Are Leah Calvert’s subtweets about ending her marriage to Jeremy Calvert?

Leah Calvert and Jeremy Calvert - Divorce

We’re just getting started on season 5B of Teen Mom 2 and it already looks like Leah Calvert and Jeremy Calvert are facing some big tests to their marriage.

Although the two are still married in real-time, Leah’s recent tweets don’t paint a pretty picture about her personal life — leading many to speculate that she and Jeremy are headed for splitsville.

Here are a few of the subtweets in question, all of which were posted within the last few days…

Fans responded to all of the messages with a mixture of concern for Leah and curiosity about the state of her marriage.

“Codependence isn’t healthy. You stand tall n show the girls how it’s done, that momma is strong and she can do this. Empower them,” one follower advised the mother-of-three.

Another said, “Too young to have 3 kids and too young to be married twice. Show your kids they don’t need men & babies don’t keep men around.”

Only then did Leah clarify that her messages weren’t actually about her husband…

Whew! Even though Leah’s clearly dealing with some kind of drama in her life, it’s good to know it isn’t (currently) between her and Jeremy.

Teen Mom 2 airs on MTV on Wednesday nights at 10/9c.

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  • sammi

    Leah is a hot mess of a person. She seems to commemerate every relationship with marriage and a baby. Id be embarrassed if she were my daughter.

    • Myndee

      Her mom isn’t a whole lot better

      • sammi

        Oh I know. I dont knock teen moms because my mom had my brother at 17

        • Myndee

          I just meant her mom is a bed hopping man hater too, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, so you know her mom isn’t embarrassed by her but proud of how “famous” she is, even if she had to be a bit of a Trollop. And yeah, not all teen mothers are bad, but these girls give the good ones a HORRIBLE name, and then people wonder why everyone stereotypes teen moms.

          • ameliaBedelia76

            how do you know her Mom is a bed hopper? I know she is re-married but which husband # is it?

            • Myndee

              From what I’ve read she was married and pregnant by 16, but the kids don’t have the same dad. And this is husband #2, but I’ve heard she got around before this husband came along. Leah learned her man bashing, bed hopping from the best

        • jeff

          Why cant we knock teen moms just because your mom is one? I think its a rather immature thing to say on your part. How do we know your mom isnt any better?

          • sammi

            You’re too busy trying to start a fight that you don’t read well obviously. Where did I say you couldn’t knock teen moms? Where did I type that at? And as far as my mom goes, she’s was married to my dad 35 years, been a RN for 30 years, and two Bachelors Degrees. Is that enough for you?

    • MPmom

      Except for her relationship with Robbie. She just uses hooking up with him as a reason to end a marriage

  • savannah

    I never post my relationship drama on any social media sites, as I don’t want the few contacts I have on them to know all my dirty laundry. This girl has tons of followers and feels it necissary to post childish inuendos on there constantly, time to grow up girl! You are a Mom, of girls. And all you’re showing them is how to NOT act like a lady.

  • Anonymous

    That’s what happens when you rush a marriage and babies, thinking it’ll suddenly make you a grown-up. I’m sorry, but enough is enough!

  • Myndee

    Leah says her marriage to Jeremy is fine, what she’s not telling you is for now. MTV wants her to wait and play out Divorce Gate 2 on the next season. Instant ratings to see how that plays out!

    • C.W

      I totally agree! I remember back then when I actually used to like her when she was with Corey. It was the same thing shes doing now. She post subtweets. Then she said, “Me and Corey arent divorcing :)” but some people in her area found that she filed for divorce because her little town posts marriages and divorces in the newspaper. Next thing we know tabloids started posting stories then she removed her fb account & twitter. Then everyone found out about the divorce the next season. Since Her and Jeremy got married in Kentucky, I dont know if anyone can look up and see if one of them filed or not…. but I do think its about jeremy. She always tweets cryptic stuff then claim everythings fine but on the show its a different story.

      • Myndee

        I wouldn’t be surprised if MTV told her to hold off on filing until closer to the next season/season finale and just talk about it, then file so it looks like they had the scoop first. Leah always says oh this was filmed so long ago, things are fine now. It wasn’t filmed that long ago, and I don’t think things are fine or really ever have been. Watching tonight’s episode is irking the crap out of me. The way they talk about Corey in front of the girls, look what Addalyn has to look forward to when mommy is on daddy #3. And Jeremy doesn’t look very caring or attentive to the twins, only Addalyn but that may be just me…. Javi even gets on the floor to play with Isaac, and I don’t think I’ve seen Jeremy play with the girls. And them crawling on the counter, ugh, and the baby standing in her high chair and Leah is just doot da doo around the kitchen!!

  • Weezer

    I guess it’s safe to say she’s cheating on this guy too…. like she did with every guy she ever dated/married. This girl strikes me as the type of person who will bang the cashier at the gas station simply because he smiled at her.

    • christee

      Dude, it’s called free gas, don’t knock it. She has to fund her trips to Crotch Crickets Anonymous and the Paint and Spackle Academy *somehow*

  • NbrownCh

    I wonder if its to hype the shows ratings..

  • TA

    I loathe cryptic messages. either say what’s going on or STFU.
    this shows even more her immaturity.

    • Lyra

      Agreed! By posting cryptic stuff she wants people to give her attention and ask what’s going on. If she wanted to keep it private she wouldn’t post at all. If her MTV contract won’t let her talk about it, release it to a gossip site through “a friend” like all the teen mom girls do.

