Report: Leah Messer suffers a miscarriage

OK magazine cover story caliming Teen Mom Leah Messer has suffered a miscarriage

According to the cover story in the latest issue of OK! magazine, Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer has suffered a miscarriage. An “insider close to the reality star” reveals to the tabloid, “She was having bad cramps for the past two weeks, and then she miscarried.”

Leah Messer’s fiance (and father-to-be) Jeremy Calvert reportedly spoke with OK!, saying, “It’s a devastating experience, but all I can do is support Leah and take things day by day.” He then adds, “It’s hard, but we will get through it.”

Leah had posted some comments online about feeling sad and depressed, which had some people worried that she may be experiencing difficulties with her pregnancy, but she tweeted an explanation on Thursday:

I know everyone has been hearing I’m sad, and depressed lately. My grandma is in the hospital and on life support.

Please pray for her, it’s been rough!

Normally I might be dismissive of OK! running with this kind of “insider close to Leah” story, but the quote from Jeremy and silence on the part of our own sources close to Leah have us thinking this one is true. If so, our heart goes out to Jeremy and Leah – especially Leah, who has been through so much already with her emotional split from Corey and Ali’s medical issues.

UPDATE – Leah tweeted on January 18 “In the arms of the angels.❤” and the day before she shared the song “Angel” by Sarah McLachlan:

Because of the sensitive nature of this article, and the personal attacks other commenters were making towards each other, we have decided to close comments on this article.

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