PHOTO Kailyn Lowry’s Pride Over Pity book cover revealed, available for pre-order

Kailyn Lowry Pride Over Pity book cover - click to order from Amazon

Teen Mom 2 fans have been eagerly awaiting Kailyn Lowry’s book Pride Over Pity for what seems like years now, but the wait will soon be over! The 159-page hardcover memoir will officially be released on April 22, 2014 with Amazon already accepting preorders. The price is $18.99, but as usual, Amazon offers their “Pre-order Price Guarantee,” which means that “if the price decreases between your order time and the end of the day of the release date, you’ll receive the lowest price.”

In addition to the release date, we also have another bit of Kail book goodness to share with you… the cover! Seen above, the book cover for Pride Over Pity features Kail in a colorful sleeveless patterned top that shows off her intricate sleeve tattoo.

Kail’s name is preceded by “From MTV’s Teen Mom 2” and followed by the name of Kail’s co-writer, Adrienne Wenner.

From the publisher:

Kailyn Lowry is the feisty, unapologetic, tattooed beauty whose determination to raise her son on her own terms has been documented on MTV’s critically acclaimed, hit series Teen Mom 2. Across five seasons, fans have watched her grow from a vulnerable, pregnant teen into a fiercely independent young mother. Through the breakup with the father of her child and the ensuing custody battles, her struggle to come to terms with her troubled childhood, her diagnosis with bipolar disorder, and relentless online bullying, Kailyn has faced it all with her head held high and her spirit intact.

But in addition to what fans of Teen Mom 2 are probably aware of, the book also delves into a lot of stuff Kailyn has never talked about — Click here to find out more about that!

So will you be ordering a copy of Pride Over Pity?

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  • dre12

    uh… no.

  • Melissa

    That girl was not blessed with good looks… or a good attitude.

    • frontdoormom

      She just has like a stank face…idk i just make one when i see her. I cringe. Idk why none of the TM girls are likeable lol. I like people but these girls really rub me the wrong way.

    • Agree

      I feel like if she took care of herself better she could look a lot better. She just seems so frumpy.

      • Melissa

        Yeah. She looks really pretty in some certain photos with MTV but most of the time she is so homely and gross looking.

  • gofyourself

    So hideous skull tattoo goes front and center huh?

    • Myndee

      I for one am so happy she showcased that beauty. I’m sure it has soooo much meaning behind it and was well thought out. I sure hope she tattoos benefits on her next, that has more meaning to her than anything else

      • gofyourself

        Glad it has meaning to her, doesn’t mean it isn’t unsightly to look at for almost everyone else.

        • Myndee

          I was being sarcastic….

  • whitney

    “let me answer that for you in spanish… NO.”

  • Judy

    White Trash

  • jen

    Pretty sure Adrienne Wenner should be in bigger letters than Kail, seeing as how she’s the one that wrote it all. Really hope no one buys this book.

    • Pat Brown

      so agree with you, so many talented writers out there, can’t get publishing deals, and this anger ball gets one!

  • P

    Pretty sad when you can’t even write your own story without the help of a writer. We already know one thing she learned at an early age. I guess writing isn’t one of them.

    • Pat Brown

      she’s not a writer, she’s a girl that lays down and waits for the next body to lay beside her, and rescue her, that’s what it’s all about with her, very very sad!

  • sara

    not a good look

  • P

    Out of all the little sl#t% that auditioned for 16 & Pounded and Teen Mooch… why in the world was this girl chosen? She brings nothing to the camera, offers no life lessons and stinks of entitlement and bad attitude.

    • awoman

      She was living with the dad with no family support from her side. MTV thought it would be a train wreck.

      • Myndee

        Well it kind of is. She has anger issues like Amber, and yeah she hit or pushed Javi like Amber did Gary but it wasn’t on camera so there’s no footage to get her investigated like Amber. That would have been great tv! Two seasons of picking winners MTV!

  • Dani

    159 pages? Lmao!

  • Harper

    Her life story written by a ghost writer. Pretty pathetic. I see this book in the bargain bin at Walmart in about 2 months, right next to the camping gear and automotive products.

  • Pat Brown

    she is just so not classy! With her gross tattoos and her stupid ways of reasoning. Everything she says and does is ridiculous, like even admitting that she married Javi WHEN she did to get his military benefits! She is so inappropriate, she makes Amber and Jenelle look better and better every day!

    • Myndee

      And she will wonder why other military wives will judge her for her comments. We work damn hard to prove to we married for love not for a paycheck and some benefits. It disgusts me that she came off as such a tag chaser but no one wanted to say anything to her about it.

