Nathan Griffith criticized for public jab at pregnant Jenelle Evans’ eating habits


By this point in his relationship with Teen Mom 2‘s Jenelle Evans, Nathan Griffith is likely accustomed to the negative responses that will come from some followers with every message he posts. But, a recent message indicates he could still stand to learn about occasionally biting his tongue so as to avoid fueling the fire…

Jenelle fans quickly reminded Nathan that a pregnant woman should be entitled to an extra treat or two — especially since his lady still looks pretty dang fantastic for being weeks away from the baby’s due date!

Jenelle Evans pregnant selfie May 16 2014

On the other hand, Nathan and Jenelle are two people who take a lot of pride in their bodies. Keeping a parter accountable can be a very positive thing, if done in a tactful manner.

Buuuuuut, even if Jenelle was ok with Nathan’s snack swap suggestion, that doesn’t explain why he felt the need to share the conversation online.

That being said, he doesn’t seem to regret to post. He just responded to critics with a new tweet that shows just how much he really cares what anyone else thinks…

As for the person whose opinion really matters, Jenelle doesn’t seem to have taken offense. She even retweeted the message.

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  • M

    Ugh! Can’t believe these 2 are going to be parents again.

    • Myndee

      I think even God is a little shocked that this fiasco is happening again. One of the grandparents must have prayed really hard for another baby to raise in retirement

      • gofyourself

        Because those who can’t have babies just aren’t praying hard enough??
        Ugh. Prayer has nothing to do with it.

        • Myndee

          I never said people who truly want kids aren’t praying hard enough.

          • gofyourself

            Sorry, when you said “One of the grandparents must have prayed really hard”, it seemed to imply that they could only be pregnant because of prayer or that babies come from prayer.

            • Lex

              Seemed like a joke to me.

              • gofyourself

                Ah. The internet is ambiguous.

  • Sarah

    Hot body… Ugly face.

    • K

      Butterface… buttereyebrows?

      • Lexie Grace

        Lmao!! Buttereyebrows?!

    • LaLa84

      What? You’re not attracted to Val Kilmer?

  • Myndee

    Is anyone really surprised she’s eating garbage while pregnant? I guess we should be happy it’s sugar and not heroine

    • Daniel

      Lol love it

      • Myndee

        It’s sad, but true!

    • Red

      Don’t worry, there have been plenty of photos she posted with her bong in clear view, that should help her say away from heroin!!

  • ren

    Now now, come on. Not to defend these two yahoos, but I don’t think he was criticizing so much as just teasing. When I was pregnant I took full advantage of my dessert allowance too. My husband and my 4yr old called me “The Big One”. lol It may have sounded offensive to a stranger’s ears but I didn’t mind because I know my husband and he was just teasing. I think Nathan is doing the same. You guys are just knit-picking. ; )

    • ren

      Oops just re-read the headline and realized that Starcasm isn’t doing the criticizing but rather that others are criticizing Nathan for his “public jab”. I still stand by my comment, only it is now aimed at his real critics. He was right to post his retort on Twitter. (Again, just to make it clear, totally NOT a fan of these twits. lol)

  • SS

    why do you continue to post about these people? they’re truly disgusting and it just makes all of us sad for Jace and the new baby. No one wants to hear about these losers.

    • kelly

      I love hearing about them and their train wreck lives! Don’t read the post if you are not interested.

  • TA

    not that I’d ever defend either of these two, but I think he was making a joke about the amount of sugar, and it making the baby hyper enough to “jump right out”.

    having said that, I can’t WAIT for the fights that will come after the baby, where’s he’s at the gym for hours and hours and she’s stuck at home with the baby.

  • Me

    What’s the big deal? I didn’t take it as a fat crack, I took it as a sugar high for baby. As in the sugar will get baby bouncing right out of her belly. If you’ve ever been pregnant you would know that sugar things and cold things get baby bouncing about.

