VIDEO Gold Rush’s Todd Hoffman shows off basketball skills, Parker Schnabel not impressed

Todd Hoffman basketball video

Any fan of Discovery’s popular reality series Gold Rush knows that Todd Hoffman is extremely skilled at…ummm… Well, anyways, who knew the portly aspiring miner has some mad basketball skillz?!? Todd took to his Facebook page yesterday to share a video of himself doing some fancy dribbling and even dunking by jumping over a car! Still, his on-screen rival Parker Schnabel was unimpressed, and the 21-year-old took to Facebook to do what Todd does so well — throw shade. (See what I did there?)

Here’s the clip:


Parker shared the clip on his page as well, introducing it by writing, “Well i just wish I was as cool as this guy. Dunking on a lowered rim with a woman’s basketball. Guess we can’t all be amazing…. ‪#‎someday‬” Oh snap! One commenter called Parker out as a “hater” and he responded with a simple, “Yeah im just so jealous.”

In the name of peace, and because I’m obsessed with putting Parker Schnabel’s hair on someone else for some reason, I thought I might try to bridge the dissimilarity gap between Todd and Parker by proving each with some hair where they are lacking and the other seems to have it in abundance:

Todd Hoffman Parker Schnabel hair and beard swap

See, they look like brothers! (Clearly the most world-alteringly important thing anybody spent more than an hour on today. It’s almost as significant as the work I did determining what Todd Hoffman looks like without a beard, for which I am still anticipating a Bloggie Award nomination.)

On a side note, if you’ve ever asked your self, “How do I get a job working for the Hoffman Crew on Gold Rush?” I may have your answer! Earlier today Todd Hoffman revealed he is currently looking for a mechanic/operator, but he warns, “This is not for guys who want to be a TV star,” later adding, “If your trying to be a reality star, please don’t apply.”

Here’s Todd’s full announcement with an email address for applications:

I said I would post any job positions on here and here is what I’m tentatively looking for, a mechanic that can occasionally operate. This is not for guys who want to be a TV star its for a serious heavy equipment mechanic. You guys know what we stand for at 316 Mining and your values in how we treat people are as important as your mechanic skills. You will be part of a team not just an employee. We live together with our families which are a big part of what we are about. You will be required to represent the team and our values while your NOT working as well. If you can’t wrench on heavy equipment, no need to apply. If your trying to be a reality star, please don’t apply. I will post other positions if they come up. Steve was overloaded, he did the work of two guys this last year. Send resume to the email below along with an attached photo.

Be sure to keep up with the on-screen competition between Todd and Parker every Friday night with new episodes of Gold Rush airing at 9/8c on Discovery!

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