      • Pat Brown

        she has no filters on, seems like she doesn’t know when to shut her pie hole! I feel sorry for her children, she does come to the table with a lot of baggage. I’ve heard her say her mom was a drunk and an addict, but I’ve never heard from her mother, regarding those issues. She let her live with her, gave her a car, I would like to hear from the mother regarding her issues before I judge her mother. Kail is young about to be 22 but her personality is already set, and she has a lot to learn about life and people, and just being more grateful, and less gross and entitled!

        • Myndee

          It’s sad how much she bashes her mother. No one will ever know the whole story about her mom because of the editing, and maybe her mom didn’t want to show her life and struggles on national tv for a few thousand dollars (they get paid even if they aren’t key characters, people have admitted it) knowing the tv producers will make her the evil mom and Kailyn the victim. All of those girls have a character to play and they feed into it for MTV. The Hills was scripted, do people think this show isn’t scripted too?

          And that girl has some harsh lessons to learn and I don’t know if she ever will

        • Maiko Higa

          Its more fun to watch than Leah and Chelsea who are all filters.

      • Erica

        Exactly and then her having a baby right after they got married to boost up his pay even more… it just seems like she is in it for money and benefits i don’t see them lasting very long

        • Pat Brown

          I don’t either, but very relationships last until one dies, that is just reality, and with all the baggage she has, and his very young age, you know this one will not last! I say within 5 years they will be over! She will be under 30 and it will be over, but not to worry, she will have a replacement shortly thereafter!

        • Myndee

          I would love to see how she handles a deployment. Two kids and running a house alone? There’s a reason military marriages have a higher divorce rate than non civilian marriages….

          And if you made a drinking game out of the episodes before Javi left for boot camp you’d be drunk in 4 minutes. Could she have said benefits anymore?!

          • Erica

            she’s probably going to go jody on him the poor guy! she will break after the first deployment if not in the middle of it! my husband just came back in august and he had 6 guys who’s wives left them during deployment 🙁 i do not see her handling it well at all… i thought i was going to be a wreck but i worked a lot and then by the time he had two months left every day he got a picture of me holding a sign saying however many days he had left and he liked that oh and the packages he got every week for him and his buddies i made them cookies and stuff and sent it and so by the time i met them all they all loved me and knew i was genuine and truly loved my husband and was in it forever no matter how many deployments or stupid weeks in the field. it takes a very strong person to be able to handle a army guy…especially a infantry grunt like mine they are crazy 🙂

        • mimi1

          Erica, having additional children does not boost pay! You either get single rate or rate with dependents. There’s no extra pay for extra kids!

          • Erica

            it raises your bah

      • bambiglanville

        why would you work hard to prove you didn’t marry someone for benefits? you really shouldn’t have to prove anything. Making that statement makes it sound like all women who marry into the military just want benefits

        • Myndee

          No, not all women do marry for benefits BUT when you have someone that’s on tv weekly talking about marrying her boyfriend before he leaves for boot camp for BENEFITS makes other military couples look bad. You have no idea how many women really are out there for just the benefits (“tag chasers”) and so people who married for actual love get judged harder because all anyone sees is the tag chasers. Look on craigslist, there are posts asking for contract marriages. People look at you harder and immediately assume you married for a paycheck. I have been grilled about how my husband and I met, and why we got married. Looking at military couples and wondering if it’s a contract marriage is the same as people looking at an attractive girl with an older man. Everyone assumes she’s in it for only the cash, but you know what? Maybe there’s love and no money there.

          • bambiglanville

            I didn’t know they swim in cash, which made me wonder why everyone jumps to this conclusion

  • M

    Why does she feel the need to publish a book? She can’t even write it herself!!! Oh ya, tryna make a quick buck…

    Also the cover looks soooo generic. Definitely judging this book by its cover…

  • Fail

    I knew the cover was going to be bad but this HAHA!

  • spottedgiraffe

    She really should have worn a long-sleeved shirt. And lmao at “relentless online bullying”.

  • Leslie

    This is quite possibly the WORST book cover ever designed. Who needs help writing their own life story? Last time I checked if the press release for your new book has multiple errors, you should not be writing a book.

  • Goober

    Her face looks kinda fat or swollen… There were seriously no better pictures?

    • Kath

      She is not skinny so I doubt there is a picture of her with a skinny face.
      Not meaning offense towards her weight.

      • Autumn

        It is surprising how thin her face looks on this picture if you compare it to her ever present 3 chins in the episodes.

  • Sara

    No…No…you change cover..