  • indyfan2007

    I feel so sorry for this unborn child…does anyone see Janelle or Nathan getting up and carrying for a baby 24/7…the stress of night feedings is going to put them in a full on brawl…I see custody fights in the future for these two and I hope cps wins!

    • Like

      What fights? She claims they’ve been “stable since day one” *eyeroll*

  • C

    The only thing disgusting is that you negative Nancy’s have nothing better to do with yourselves then put down people who are on television. You only see what the cameras want you to see. Get off of your high horses!

    • Jake


    • Billy Bain

      Hi jenelle! #hugefan

  • Alyssa

    I really don’t care what he says, what bothers me are dumb tweets and FB posts like that which are useless fluff. Why should any of us care what she eats?

  • Janak

    Child Protective Services should be put on high alert….those two douche canoes shouldn’t be allowed to have an animal, let alone a baby.

  • Ashley

    As an expectant mother nourishing her unborn child, she should be eating better than she does – always posting about her fast food meals.

    • Fact

      Oh you know she’s just using her Olive Garden gifts cards from MTV.

    • sammi

      I indulged in my cravings while pregnant, not gonna lie about it lol, but I also ate nourishing foods as well. I craved strawberry milk, doritos, corn pops cereal lol.

  • Red

    Please, I doubt she was offended. Anything to soak up attention. However, the second they break up she will use “He called me fat while I was pregnant!!”. I’m calling it now. Place your bets.

    • hmm

      Oh once they break up it’ll be messy as hell. All of her breakups are but this time there will be an innocent child in the middle of it, which makes it more sad. I predict Jenelle accusing Nathan of physical abuse which I know she accuses every single bf she has had of… BUT in this case, I’d believe it because he just has a attitude about him that I could see him getting drunk and lashing out at his gfs/other people. And why doesn’t he have custody of his daughter? Her mother is a known drug addict and Nathan is supposedly Mr. Perfect now so why doesn’t he even have partial custody? Either he doesn’t care or he has his own skeletons in his closet. I just do not trust anyone that willingly impregnated Jenelle knowing her backstory. And then Nathan will come out (lol) and tell the public that Jenelle is a drug addicted, pathological lying mess that used and drank while pregnant. Kinda similar to what happened between her and Courtland but with an actual living baby involved this time. Unfortunately. Poor little Kaiser, his little baby eardrums will be blown out before he’s a month old. I wouldn’t trust either of these two with a goldfish, nevermind a newborn.

      • Mackenzie

        I believe I heard somewhere that Nathan got a DUI while his daughter was in the car with him, that’s why he doesn’t have custody.

        • yup

          everything you read on the internet must be true….

          • Sue

            Hi Jenelle!

      • Red

        Your reply is full of so much win, all I can do is give you a standing ovation.

      • sammi

        Spot On!

  • Courtney

    He’s at the gym and on Twitter! Lol He just get’s so turned on by himself while he’s working out and has to share with everyone to stroke his ego. I wouldn’t touch him with YOUR 10 foot pole let alone mine!!! He’s gross!

  • spottedgiraffe

    Jenelle is the one that went on his twitter and wrote that message. Both of them are worthless losers. Don’t report on them again until kaiser is born and tests positive for drugs.

  • Tionne

    How is this girl having another baby. Smdh

  • Tamtam

    At the gym all the time, and twitter, because you don’t work…

  • zoezoe

    Pregnant women eat poorly sometimes. I ate a whole container of ice cream today and I’m 9 months along. I’m not proud of that, but I did go crazy and sometimes, where there is a little one telling you to eat, you eat.
    As far as him taking a “jab” do I think it was in a playful way and I do think people should stop trying so hard to make them both out to be horrible people. They have done some things poorly but I think once they get their heads on right, they should do just fine.
    Remember, we don’t see everything. The cameras don’t catch every single moment. Editing can make things look better or worse than they are. I’m not saying they are completely in the right, I’m just saying, don’t be so quick to judge people. It is a show, after all.