PHOTO VIDEO Nathan Griffith sexts with Jenelle Evans, then removes her stitches

Jenelle Evans sext messages with boyfriend Nathan Griffith

Move over Carlos Danger and Sydney Leathers, we’ve got ourselves a new TMIster and TMIsses! Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans shared the above text message exchange with her hunky (and still relatively drama free!) boyfriend Nathan Griffith on Twitter in which the two swapped sexy selfies and flirty messages.

“Whoaaaaa! Baby u r huge !” Jenelle typed in response to Nathan’s rather ripped back pic. She then sent a photo of her enhanced cleavage and asked Nathan, “Like my boobs? Lmao”

Nathan’s response was simply “Winning 🙂 ”

If you’re not impressed with Nathan Danger’s sexting skillz, then perhaps you will give him some props for his nursing talents because he apparently removed Jenelle’s appendectomy stitches armed with only scissors, tweezers, and Youtube! Check out this Vine video posted by Jenelle along with the description, “Oh sh!t Nathan is being my doctor right now, stitches removal. 🙁 ”

She later updated fans by tweeting, “Got my last stitch out that was stuck lol @GroundLevelUp got the rest of them, hahaha.”

I don’t want to jinx anything, but it sure does seem like Jenelle has made some dramatic improvements towards getting her life straightened out since hooking up with Nathan. She seems energetic and less erratic and temperamental and, well, genuinely pretty damn happy. That girl never ceases to surprise me!

UPDATE – We just got an exclusive image of the rest of the sexting conversation in which a third party chimes in!

Babs Evans responds to Jenelle Evans sext messages with Nathan Griffith

* Yes, that last image was Photoshopped

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