Chelsea Houska’s ex Adam Lind arrested again for driving with revoked license

Adam Lind jail

The streets of Sioux Falls, South Dakota were a little bit safer this weekend after police arrested Teen Mom 2 star, and reality television’s worst driver, Adam Lind for driving with a revoked license Saturday morning. According to jail records, Chelsea Houska’s ex was booked at 9:27AM and he is currently listed as being on a “Court Services Probation Hold.”

In case you missed it, Adam’s driving history includes 3 DUIs as well as a fiery crash back in February in which Adam hit an elderly couple while traveling at a high rate of speed. Adam was hospitalized after being pulled from the wreckage by a witness before his Corvette burned up. He was later charged with five separate crimes for the incident.

Adam’s court date for the charges stemming from his February court date was pushed back to November, so I assume he will have at least one more charge tacked on prior to that from this arrest.

Chelsea Houska's ex Adam Lind sex panther shirt

Also, we spoke with a source close to the situation who tells us Adam lost his job several weeks ago, which means he may find it difficult to get a work release permit like he has in the past.


UPDATE – It appears as though Adam is back out on the streets! Monday evening he shared this photo of himself, daughter Paislee and Paislee’s mother Taylor Halbur on instagram with the caption, “Movie time πŸ™‚ ”

Adam Lind Taylor Halbur daughter Paislee

I checked online and Adam is no longer listed as being in custody.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, Taylor tweeted “Well here goes nothing.”


Many fans were suspicious that Adam was continuing to give into his self-proclaimed driving addiction when he posted these photos on instagram last week of his truck getting stuck in the mud:

Teen Mom 2 Adam Lind truck mudding Teen Mom 2 Adam Lind's truck stuck in the mud

In the comments section someone asked if either of Adam’s daughters (Aubree or Paislee) were in the truck at the time, and the question got Adam a bit riled up. “U guys need to shut up my god,” Adam wrote, “obviously I am not going to take my kids out here ! … f***ing shut up and go watch some tv and do your make up…”

The conversation continued:

Commenter: Sorry about my language on here but holy sh!t people are so judge mental about the littlest things! You have changed alot and you are raising 2 beautiful girls and your girl got to be careful in school they will be getting all the boys when they are older.

Adam: Right !! …. I refuse to have paislee and aubree grow up caking make up on texting snap chat Facebook twitter Instagram glued to their damn phones .. When they are older …. f**k no they will have jobs they will have manners and have self respect and dignity they will be hard working Country girls who like to get their hands dirty play in the mud and ain’t afraid to get dirty and show who they really are and how they will be raised … just like I was …

Adam later revealed that his truck not only got stuck, but was also damaged during his excursion.

Commenter: Looks like a lot of fun

Adam: Only broke one tie rod and both cv axles :0

Commenter: Are Driveshafts expensive for it? (CV Axles)

Adam: No not to bad …

Another commenter used the opportunity to call Adam out on reports that he cheated on his on-again, off-again girlfriend Taylor Halbur:

Commenter: How would you feel if Taylor f**ked some dudes? #justsaying #shesthebest #whydoutreatherlikeshit

Adam: Umm she does lol dumb b!tch think u know everything how about the dude she f**ked while we weren’t together go ahead ask her that … think you f**king know everything …. o here is his name btw … Danny Eisenhower… don’t believe ask her yourself …. get your facts straight b4 u talk sh!t and tag her and me in a post ….

Adam: #whyrusostupid

Adam: O wait you must have read it on the Internet …… well its gotta be true then ! Right ?

* I want to assure our readers that although they are reading on the internet about Adam being arrested yet again, it is true.

UPDATE – Though we can’t be sure whether these are in response to Adam’s most recent arrest, here are a couple recent tweets from Chelsea’s dad Randy Houska and Taylor Halbur, the mother of Adam’s second daughter Paislee:

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  • P

    Him and Jenelle are a match made in Heaven. Thrown this disgusting sh!tball in prison for life.

    • P


  • Sammy

    Looks like he is on roids, which could explain why he is an @ss. Then again he was an @ss back when he was a toothpick.

  • christee

    How can anyone instill good manners into anyone else, if they don’t possess them to begin with? Not to mention, half a functioning brain cell. Good grief, this boy’s a dumbass. He can’t learn :/

    • Lyra

      I agree, and the only way he can change is if HE wants too, which apparently he does not. So what I want to know is HOW THE HELL IS HE STILL DRIVING?
      Seriously! One of the charges from the crash before was driving w a suspended or revoked license. And then he posts pics of off-roading in his truck? (You know he drove it on the road to get to wherever that field is.) Forget a hardship license (to and from work) too, make him take a taxi! You know that the cops didn’t pull him over the and only time he actually drank and drive, for every arrest he prolly was on the road doing the same thing many times before he was actually caught. I know it sucks but he needs to be forced to rehab, jail, whatever will snap him to reality, because nothing will compare to his guilt after he kills someone else’s Paislee or Aubrey.

    • Cait

      Seriously, how is he going to raise his children that he barely sees..

