the show but not as much as the girls. Also nathan got fired from his job because Jenelle kept constantly calling the work phone and kept going up there causing drama.

    • Myndee

      Part of me hopes they get one…just so I can watch the disaster divorce play out on TV. The custody battle would be epic, “I don’t want him, he cuts into my party time! You take him!!” “NO! You take him! I am working on my 5th DUI, I need to focus on drinking and flexing in front of the mirror and finding a new reality star dumb enough to let me latch on to them”

  • Posh☮

    I haven’t followed/seen her since before she gave birth and i have to ask: “Holy shit! What happened to her face?”

  • :))))))))

    Kaiser is 6 months old I think, not 4.

  • Guest

    Emery doesn’t live with her mother.

  • bambiglanville

    This… is likely going to fail.

  • Miranda

    Who the hell is Jenelee?

    • kiki

      And since when has the daughter lived with her mother??

  • saseblon

    I am pretty sure that thing is not real. That doesn’t really matter, but the fact she plays it off like everything is great and REAL…please! Girl, wise up, grow up and get on with your life with your children!

  • Z

    Bad timing however janelles sister seems jealous

    • varlie

      Did you see the disgusting way Jenelle reacted to her sister’s pregnancy announcement? And a less than a day later, she just so ‘happens’ to get engaged after talking about it for months? I think your statement is the other way around.

  • Asha

    Ring looks fake.

  • boop

    I don’t think the ring is fake, just an awful quality diamond. “Big” but horrible quality

  • ameliaBedelia76

    would someone please tell me where Nathan gets his $. He is on disability w/ no current job. Yet he has $ to buy Hummers, tropical vacations & an engagement ring? Also, if he was disabled how did he have a job when he first met Jenelle?

  • Chelseawaslyke

    Nathan has to be getting paid, he’s “official” since they have a child togdther. How many other other fathers on that show don’t get paid?!
    But congrats to Jenelle on a staged engagement, and second divorce.

    P.S. Jenelle looks fuggin AWFUL!!! They both look old and and run down.

    • ali

      Don’t be fooled, that’s from drugs and booze not child rearing. lol

      • Chelseawaslyke

        Nathan’s eyes are slowly disappearing, he’s really letting himself go, and his face is always puffy from his binge drinking… (Can you really blame him? I’d drink copious amounts if I was around Jenelle too!)

        And Jenelle, idk man, heroin is a helluva drug… I know she doesn’t look like shxt from child rearing, they pawn Kaiser off to Doris, or leave him in his car seat. Jenelle’s manic rants/tweets are a classic indicator she’s using again.

        • Myndee

          And everyone wants to jump Babs for enjoying a glass of wine, or seven…. it’s like you have to be drunk to deal with Jenelle’s attitude. No wonder she has had so many addicted partners. She would drive the pope to drink!

    • Lyra

      You know you have a good point about how Nathan is official now so he should be getting paid. I wonder if that is why they rushed into a pregnancy.

    • spottedgiraffe

      The sad thing is Jenelle was actually cute at one point. Her and Leah both have been aged from the drugs and numerous men

  • Erica

    Who cares if the ring is fake or not. It’s not the price of the ring. It’s the commitment you make with your spouse. I’ve been married 7 years and my diamonds are fake, but it’s still a pretty ring. I’m not a big fan of real diamonds anyways because i loose things easy. Congrats to her for finally cleaning up and hopefully finally the one. For the sake of all the children involved.

    • Randy

      Tell that to Jenelle, 99% of what she posted about her engagement was the largeness of the diamond and the price of the ring… The first thing she said after the announcement and picture is that her kind of diamond wasn’t cheap.

  • Josie

    That ring looks very similar to Caitlyn’s. MTV must have gotten a BOGO deal.

  • guest

    Everyone deserves happiness, even these full of drama type people. She seems the most settled than she has been in forever. Settled for Jenelle’s standards, not normal people’s standards, but settled all the same. She certainly seems to be better now than she was with Kiefer and Courtland. A twitter freakout is better than hard drugs.

    Perhaps something like this will bring her enough happiness that she’ll reassess her life for her kids’ sake.

  • Eh

    Ring looks as fake as her relationship.

  • Wanderlust

    she is sooo tacky lol

  • Lauren

    I’m the first to congratulate good news but this isn’t good news. All this seems staged with MTV looking for a good storyline for the new season. Judging from her manic tweets about her mother & sister I really do think Jenelle has bipolar disorder. Neither of them look like a happy couple in love with their baby. Nathan is just riding this gravy train until it stops. It’s no better than when she was married to Courtland minus the heroin use.

    • spottedgiraffe

      I think she was misdiagnosed and she has borderline personality disorder

      • Maya

        I’d say borderline personality with some form of narcissistic personality disorder. She blames everyone for her problems and despite her crappy actions, truly thinks she deserves the moon. Trashing her mom on twitter for siding with her sister when Jenelle was trashing her pregnancy announcement saying Barbara “forgot i’m her daughter” from you stealing her credit cards to party with your boyfriend, dumping your kid on her, shouting at her, threatening to hit her, you fully believe you deserve be treated like someone’s daughter?

  • spottedgiraffe

    Long time boyfriend? They haven’t even been together 2 years yet. And honestly that ring is so ugly if my boyfriend proposed with that I would be so upset it looks like it’s from Claire’s

  • Murphy

    She’s just as much of a train wreck as she’s always been, she’s just managed to keep it to herself for the last few months.

  • batman

    Does Jenelle seriously not see the pattern everyone else does? They start dating, Nathan immediately quits his job. After appearing in a few episodes on the show (and after seeing the paycheck from them), he’s desperate for a baby. After she’s pregnant, Nathan’s on the show for the rest of the season. New season of TM2 announced and filming, he proposes to her.

  • high! high! yah both high!

    Countdown to Jenelle crying on twitter because Nathan was caught talking to some other girl. She repeats the same patterns over and over again. So what does Nathan actually do? As a job? Jenelle claims he doesn’t get paid for the show so he can’t claim reality TV as a job like she can. I remember it was mentioned at some point that he was on disability for getting a TBI while in the military. But then people he served with said that story was complete BS and then he suddenly tried to become a MMA fighter… which is probably a bad idea if you actually received a TBI at some point. Doesn’t Jenelle get that these guys are mooching off of her? She should pretend to quit TM2 and see how long he lasts without MTV bank rolling their lifestyle. If she wasn’t such a vile, selfish person I’d almost feel bad for her. I’d be wary of any guy going out of their way to get with me after they knew I was making more way money than the average girls they’d get with. These girls aren’t professionals with college degrees they get paid because they’re on TV for getting pregnant as a teen. It isn’t like a guy getting with a girl that makes more money, there’s nothing wrong with that but these girls are on TV and make really bad decisions frequently. Men can golddig too. Amber’s in the same boat. At Least Jeremey was making his own money when he got with Leah.

  • Ashley

    Jenelle is looking rough again.

  • Tiffany

    Jenelle really needs to have the girl who did her hair fired. She looks so washed out and tired that I almost feel bad for her, but then I remember it’s Jenelle Evans we’re talking about and all feelings of sympathy disappear.

  • Sky Danielle Renee Reinoehl

    Goodness cut them some slack

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