  • sammi

    That tat will look like stretched putty in a few years, after she is done pushing out more kids for Javi and a few others..ya know…for the benefits and all lol. I never liked her at all. What made her think it was okay to move on with another man and date him all while living off of Jo and his family? And people had the nerve to defend her. I was so glad when Jo hit it and quit it that one time. She cheated on Jordan for Jo and Jo wanted nothing to do with her anymore. She just rubs me the wrong way. She brings all these men around Isaac but got mad with Jo when he let his longtime girl V finally meet Isaac. She is such a hypocrite in every sense of the word. Its terrible to move Isaac so far from his dad. Totally selfish. I cant wait to see all these girls in 10 years when the show is gone and money is spent. The only one I see keeping her head above water will be Chelsea and that’s not because of her own doing, its cause daddy is rich and will take care of her and Aubree forever. Which is pretty pathetic on her part actually.

    • Pat Brown

      So right you are! Very well said!

      • sammi

        These girls just bug the mess out of me. They are portrayed like they are struggling single moms with no financial help and thats not the case at all. Im a single mom of a 7 year old son, going to school full time, still having to live at home because I cant afford my own place right now, no child support, no handouts at all and its a slap in our faces when they complain about money when we all know how much they get. Can you believe Amber made 250,000 in 2011 I believe.

  • bambiglanville

    she has a waffle looking skull tattoo on her arm. That’s all I need to say.

  • rachael

    Reading these comments make me think of the mean, self righteous, snobby girls… walking through the hall of highschool.. pointing and criticizing and laughing at others to make themselves feel more worthy. Its so sad that hating and putting down is the first thing girls do to one another. That insulting and laughing at someone is the first thing to do. I say more power to her. Find constructive ways to live life, use mtv as your platform.. as anyone would do if given the chance. I say there is nothing wrong with anyones appearance just something wrong with the heart of those that criticize it.. I say that when I am perfect in every way Ican judge. But since that isnt possible, I will be one strong women giving kudos to another.. and be sure to never ever be apart of the world that feels great when hurting another.. and raise my children to do the same. Having hateful opinions Is your right as an american citizen.. but not always wise and definately not necessary. How sad. Very wrong. And when did the golden rule dissappear?

    • Snacks

      Who said all the commenters were female? Males too can observe Kailyn on TM2 and comment her behavior.

      • rachael

        Agreed. But speaking to the females which make up the majority.

    • Get over it

      So you say you don’t judge but you take the liberty to judge “those mean, self righteous, snobby girls”. Like I always says, being the “hater” of a “hater”, doesn’t make you less of a “hater”.

      • Dani

        So much this.

      • Kind of over it

        She’s not being a hater of a hater. She’s calling you people out on the snobby actions. You are displaying self righteousness to the core. Grow up!

      • seriously

        huge difference between casting hate and judgment on one individual person. And speaking on a broad stereotype. Let’s call an apple an Apple definitely not the same thing. and also far from a hater.

    • Self-Righteous B!tch

      So your crap doesn’t stink, but everybody who takes the time to judge “have something very wrong with their hearts” and are hateful. Then you have the nerve to talk about self-righteousness We get it mother theresa, you’re just soo much better.

      • rachael

        Obviously wrong with your heart.. yes. Or you wouldnt feel the need to be mean and judgmental. Comparison to mother teresa was appreciated but not accurate. At no point was I “self righteous” simply wondering why women cant support and uplift one another instead of tearing eachother apart. Obviously, wanting that to be the message escaped you.. I am far from better far from flawless, which is exactly why I wouldnt insult another for appearance or weight or tatoos or intelligence.. because my concern would be with improving myself and the areas I would need work not at someone elses.. that is it in a nutshell.

  • LaDy

    I work as a manuscript editor for a ghost writer professionally. While I can assure you most books are not written entirely alone, she must have not had a lot of cash to spare, because very rarely do you include the ghost writer on the cover.

    • Pat Brown

      no would think for a second that she actually wrote a sentence, so she was kind of forced to!

  • Maiko Higa

    I’m so pretty and blonde, but look how badass this skull tattoo makes me…not.

  • Demona

    I don’t get this whole military controversy. I dated active duty guys. I married a former active duty man who still did other things in and with the military for years. I had active guys propose to me promising me an easy life with benefits. I didn’t love them and walked away. Seems like people just have to fight over the Internet these days.
    Who cares? If you married for love good for you. Doesn’t mean your marriage lasts any longer than the couple who married for business. In fact, some times business marriages outlast love because they aren’t as emotional. They both knew what they were getting into, the terms of the bargain, and they abide by it. No emotions. Even raising happy children since the only time they fight is when the bargain isn’t upheld…..I’m just saying all this drama over her marriage is silly. It’s not your marriage, stop taking it so personal.
    AND marrying military for benefits is common but it’s also common in other careers too. A single mom going to college is likely to grab any sure paycheck, look at Leah’s misery.