  • Bernadette Horace

    You ever why ignorant people like this are blessed with beautiful. , healthy and adorable babies but choose to do idiotic things so they won’t help raise them. πŸ™ poor babies!! Grateful for stand up mothers like Chelsea and Taylor . Hopefully Chelsea can stick her nastiness aside n let the sisters grow up together, she claims to love Aubrey then that would be in her best interest

    • hmm

      I think the better question for this article is why are drunk driving, selfish losers able to father not one but 2 children? I wonder how “nasty” Chelsea will be in Adam crashes his car with Aubree in it? And it would be nice if Chelsea let Aubree have a relationship with Paislee but she’s under no obligation to, that’s on ADAM, he is the parent of both of those girls. As along as Adam has visitation then he can foster a relationship between the two but why Chelsea would go out of her way to make a sisterly relationship with her daughter and her ex’s new gf’s daughter makes no sense. It would be very nice of her but she’s not “nasty” if she choose not to. You also have to tak into account that Taylor may not want anythign to do with Chelsea considering Adam slept with her while she was pregnant.
      But the only relevant thing those two girls have with an article about Adam being a drunk driving, law ignoring loser is that they hopefully don’t let the kids in the car with him and stop taking him back/having sex with him. But I guess it’s easier to bash the girls, right?

      • ameliaBedelia76

        great post!

  • Liv

    Both Chelsea and Taylor deserve better. Hopefully they’ll learn to get along for the sake of their children.

  • kieffer

    Why does Chelsea keep sleeping with him? And why does Taylor keep taking him back? I don’t get it.

    • Xx

      I know! Are there no other guys in South Dakota or something? I think he probably goes after girls with very low self esteem. Both of them seem kinda immature for their ages too. So he knows he can get away with a lot and someone will be waiting for him. And I bet both Taylor and Chelsea are stuck on that whole “my baby’s parents need to be together even if it’s a bad relationship!” that a lot of girls get caught up in.

  • Brandy Nicole

    I think Chelsea is so pretty but let’s face it, all three so called adults in this situation are hot messes.

  • ugh

    They won’t take his license forever until he kills someone. I’ve seen it happen where I live. It’s disgusting, And even then he’d probably do 5 years get out and still drive without a license. The fact that any girl out there would let him anywhere near her vagina is mind blowing. There is seriously not one good quality about this guy. I really hope Chelsea and Taylor do not let him drive around with those two innocent children.
    And here’s another reason why the Chelsea haters that claim that she’s “just as bad as Adam” make me laugh. Chelsea is spoiled and a cheater but as far as we know she’s not out there endangering the general public & his own daughters like this asshat. Chelsea’s biggest fault is that she’s still stuck on him and needs to realize what a loser he is and move the hell on. He really should hook up with Jenelle, she loves her multiple DUI offender bf Nathan after all, so much so she let him drive Jace around even though his DL was also suspended because he’s also a drunk driving loser.

    • Lyra

      Totally agree! And then the people that say “Oh I have children…” newsflash, people that drink and drive don’t only drink in their car. They are alcoholics and drink everywhere including around their children. The leniency only makes it worse for the kids, at least in situations I have personally seen.
      I will admit that the system for rehabilitation if broke however. Halfway houses expose people do more drugs/alcohol, then they normally got at their own house. They need to have a special jail/rehab where they have doctors that withdraw them off alcohol, give them meds that will make them sick if they drink, and constant breathalyzers. They need to do therapy for that person AND their family. Have them do some menial job to help defray the costs while they’re in treatment, and then send them the bill for the rest. Also have them participate in community service. Tossing them in prison just doesn’t seem to work.

    • spottedgiraffe

      Chelsea is annoying but she only creates problems for herself. Adam on the other hand is a constant danger to others. I agree the two shouldn’t be compared.

  • heyBale

    Girls in South Dakota cant get enuff D it seems.
    Adam will have his hands full with 2 teenaged daughters when that time comes.

  • BEBE

    Omg that receding hairline

  • crimo

    I wish I was famous so when I did something stupid like have a threesome or cuss someone for no reason I could be like “omg just bc u read it on the internet it doesn’t make it true!!”. πŸ™‚

  • ghost

    For the love of god, someone please sterilize him so he’ll stop breeding.

    I don’t understand why any girl would open her legs for him in the first place… he’s always been a loser and always will be.

  • Anne

    Wearing makeup is not okay, but getting a DUI is?

  • Ashley

    What an idiot. Poor Aubree and Paislee πŸ™

  • TA

    well, goodness, so much class in this one. take notice, ABC! here’s your next bachelor!

  • Ashley

    Adam used to be a decently attractive guy, but now with his looks and personality, why in the world would Chelsea still go back to him?!

  • hoodie

    Will Adam lose visitation rights because of this?

  • spottedgiraffe

    1. He refuses to let his daughters cake on makeup because he hates it yet he dated both Chelsea and Taylor who throw on tubs of makeup
    2. You expect us to believe you have good judgement and not question if you bought your kids out there Adam, yet you drive with a revoked license
    3. Randy is annoying. He’s constantly talking about Adam. We get it he’s a balding loser just pretend he doesn’t exist.

  • sammi

    What’s with that hairline. Adam looks like he’s 45. And Randy is so lame for posting that. Why do you even have a twitter like you’re 21 or something.

  • lola

    Randy is so immature. He needs to mind his own business.

  • ameliaBedelia76

    adam is a straight up loser!

  • Janak

    This douche needs to be locked up for at least a year, especially with so many priors….what is it going to take, him killing someone while driving illegally? The South Dakota court system needs to get their s#!+ together!

  • Lovinlifetothefullest

    I’m pretty sure Adam lives in a trailer down by the river. He takes loser to the extreme

  • Mrs C.

    Where the fk does this DB live that his skankazz isn’t doing some prison time?