PHOTOS VIDEOS Maci Bookout celebrates New Years in Miami

Maci Bookout Miami beach 2014

Former Teen Mom star Maci Bookout is celebrating the New Year with a vacation in sunny Miami and earlier today the paparazzi caught up with her and gal pal Hope Black chillaxing on the beach.

Maci Bookout in Miami with friend Hope Black

Red-headed Maci was looking great in a black “OFF DUTY” tank top with blue bikini top and black shorts with sunglasses and what appears to be a tropical drink. In addition to doing some strolling and getting their feet wet in the ocean, Maci and Hope also enjoyed some power lounging and sippy time:

Maci Bookout 2014

Maci has been in South Florida since Sunday, judging from an instagram photo of a drink and promotional material for the Fountainbleu Hotel in Miami she uploaded along with the caption, “miami, i’m here!” She shared this next photo of herself and Hope from the Cameo nightclub in Miami a little over an hour before midnight on New Year’s Eve and wrote, “happy new year! xo”

Maci Bookout and friend Hope Black in Miami for New Year's Eve

And here’s a brief keek video of the gals having a good time that includes Maci at the very end:

And a vine clip of Maci having a good time in the hotel room (I assume):

Judging from a tweet earlier today it appears as though Maci’s Miami vacay comes to an end tomorrow. “i dont wanna leave this weather tomorrow,” she wrote just after noon. ***SIGH***

We’ll wrap things up with one more beach Teen Momerazzi shot of Maci actually getting her feet wet in what appears to be a rather chilly Atlantic Ocean:

Maci Bookout bikini top Miami 2014

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  • J

    Of course she’s off duty, is she ever really on duty?

  • sammi

    Heaven forbid she spend the new year bringing it in with her child. Or maybe Ryan has him, who knows. I never liked her. She was always a loser that registered for 6 classes, dropped 4, failed one and barely pulled a C in the other all while complaining about Ryan and his gf. My bet is that she called the paps too, as if she is so famous they just tailed her and had to snap her pic. Pls

    • Pat Brown

      They are all losers, hate to say it, but everyone they selected to be on the shows, comes from a dysfunctional family with loads of issues, If everyone were sane and adjusted it wouldn’t make good TV, not that it does with the train wrecks, but ill likes to watch ill and most in this country are not well. The current climate of things speak for itself!

  • Allison

    I used to like her when I first saw ’16 and Pregnant’. Now I can’t stand her. Ugh. Stop partying and respect yourself and your son!

  • Kc

    Off Duty??? Off Duty of what? She has NO job, and she barely parents Bentley. Remember when he was 3(maybe 4) and she put him in “PreSchool” so she and Kyle King could have some off duty time to themselves?

    • sammi

      Yea and he went like once a month. She wasn’t in school, neither of them worked. Whatever happened to the house she and Kyle “bought” or was that a storyline house for the show.

      • poohead

        Kyle bought it. It’s in his name. Legally Maci was just a roommate not an owner. Of course MTV left that part out :p

        • Brigid

          Not that it matters but it was made known on the show that he owned the house because she even said if something went wrong between them she’d be out on her ass bc it was his house..

  • Ylanaty

    Rather chilly water??? The water’s never chilly here in Miami.

    • Pat Brown

      yes it is, it’s cold there in the winter, it doesn’t get warm enough until March or April, it’s not swim weather there! When those storms in the winter sway the big palm trees, with the percent of humidity, it’s fricking freezing there. This is what you gleamed from the story? What’s Mickey Mouse really like?

  • DaisyKenyon

    Regarding Maci calling the paps… if there was ever a time to “just say no,” dear paps, that was it! No more feeding into the teen exploitation that is MTV’s “reality” shows.

  • Ashley

    There were also pictures of her smoking a cigarette on this trip. Gross.