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Leah Messer new house 2016

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer has had a rough couple of years, but the single mother of three has recently turned things around thanks to the guidance of her “Live Your Standard” life coach. In addition to her new outlook on life, Leah has a new outlook on her home state of West Virginia — from the porch of her new house!

That’s right, Leah has left behind her old digs and recently purchased her first house. (I’m assuming her previous house was purchased by Jeremy Calvert?) Leah made the big announcement on Twitter on June 1. “I’m extremely ecstatic to announce The girls and I just sealed the deal on our new house!” Leah tweeted. “#GodIsGreat Everything is falling into place!!?”

A little more than a week later, Leah shared some of her thoughts on things she wanted to buy for her new home:

The next update came in the form of a selfie montage in which Leah has a little fun showing off her mover ‘do:

Leah Messer funny faces photos

“Man oh man… This move is kicking my buttt!!” wrote Leah. “#HairUp & #Packing while it’s just me. ??”

More shopping options:

There is so many ideas to choose from ! #Happy #Bright #OurNewHome #MyGirls&I ?? What do we choose!? ?

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Leah shared photos on June 23 of some of the packing she was doing despite the heavy rains. She was unaware at the time that those rains would eventually turn disastrous for her home state and the surrounding areas:

Leah’s move was delayed by the torrential rains in West Virginia, and she spent the next few days working hard to get the word out about the devastation there, with links on how to help:

#WVStrong #HellorHIGHwater

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Eventually, the rains stopped and Leah was able to move into her new house — but her thoughts were still with those affected by the storms. She shared this photo from inside her new house:

Leah Messer new house interior

“Finally, I’m moved… ☺” Leah captioned the photo. “I’m so happy to finally be in my own home, but now I’m ready to do what I can to get everyone around me back in theirs! We will all then be so happy and relieved! I hope everyone is doing okay through this all. I’ll be available to help anyone that needs me again after tomorrow! Let’s get our homes and towns back WV! Xoxo?? #Goodnight”

Teen Mom 2 Leah Messer's new house

Yesterday Leah shared the first exterior photo of her new house (above) and wrote, “&& the yard work begins for this mommy! Can’t wait for the twins to get to spend their first night in OUR Home! ??”

Most of the comments were positive, and an appreciative Leah responded: “Thanks everyone!!! This move has been one we will never forget!”

Congratulations to Leah on her new home! We certainly hope that it helps her make a new start for her and her daughters.

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