      • texassa

        Oh, look, you’re here giving her… attention. Well done.

    • ameliaBedelia76

      well we all know that Leah isn’t very mature. So her sub-tweeting isn’t a big surprise.

    • TimM

      She *needs* the attention. Shows it on the show too. Can’t let the man be the man. Has to make him stay at home by her side. Its sad.

    • texassa

      I don’t think she was talking to you, so you don’t need to worry about it. Maybe you should STFU. She’s not the one telling you how to live your life.

      • LexiconD1

        Feeling pretty stupid there, ‘texassa?’

        Leah is about ready to loser her wallet…err, husband…

        • texassa

          I rarely feel stupid, and I certainly don’t now.

          • LexiconD1

            Of course you don’t….

  • Pat Brown

    by this time next year, they will be separated or divorced. Most relationships with sane mature rational people don’t last, this one has zero chance of lasting.

  • Ashley

    She’s the one girl I just can’t stand. I mean, Jenelle is a hot mess, we know. But I almost feel like she doesn’t know any better. But Leah DOES, yet she constantly pulls childish, petty BS like this. If this isn’t about her marriage, then I’m sure it’s about Corey and his. I just can’t stand her fake nice girl act. No one is buying it.

    • BreeMorey

      Remember when Corey was at her house picking up the girls and they were talking about his upcoming wedding and she said “Well im happy if you’re happy” ahhhhhhhhh why would it matter whether Leah is happy she was married with a new baby.. To me she is the type of girl who would be msging her friends boyfriends claiming they are just friends, she just wants everyone and doesn’t care who she hurts. Hussy

      • Myndee

        Well it was proven she is that type of girl. The Great Robbie Gate Cheating scandal proved that. But I like how Leah and her mom tried to spin it to make Corey look like the cheating bad guy, because having sex with your ex with your engagement ring on makes you Mother Theresa

  • jlo27916

    She is stupid and I’d bet it IS about Jeremy. She thinks she needs to rush into things obviously- She got prego a month into her and Corey. Then they rushed into marriage- divorced, and then she rushed again to have a baby- miscarriage- still rushed through ANOTHER wedding, had the third baby and she STILL thinks counseling is going to be the answer to their problems… I loathe how she always goes back to “counseling” SMH!

    • TA

      she found OUT she was pregnant a month after meeting Corey, they had sex on their first date.
      that’s klassy.

      • Chelsea

        She was 16 years old. Give her a break.

        • MPmom

          Because she was so young that’s just another reason she should have kept her legs together on a first date.

        • Brandy Nicole

          So that is a good reason to be a skank on a first date? Because she was 16?

          • Chelsea

            No, but most teens make bad decisions while drunk.

            • LexiconD1

              Ironic, and chalk full of hypocrisy…how sad.

            • Brandy Nicole

              So you’re assuming she was drunk?

              • Chelsea

                Yes. I don’t think a 16-year-old girl would have sober sex on a first date.

            • Myndee

              Well she shouldn’t have been drinking. Plenty of teens are responsible and don’t drink.

      • tater

        Just can’t figure her reasoning, complains about not paying bills and then wants hubby home taking care of business. Mind boggling. Nothing makes any sense. Jeremy sure has his
        Hands full. Three women in the house
        And then the pets if they are female, and yep the man needs a break. Goes to work to rest. Who knew teen mom would be a top prego reality show. Just think of all the cash they make from it. Each of the Calverts getting a piece of the pie. It gets me they All are broke driving new cars, nice homes, designer clothes, and always eating out. Somebody’s got the money, not me..
        Sure feel for the kids. Amaz i n g how
        They are so resilient. Take care little
        Ones, they are picking up all this never doubt their brilliance.

        • Myndee

          The same thing can be said for Kailyn and Javi. There not living off his Air Force paycheck, my husband is in the Army for 8.5 years, and trust me we don’t make enough for a new $200,000 home, new Surburban and a Benz, and sleeve tattoos or trips to the Bahamas. How any of the girls afford what they have and claim MTV doesn’t pay them irks me and makes me laugh. How stupid do they think we are?

  • frontdoormom

    Sounds like Leah is “drownding” in marital problems.

    • Lauren


    • Dee Jaye

      That just made my whole day. If I had to hear her say that in the previews one more time I was going to drownd myself in my bath tub.

  • Lauren

    Bait & switch, Starcasm. Bait & switch!

  • spottedgiraffe

    Leah does this for attention. It’s sad.

  • pmo

    and bachelor #3 enters from the wings, stage left.

    • Myndee

      Is there any many stupid enough to fall for her?

  • Michelle

    She wanted some attention I almost feel sorry for her.

  • Lynn

    How tacky. She clearly loves the attention.

  • Rob Ford (CRACK MAYOR)

    I hope she’s talking about that awful haircut

  • Ashley

    Right, I’m sure she and Jeremy are really “perfectly fine,” just like they always have been throughout their marriage according to her social media…while Teen Mom shows a totally different picture of their relationship…

  • Iysis

    I don’t know why but she reminds of Kailyn. She jumps from guy to guy quickly thinking it’ll make her better or grow up, but she’s actually adding drama. Then you throw in a couple of kids! And soon after marriage they start to think maybe this was a bad idea.

  • the forgotten twin

    I don’t think IT’s fine. Why would she post those messages?